The Frozen Garden Giveaway — 12 Green Smoothie Packs!

Green smoothie packs make the healthiest fast food…well, even faster.

Yet finding the time to shop, chop and prep ahead isn’t always there. So I don’t always have my freezer stocked up with smoothie packs. That’s where the ladies over at The Frozen Garden have been a lifesaver.

They literally did the hard work for me by shipping pre-made green smoothie packs straight to my doorstep! This Jungle Breeze one (see pic above) is prob my fav— with spinach, oranges, pineapple, mango, coconut, dates, kiwi and banana in it.

How they do it:

The Frozen Garden takes all the green smoothie prep work out of your hands. They blast-freeze fresh veggies and fruit (mostly local), including plenty of greens along with omega-3 fats and superfoods into airtight packages and ship them straight to your house so all you have to do is open, blend, and enjoy. They are based in northwest Indiana, where they try to source local ingredients and often work with nearby farmers, who in many cases are also their friends.

Currently, they shop to 21 states in the Midwest, East Coast and South in the U.S., and they are continually expanding their shipping regions as their company grows.

What you win and how to enter:

The winner of this giveaway will receive 12 green smoothie packs from The Frozen Garden, which is a $100 value! You can check out all their available recipes right here.

To enter this giveaway…

Post a picture or video of yourself blending/drinking a green smoothie on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and tag @SimpleGreenSmoothies and #SimpleGreenSmoothies to be entered into our monthly Simple Green Smoothies giveaway. Each post counts as one entry… and you can post as often as you want.

We’ll even give you a bonus entry for getting a friend to join Simple 7 (a free 7-day green smoothie experience)! Just shoot us an email right here every time a friend of yours signs up, and tell us what name and email address they used. Let’s spread the green smoothie love!

The winner will be announced at the end of March on this page.

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