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I’m Jen Hansard, mom of two and lover of green smoothies, coffee & tacos. 
I transformed my family's health with a plant-powered diet while broke and without health insurance. Since then, I've helped 1 million+ families do it too!

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The Food Babe Way Book Giveaway! {CLOSED}


Can I tell you something?
I still take notes with pen and paper, and doodle all over them. I keep track of events and to-do’s in a physical planner. I subscribe to 8 wonderful print magazines and look forward to reading every single page, beginning with the last page first. And I love ending my night getting all cozied up with a good book in my hands.
The past week, I’ve been cozying up with The Food Babe Way. This is a book after my own heart (I am passionate about knowing what’s in our food).

Fun fact: Vani’s a green smoothie rawkstar, just like us. But that’s not all— this amazing woman is transforming the food industry from the inside out— Subway, Kellogs, Starbucks, Chick Fil A, and many more have invested in better ingredients in their foods thanks to Vani). We all get to benefit from her food activist work.


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“What’s the #1 struggle you have with healthy eating?”

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I struggled to put down The Food Babe Way and go to sleep at night. I wanted to keep absorbing Vani’s wisdom! She shares her journey of becoming The Food Babe, and ways we can make healthier choices in any circumstance. Some are super simple (like buying more organic foods), and others are more complicated (like thinking about how to purify the water you use when showering).

No matter what Vani shares— all the suggestions will help us live a longer and healthier life. There’s a lot of goodness to think about in this book! You can learn more about Vani and The Food Babe Way in the video below. And make sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win this book!


The Food Babe Way is on sale now! You can be purchase it through Amazon and also in major book stores. We are proud affiliates, so if you decide to purchase through our link, we get a small commission. We only spread the word about people and products we truly believe in. So just know, Vani’s book has our Rawkstar Seal of Approval.

PS: Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!

What’s the #1 struggle you have with healthy eating? Comment below!

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  1. Sallyann says:

    I struggle with getting organised and prepared in advance!

    I’m now on second week on 21 day cleanse and feeling better already!

    I really like the fact that you are given everything (literally) on a plate in terms of preparation, shopping list, what to freeze in advance! Really useful approach which has helped me stick to the detox.

  2. Maria says:

    When getting home after a hard day at work whatever is the easiest and at hand is the first to be consumed although I confess that I do not have that many bad foods surrounding me. As for sugar cravings I have replaced them with fruit and feel much better since.

  3. Bonnie Mcvicker says:

    Chocolate has been very hard to give up. I love fresh fruit and the taste of smoothies and healthy things but I’m a stress eater and my go to food is chocolate.

  4. jill conyers says:

    My biggest challenge is stress eating. I know the mental relief is temporary and it usually makes me feel worse but it seems to be a habit I’ve fallen into recently.

  5. Vanessa Ingo says:

    My struggle with eating healthier is I lack imagination for preparing healthy good tasting meals. Some recipes are a total flop. Especially since I am very limited due to my husband’s allergies. My husband has allergies to all kinds of squash and many nuts.

  6. Diane Bailey says:

    My biggest challenge with eating healthy is not having real butter pecan ice cream! Not just any ice cream but specifically Haagen-Daz ice cream. I have not had any is 2 years, but I’ve had dreams about it serval times. Sometimes I am shopping up and down the aisles looking for it and never find it. The last dream I had about ice cream I was eating it in a dark closet! Yes I have tried coconut and tofu based ice cream, some good but not great. Now making my fruit bowls with chopped pecans and juice from an orange and agave.

  7. Nicole says:

    I live to discover how taking processed out of my diet effects me. I feel amazing. Thank you green smoothie stars.

  8. Heidi says:

    It has to be to change my habits. It’s so easy to just have that latte in the morning, or that little something when I get home from work, eventhough dinner’s half an hour later. I don’t even think about it. It’s so ingrained in my daily routine. So I’m trying to tackle it one thing at a time, starting with latte’s. Only one allowed per week on a Friday. That’s my treat for being good all week. Then maybe after a few weeks, when I’m used to that, I’ll tackle the coming-home-from-work-snack. One little step at a time.

  9. Linda Clark says:

    I have the hardest time making the best choices when I am tired. In the evening I get hungry, and I am tired and I give in too easily to higher-carb foods. Even like nuts… It’s a challenge to keep my weight down, even though I have tried and enjoyed many of your smoothie recipes, I still give in during those emotionally-done times.

  10. Nea Larsson says:

    I have such a hard time finding good organic produce. I live in a smaller town in Sweden and in the winter months it’s really hard to get organic fruits and vegetables from the grocery stores.

  11. Milena says:

    At home with my parents it’s no problem: I make smoothies all the time, we have a great mixer (Vorwerk’s ThermoMix) and my mom buys all the good and health stuff I want. But when I’m back home in the university day life it’s really hard to take time for cooking – if I’m not eating in the canteen – and it’s also hard to get all the ingredients…

  12. Amanda says:

    I find thst trying to find adequately healthy food on a very tight budget hard. I know there are some options out there but organic food is really tough to get without blowing the bank. I have lots of sllergies and sensitivities so that makes it a lot tougher.

  13. Tricia Maxwell says:

    My biggest struggle with healthy eating has to be my cravings for sweets. I can do great all day long, but after dinner I am almost physically compelled to snack on sweet stuff. I think I have found a solution (at least it has been working for a week now). I make my yummy green smoothie in the morning and save part of it in a jar for my after dinner/evening craving. It is amazing what 6oz of green smoothie can do to crush a chocolate craving. I don’t kid myself and think this will always work, but for now it is my solution! Thanks ladies for sharing this green smoothie revolution with us. It has really changed the way I eat and especially the way I feel!

  14. Lynne says:

    My biggest struggle is cost and availability, organic food isn’t as popular here in Australia. The selection is small and expensive

  15. Jenn Ginest says:

    My biggest challenge with eating healthy is time. I have committed to doing your 21 day cleanse. On day 5. Feeling good. 😛 My hope is that I will just continue the habits and making the time to eat healthy after the 21 days.

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