Fresh Start Cleanse Praise

Over 21,000 people have completed Fresh Start: A 21-Day Cleanse since 2013 and we celebrate them all. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s worthwhile. Hear from these incredible Fresh Start Warriors and see how our 21-day program it has changed them from the inside out.

On October 9, we’re hosting a live community cleanse and it’s FREE for anyone who purchases Fresh Start (autumn) up until the live cleanse date. I hope you come join us and see what can happen to your body and life in just 21 days! You can totally do this!


Rachel Noemi :: Yoga Instructor



“I love the nurturing, non-judgmental aspect of the cleanse. If I ever made a left turn it was ok and I could jump right back into the recipes. I can see me keeping up the recipes and whole nutrition for years to come!”

— Bethany Christensen



“I love that I actually get to eat food. It’s not some crazy juice cleanse or a diet where you feel like you have to deprive yourself and starve. I haven’t been hungry once and feel like I’m really nourishing my body with great food”

— Carmen Schmidt



“Giving up my coffee addiction was a huge accomplishment for me! Let’s be real, I ate espresso beans in the African bush to keep the headaches away! I’ve also seen a steady increase in my energy level and my mood has leveled out.”

— Jessi Calvo



Tabitha Good : Nurse




“This year, I indulged in lots of processed, unhealthy foods WAY too often and I would wake up the next day feeling like crap, yet I’d do it all again! Before the Fresh Start 21 Cleanse, I didn’t think it was possible to go through a day without at least one cup of coffee and some chocolate, but now I know it’s possible. I am naturally energized!”

— Hannah



“I’m a Fresh Start 21 cleanse graduate! I was very worried about being hungry and living without bread, cheese and sugar. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss any of that and I was rarely hungry. I also realized that when meat is your main course, your veggies become an after thought. Food that is an after thought lacks flavor, pizazz and love.  So, when your veggies are given love and your full attention—they are full of flavor!”

— Jennifer Campbell


“I followed the cleanse to the letter— and night after night prepared meals from scratch! I tried foods I never dreamed I would like and surprised myself over and over. I’m pretty confident that I won’t go back to a steady diet of processed foods, white bread and refined sugar— not when eating healthy can taste so good.”

— Gigi Ortwein



Sara Hamilton :: College Student




“My world is turned upside down on whole foods….I love them! I am now convinced that it’s my new way of eating that made my blood pressure come down to a manageable level and I haven’t had a migraine since the cleanse. Yeah!”

— Suzann



“The weekly shopping lists and menus made the cleanse so easy to do…no thinking required!!! Not only was I able to stay true to the cleanse for the whole three weeks, but I’ve also changed how and what I eat significantly.”

— Mindy Stensrud



“I realized something very important during the cleanse—that I was slowly settling for things in my life that I should not settle for. Thank you, ALL of you, for this opportunity. It’s not only a physical change, but an emotional change, too.”

— Nenia Figueroa



Michelle Warshany : Workin’ rawkstar




“We had the Rawsome Tacos last night and at one point my boyfriend turned to me and said “for a second there I forgot it wasn’t meat.” We are already planning to incorporate the meals into our regular diet once the cleanse is complete. Every recipe has been pretty tasty and we both have not been hungry at all. I’ve already recommended the cleanse to many friends.”

— Lauren Orsi


“There are so many scrumptious ways to incorporate veggies in my diet that I was actually looking forward to each meal instead of struggling to eat my veggies. The grocery lists and meal plans made it so easy to follow! I feel so much healthier and have more energy than ever. I am definitely sticking to this plan!”

— Tami Milner

“My body feels fabulous finally getting back to my pre-baby weight with the help of this cleanse and more exercise (being injury free – maybe the cleanse helped with that too) With Spring just hitting and Summer fast approaching in Perth I will definitely be eating all of these delicious foods and beverages.”

— Korina Alexander



Sarah Andrews : Recent College Graduate




“I was always a meat lover, but for the 21 days I did this cleanse it didn’t bother me that I didn’t have meat in my meals. Thank you for your support throughout this amazing journey. Can’t wait to do it all over again!”

— Waina


“I just finished the 21 day cleanse and I feel great!!! It was one of the first cleanses I really saw through and felt great doing it. I fit back in trousers I haven’t been able to wear for 2 years. I definitely will keep on going. The food is delicious even my meat eating sons love the food.”

— Françoise B.


“I don’t know how to begin to express my gratitude for your program. I never thought I would learn so much about myself, my husband and food in 21 days. I can’t believe that so many of my ailments have been mended from the most basic remedy… FOOD!”

— Katie Stocker



“I have LOVED the recipes and the whole attitude of this laid back cleanse. I feel great – energetic and strong.  It has been great for me to move from vegetarian to vegan and no processed foods and away from the soy I was eating.  Weight loss is not an issue for me and so I just added in some more nuts and the other proteins to the current plan.   I feel so good I don’t want to go back!”

— Grandison Burnside


“I now see that food can be delicious and healthy…and counting calories is a myth. Through this cleanse, I have logged the calories I am eating.  I am blown away by the amount of calories that I am consuming (with all the nuts, seeds and coconut oil), yet I’ve never lost so much weight so quickly! Thank you for helping me think about food so differently and enjoy eating healthy foods.”

— Virginia Larter


“The best part of the cleanse is my improved energy level.  I used to have a really hard time with afternoons.  I would get super sluggish and drowsy.  Now I do not feel that afternoon slump at all!  I am a teacher, and I’ve found that I’m geared up and ready to keep going after lunch. The other day, someone said, “ugh, I feel a food coma coming on,” and I thought to myself, “I don’t get food coma’s anymore!!!”

— Georgann Grecco


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