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Rawkstar Coffee


RAWKSTAR COFFEE I love this high-octane beverage that gives me a steady boost of energy (without the jitters or crash of typical cup of coffee). It also helps keep things “moving along” if you drink it on an empty stomach… if you know what I mean. The blender emulsifies the butter and coconut oil, creating a creamy and frothy drink […]

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BLACKBERRY COCONUT SORBET Thanks to creamy coconut milk, this sorbet is filled with loads of melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness! The blackberry and coconut flavors complement each other splendidly, while the floral notes of the St. Germain liqueur provide a light, refreshing finish. This vegan-friendly ice cream is both egg and dairy-free, and is sure to be a […]


How I got my Kids on Board the Healthy Eating Bandwagon


If you’ve made the commitment to include more nutrient-rich, plant-based fare in your daily life, I’m sure you’ve experienced first hand the benefits of including healthy foods in your diet. Whether it’s more energy, increased focus, better sleep, working toward or maintaining a healthy weight, glowing skin, or better digestion—it’s clear to see that eating […]

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Veggie Enchilada Stacks


Have you ever been to a restaurant and wished you could steal the recipe to make it at home? That’s exactly what we did with these Veggie Enchilada Stacks! This recipe is based on a dish Lindsey (part of our rawkstar team) often orders at a favorite Mexican restaurant—so unforgettable, she decided to recreate it at home. […]

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Why Should I Cleanse?


What is a Cleanse? The term “cleanse” can mean different things to different people. We, at Simple Green Smoothies, define a cleanse as a health regimen that helps your body rid itself of toxins and other things that have built up, and gives it a recharge. We don’t believe that a “cleanse” has to be boring […]