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Natural Sweeteners We Love


It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all the latest and greatest health food options these days… especially when it comes to natural sweeteners. As soon as we think we have it all figured out, there’s a brand new sweetener that’s being marketed as the new “healthy option”. It can be overwhelming! But […]

Spiced Almond Milk


With autumn here and winter coming sooner than I’d like, hot drinks become a go-to purchase to warm my insides while it’s freezing outside. I love this AND I dislike this… Lattes and hot cocoa from adorable cafes taste so darn good when it’s cold out, but my wallet and caffeine addiction sure take the brunt. […]

DIY coconut milk

How To Make Coconut Milk


Ready to taste the best coconut milk?! It can be difficult to find coconut milk that is free of additives, stabilizers, and gums. (I’m looking at you carrageenan!) Making it at home is as easy as can be and all it takes is two ingredients, a few simple kitchen tools, and about 15-20 minutes later you’ll […]

DIY almond milk recipe

How To Make Almond Milk


Making almond milk at home is incredibly satisfying. It gives you that feeling of accomplishment similar to making homemade jam or bread, and it also tastes infinitely better than anything you can buy at the store. Homemade almond milk is creamy, wholesome and 100% natural – no artificial flavors or stabilizers. It does take a bit […]