We’re traveling like nobody’s business this summer and love every minute of it. But with vacations, weddings and the kids out of school, we’ve been up late and eating out, like, a lot! Drinking green Smoothies are a way of life for us (we even travel with our blenders when we can). But, when we’re not at home, it can be a challenge to stick to our healthy eating habits. Can you relate?

Since you already know green smoothies are an amazing way to add one nutritious meal into your day… we want you to take it a step further. Now is the perfect time to get back on track and nourish your body! That’s what our 21-Day Cleanse is all about!

Are you ready to take control of your health and commit to 21 days of whole food lovin’?


We gotta brag for a second— this cleanse is unlike anything out there. We make healthy eating look and taste good. Our Fresh Start 21 community has given us some amazing feedback from the cleanse…here are just a few of the happy side effects: weight loss, more energy, less caffeine and “sweet tooth” cravings.

You’ll get over 40 mouth-watering recipes with beautiful photography for each meal, weekly shopping lists, step-by-step meal plans, and a community who’s got your back!

If you want to take your health to the next level, come rawk out with us and sign up for Fresh Start 21.

Oh, and you can save 20% right now with our Early Bird special.


LIVE community cleanse starts August 11

We’re excited to invite you to our LIVE 21-Day community cleanse, which starts Monday, August 11. This is our 5th time doing it— and we’re so excited to commit to eating well for 21 days with you. We have over 2,500 cleansers rawkin’ out with us in our private support group! We highly encourage you to join us…sharing your meals, wins, and encouraging others along the way. Eating well is a battle, and we need each other!

It feels like there’s no perfect time to commit to starting fresh and eating healthy, which is why we’d love for you join our awesome cleanse community to get you motivated right now. So if you’re…

  • feeling tired and sluggish
  • afraid a recent vacation got the best of your waistline
  • wanting to eat better, but don’t know where to start
  • ready to take your green smoothie lifestyle to “the next level and… beyond!”

WE ARE right there with you!!!

Click here to join our LIVE cleanse and save 20% right now!

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