The Mini Detox Guide

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Have you ever wished you could hit the reset button on your body?

Maybe it’s because of all the junk you ate last weekend. Or throughout the holidays. There are days I wake up bloated and blemished— and know I need to make a change in my diet.

A whole foods detox is a great way to kick start a new season in your wellness journey. Sometimes my clothes just get a little extra snug, I’m tired no matter how much sleep I get & I’ll crave junk all day long. These are some of the symptoms that our body could use a gentle reset. I create the detox guide to make it easy & affordable on you.

How do you do a healthy detox?

A mini detox can be completely natural (and effective)— yet it’s gonna take some work on your end. You can’t just buy a magic pill or sip tea all day long if you really want to treat your body to a health detox. As good as that sounds, our body needs fuel to thrive.

Now, I know what you might be thinking about a detox…

….because I was too. But that’s NOT AT ALL what I’m talking about.

So stay with me.

When is a detox most beneficial?

According to research, people tend to gain five to seven pounds during the winter months. Why is this?

We don’t make our health a priority. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We dive head first into holiday traditions (cookies, feasts & peppermint mochas), and bypass our healthy habits. Myself included.

The veggie tray is practically untouched while the cookie platter has been demolished.

No joke, this winter, I probably ate 100 cookies and guzzled more cups of coffee than I can count.

It was a special winter season with my family— and I’m all for that. Yet now that’s it’s warming up and I’m removing the layers of clothing– I am not thrilled with what I see OR how I feel.

I’m okay with devouring cookies over winter break because there’s always an opportunity for change… if we choose to accept it. And I’m ready— and have a feeling you are too.

The Spring Mini Detox Guide

I created this mini detox guide to get us out of the winter funk.

With this simple detox guide you can download for free, I’ll show you a few tricks I used to boost my energy levels and enhance my body’s overall performance. They’re simple, healthy habits that really make a difference.

Just like a car has to get an oil change to remove the gunk to run well… we have to remove the toxic buildup in our body so we can burn calories more efficiently, boost our energy levels and clear up our skin issues.

What exactly is causing our bodies to get outta whack? It has to do with the…

  • pesticides found on the produce we eat
  • hormones in the dairy & meat products we consume
  • artificial ingredients in the packaged foods we love

All of these things may not seem that big of a deal in small doses, because they’re not. Yet overtime or in large doses, they can cause build up and stress our liver and kidneys. We get tired easier. We’re more agitated. Our skin gets rashes or blemishes. Our digestive system is messed up.

Download the FREE detox guide

These are some of the signs that your body needs an oil change… aka: a mini detox. If you’re nodding your head to this. Then download the Mini Detox Guide and take action TODAY.

Download your Mini Detox Guide and get started on your Spring Training. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. Once you complete your mini detox, come back here and let me know.

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By: Jen Hansard | Updated: 3.20.2019 | COMMENTS: 125


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  1. Francisca says:

    I’m super excited to try the mini cleanse. I’m currently struggling keeping off meat but its tempting, a while back I did the 7 day green smoothie challenge and had the best bowel movements, my kids enjoyed too.
    My hope is that I can be consistent and succeed in this journey.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      We know you will succeed in your health journey and we are here to help you along the way!!

  2. Davis Nancy says:

    Yes I am excited about this. We love smoothies, but during our move we have lost our blender do to others help. And I really didn’t want to buy a new one yet. But do to several knee replacements I haven’t been able to go thru a lot of things. So guess I’m going to go ahead and buy a new one. So do to a lot of Inactivity I have gained so I going to do this and see how it goes

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      I am sorry to hear that you lost your blender. I would be so incredibly sad if that happened to me!

      You are going to love this recipe and your body with thank you for it!!

  3. T L says:

    can you eat like normal or only drinks listed for the whole day?

  4. Linda Markarian says:

    I just finished my 7 day green smoothie challenge and can’t imagine starting a day without a smoothie now. Pre-planning packages have made it so easy. On to the mini cleanse now. I can’t wait.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Linda,

      Congrats on fishing the 7 day smoothie challenge! You are a rawkstar! I am so happy that you found what helps keep you motivated and that planning ahead worked for you.

  5. Tracy says:

    I am excited to try this 3 day cleanse! I am trying to eat mostly clean, is there anything else we should do with our diet while doing this? or just eat as we usually do.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Tracy,

      Our goal is for you to add in these healthy choices to your daily diet. If you prefer to change your meals and snacks I would suggest checking out one of our cleanses like our Thrive Summer Reset. You can check that out here:

  6. Anita says:

    I can do everything listed in the Mini Detox Guide. I am on my way…….

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Anita,

      That is so great to hear! Cannot wait for your body to be recharged from this mini detox.

  7. Shelley Saxen says:

    I’m so impressed with the resources you provide on your website, FB page, and YouTube channel. I’ve just started my green smoothie, healthier living journey, and I am so grateful for the support your sites provide. Thank you for being a life-changing inspiration! I would be amazed and thankful to win an annual membership to your plant-based meal plan. Sounds incredible!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Shelley,

      Thank you for your awesome feedback with our site! We are going to be launching our Summer addition and will have a giveaway in June so stay tuned!!!

  8. Bill says:

    I’ve come to rely on your help. Thank you for helping…

  9. Claudia says:

    Is it really on whole inch tall of ginger? That seams so much. Maybe because I am not a big fan of ginger but I will try and drink the tea. Also can the ginger be reused the next day or do each day I need to use fresh ginger? I feel like that would get expansive if I get up the tea.

    I am excited to do the detox. Thanks for putting together.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Claudia,

      Yes that is the correct amount! What I like to do is peal off the skin and cut my ginger into small slices and that is what you put into your tea. Once you buy your ginger root from the store, peal it, then cut it all up into slices and freeze in small ice cubes. That way you will not waste anything and your ginger will not go bad over time.

      Hope that helps!!

  10. Kimara says:

    I am absolutely loving all of this!! A colleague introuduced me to your book and I am on Day5 of the 7 day cleanse. Its been a while since I made this a huge priority.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Kimara,

      That is so awesome to hear!! I love that you signed up for our Simple 7 Challenge and are already rawkin it!!!

  11. doug says:

    As I started to read you mini detox it brought a tear to my eye. I have abused and used this body never thinking consequences. Kind of like relationships if you don’t work at it it will become toxic, just wanted to say thanks for what your are doing I have been doing enough blending because of driving truck. There more to the story, maybe some other time. Again thanks

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Doug,

      Thank you for sharing that with us. It really is crazy how we neglect our bodies yet we all do it. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to get back on track 🙂

  12. Melanie says:

    I am very excited to start! I’m so tired and feeling the brain fog…

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Melanie,

      We are so excited for you to join us! You are going to feel so amazing and recharged from this!

  13. Simone says:

    Hi, I am interested to subscribe to your ROCK THE YEAR program. But right now I am travelling in India and will not be back home (France) until the end of April.
    Is it possible to start the program any time?

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Simone,

      Great questions! If you are wanting to do Fresh Start Spring on your own, you can start at any time that works for you here If you are wanting to join our Rawk The Year where you get your cleanses, and “what’s next” meal plans, and quarterly magazines for only $19 a month, you will need to sign up by Friday here The next time enrollment opens up for Rawk the Year will be in summer.

      Hope that helps answer your questions 🙂

  14. Jenee says:

    How long do we detox?

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      You can detox for as long as you feel is right but this is a one day detox.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  15. Sue says:

    Love this detox, just a question, should the Morning Tonic Tea be taken on an empty stomach to work best?

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Sue,

      Yes you want to take the morning tonic on an empty stomach so it can wake everything up and get you started for the day.


  16. Cristina says:

    Just viewed the mini detox guide, I didn’t get a chance to yesterday, been busy working. I needed this! I have a very!!! Sensitive stomach, thank you

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      SO happy you are joining us Cristina!!

      I know this will help your stomach feel some relief 🙂

  17. Iris says:

    i needed this and downloading your guides! i feel tired and think it’s time for my body to do something good! 🙂

  18. Beth says:

    YAAASSSS. In April I’m being given permission after 8 mos of no green smoothies (sobs) and being on this stupid med. for my esophagus, to wean off the med and try to reintroduce the foods I cut out to heal that bad boy. So while morning tonic is still out (too much acidic first thing), I’m super excited about green smoothies again and I’m hoping that we’ll be making good progress on this shoulder injury and I can get that 20 mins of movement in too now that the ice is mostly gone. (It’s been a rough year).

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Beth,

      That is so great that you are feeling better and able to drink green smoothies again. Welcome back!!!

  19. Cherie says:

    Thank you for this Mini Detox! So excited to get prepped for spring and ready for the outdoors and fun with my little ones!

  20. Violet Irisovna says:

    I’ve been so good about doing Morning Tonic daily, until I went on vacation in December and then a bunch of life things piled on and I was away from home for months and now am out of the habit. This is a good nudge to get back to it! I have a beautiful bowl of Meyer lemons just waiting to be squeezed.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      It’s crazy how quickly we can get out of a good habit. We are all feeling the same way and ready to get a fresh start. Let’s Rawk this Year together!!


  21. Sylvia Noel-Fagan says:

    Thank you!

  22. Debbie says:

    heading to supermarket this weekend to get started. Already have a routine for M-F at the gym, will add a weekend ritual to go along with it.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Yay!! That’s what we love to hear. SO excited for you to get started and Rawk this Year!

  23. TC says:

    the morning tonic tea sounds good to me!

  24. Shannon Stroschein says:

    I was so nervous about transitioning into a plant based lifestyle but I couldn’t ignore what my body was needing anymore. You’re meal plans have COMPLETELY changed my life! I’m eating good I never knew existed, I’m full , I’m healthier, my skin is getting better….I will forever continue to be a rawkstar!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Yay Shannon!!

      Isn’t it crazy how much our bodies can change from what we put into it?? We are so happy you are on our rawkstar team and cannot wait to Rawk the Year with you!!!


  25. Sooz says:

    All I have to say is you’re the best! Long time fan here and thank you for all that you do! I love my jam packed Simple Green smoothies folder on my computer, dating all the way back to 2014! Much love and gratitude! <3

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Wow that is so awesome, Sooz!!!

      You are a true original rawkstar!! We know you are going to really love what we have for Rawk the Year 🙂

  26. Courtney Wells says:

    I love a Reset/Reboot/Cleanse!! I can’t wait! I love my green smoothies so, this is an added bonus! Thanks

  27. Heather says:

    I have had a very stressful 12 months. My main priority is much needed SELF CARE! My mind and body are craving a detox! I can’t wait to see what the rawk the year is all about!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Heather,

      I am sorry you have had a rough year. We know that sometimes that just happens and we need a little extra help to focus on us and what we need to recharge. So excited for you to join us for Rawk the Year! 🙂

  28. Connie Bell says:

    Live your resets. Looking forward to detoxing with you this spring. My body and mind definitely need it. Rawk on.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      We are looking forward to detoxing with you too, Connie!!

      Let’s rawk it together!!

  29. Angela says:

    All of your challenges are exciting and fulfilling. Cannot wait to try the new min detox

  30. Kristy says:

    In the same boat of getting ready for spring! I was contemplating doing a 7 day reset. Thanks for the reminder

  31. Ana says:

    I absolutely love that you’re holding this Spring Training!! I have been working through an older version of the 21 day cleanse I obtained from you sometime ago, but can’t wait to try the mini detox. I’m trying to jumpstart my weightloss

  32. Julia says:

    Found your web site and have started the 7 day green smoothie, feel so much better.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Julia,

      That is so awesome! Super excited you decided to take on the challenge with us 🙂


  33. Maggi says:

    Boy, I would love to get back into my smoothie habit and maybe learn how to incorporate more plant based foods for my family of 5. It feels impossible to me, working full time and having three kids.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Maggi,

      We are here to help you make that happen by giving you the tools you need to succeed! I myself am a single mom of two toddlers and at times it seems impossible. I mess up often but I get back on track and keep trying.

      You’ve got this!!

  34. Margery Erp says:

    I am 83 years old and in fairly good health. Any reason, just based on my age, I shouldn’t do the mini-cleanse?

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:


      You can rawk our cleanse at any age! So happy you are wanting to join us 🙂

  35. Rhonda Hadnot says:

    So excited about this mini detox. I’ve tried the 7 and 21-day cleanse and usually have green smoothies every morning, but have put on some winter pounds and need to reset myself. Looking forward to reading this right away!

  36. Maggie says:

    I tried your 7 day Thrive last year. Best week in a looooong time. I really havw to try this again. Thanks!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Thanks for sharing that, Maggie!

      So happy you will be joining us for our mini detox too!!!

  37. Alexis says:

    Green smoothies and cleansing is my game! Count me in.

  38. Peterann Siehl says:

    I am ready to stay with a plant based diet, smoothies , detox, you name it I’m on it.

  39. Jessica says:

    This looks great! I’m really looking forward to making smoothies again, and getting that natural energy boost.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Jessica,

      We are excited for you too! The natural energy boost is unlike anything else.


  40. Liz says:

    I have been making the green smoothies for 3 weeks now and loving how I’m feeling. Even my husband has started having one every morning. I think I’m going to start looking into more of your other recipes now and try to detox and reconfigure the rest of the foods we are eating.

  41. Jessica says:

    I can always tell when I’ve been abusing my body with bad things. I’m way too reliant on energy drinks to get through my day. I love the ideas and motivation you guys share. Thank you.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Jessica,

      It’s really crazy how quickly we rely on things like that to keep going. These detoxes will help you feel that way all on your own 🙂

  42. Amy says:

    I am so excited to see Rawk the Year. I love the seasonal cleanses. They are the best. I am already off sugar for the time being. I am going to add in the mini detox to see if that helps me feel better.

  43. Judy says:

    Just completed whole 30 and started eating the foods I was eating before the whole 30. Started feeling sluggish again. This this detox will great to get me on the right path again!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      It’s crazy how quickly we start feeling crummy again. Glad this came at the perfect time for you!

  44. Gabriela says:

    First detox I’ll try! I’m so excited!

  45. Melissa Ferrell says:

    Today is the first day of Spring and I am super excited to start this detox! Time to not only do some spring cleaning around my house but also my mind AND body. Putting my grocery shopping list together and will hit the store after spin tonight.

  46. Noemi Villavicencio says:

    I like to feel good after every Detox!

  47. Amy says:

    I’m so excited about this! Every morning I wake up tired and I know it’s because of the sugar and dairy that I’ve been eating more of lately. It’s time to make some changes and feel better for the lovely warm weather that’s headed our way!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Amy,

      Yes, it is the perfect time to start feeling amazing again. Spring is here 🙂

  48. smita says:

    You bet – I could do detox every other month if need be – Helps keep those pounds at bay.
    Detox here we come

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Smita,

      Yay!!! Yes detoxing is the best and your body will always appreciate them 🙂

  49. Susie says:

    Hello, My body and mind drag on, and it is on a daily basis. So, I am thinking this could be a sign to jump start me into feeling good, something I don’t know if I every felt and I am going to be 50 this summer so, with spring happening I am thinking that a detox would be good for me, both body, mind, and soul.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Susie,

      We are right there with you! You need to start you 50’s off with a bang and we will be there to help you along the way!!

  50. Lacey Grin says:

    Super excited for this mini detox guide. Right now I have rash all over my neck, my hairline and on my eyelids. I seeking any relief and hoping that this guide will do just that! Fingers crossed.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Lacey,

      We are super excited for you too! I truly hope this will have your skin clear up and give you relief.

  51. Sandy says:

    I needed to read this today. It makes eating healthy and changing habits seem achievable with basic real ingredients that don’t cost a fortune. Thank you!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Sandy,

      That is why we are here! We want this to be something that is easy and works well with your routine.

  52. Omotayo says:

    I am so ready!!!! Let’s get it started!

  53. Angie says:

    What can I substitute for pineapple? I have an intolerance. Thank you!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Angie,

      You can substitute pineapple for oranges, mangoes, or peaches.

      Hope that helps!

  54. Amber says:

    I really need this right now. I can relate to what you were talking about. Winter has definitely taken a toll on me this year. So excited to jump in and try this! The cover is beautiful too! 🙂

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Amber,

      Winter was rough for a lot of us and that is why we though this mini detox would be perfect! So glad you will be joining us!!

  55. Shawnee Rose says:

    I was just looking for a good detox program when this popped up in my email. I love all the information included in this one-day mini detox. I’m excited to try the tea. I’m looking forward to the next challenge.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Shawnee,

      Sounds like you received this at the perfect time. I know you are going to really enjoy this mini detox!!

  56. Nayna says:

    Man, this is a GREAT mini detox guide. Concise, efficient, effective!!! Thank you Jen <3

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Thanks for the rawesome feedback, Nayna!! We are so excited you are joining us for our mini detox!!

  57. Charlene Fudge says:

    I’m so excited about this. I did the winter reset in December and could use a little detox right about now.

  58. RJ Gonzalez says:

    So pumped! I love these! So helpful, been following now for a few years and it’s always something amazing, tasty and rejuvenating! I’m always so excited to get an email from you guys!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey RJ,

      We are excited that you are part of our rawesome community!! So glad you will be joining us for our mini detox. Can’t wait for you to start feeling the benefits from it too 🙂

  59. Bernie says:

    So excited to try the mini-detox. Here’s hoping it will help to begin clearing up some of my health concerns.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Bernie,

      So glad you are joining us! I know you are going to feel amazing on this mini detox 🙂

  60. Polly says:

    I just read through the download and I have 2 questions. First, for how many days does the mini detox last (a few days…a week)? Second, I usually buy the big English cucumbers (because I hate cucumber seeds!), and half of THAT in a smoothie? I’m thinking no. So approximately how much cucumber would that be (1/2 cup…3/4)? Thanks for your help!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Polly,

      This mini detox is enough for one day but feel free to do it for multiple days if you are up for it! Also the recipe calls for half a regular cucumber so that would be about 1 cup if you are wanting to measure it out. Hope that helps 🙂

  61. Polly says:

    I actually am excited to try the mini detox! I wasn’t even expecting this, so it was a real treat to receive in my inbox today, and since I was already planning a grocery store run, I think it came at just the right time. I’ve been making some changes for my health’s sake and I think this will fit in nicely. I can’t wait to see the results!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Polly,

      Yay!! So happy that you were pleasantly surprised by this. We are so excited that you are wanting to participate in our mini detox and that it came at the perfect time for you!! 🙂

  62. Susan Peck says:

    Thanks so much for the Spring push, I’m about to have some pretty significant surgery on 3/28 and I’ll be out of work for 2 weeks and then not allowed to do any physical activity for 2 months. I have loved the Green Smoothies since discovering this back on the last Spring Simple 7. I did the Summer and the Winter. I know this will help me in my recovery! Thanks for doing all you do!!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Susan,

      Wow!! We truly hope you have a safe and quick recovery from your surgery. If you have any questions or need anything when you are ready just let us know!

      Take care!

  63. Rhonda Falcon says:

    I am excited to try the mini-detox. I have also signed up to do the Spring cleanse. I am so worried about giving up coffee. I enjoy one glass of wine most evenings. And I do like the occasional sweet. I think I will be okay without wine and sweets but coffee is another story. I have been drinking coffee since I was in high school and I am not in my 50s.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Rhonda,

      Oh yes you are speaking my language! I am an avid coffee drinker and every time I do this cleanse I get so nervous about not having it. Yet after day 4 I am usually just fine and realize I don’t need it as much as I did before. We will be here for each other and help keep each other accountable. We’ve got this!!!

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