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Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

Protein intake is a popular subject with our SGS community, particularly adding protein to shakes or smoothies. This Chocolate Banana Protein Shake is the creme de la creme, when it comes to a tasty, protein-packed simple shake.

Can I really make a protein shake at home?

You sure can! And it’ll taste way better than one you’d buy on your way home from the gym. With so many of us trying to eat healthier while living in this crazy busy modern day life, employing the use of a protein shake can easily replace a meal or be used as a snack.

Chocolate Banana Protein Shake | Simple Green Smoothies

Even if you’re not short on time, a protein shake or smoothie is still a great meal replacement option. It’s pretty amazing what you can pack into a smoothie— like superfoods, or even mushrooms like Four Sigmatic.

( You might know about Four Sigmatic from our Adrenal Fatigue Mushroom Smoothie we shared a few months ago. )

Mushroom protein powder = magic

Now before you say, “mushrooms in a shake???” Let me explain. Certain types of mushrooms are adaptogens. Adaptogens are substances that aid the body and mind in adapting to and managing stress.

Stress over a long period of time can cause what’s known as adrenal fatigue. This is one of the most common struggles of the American mom, which is why we’ve made a green smoothie for it too. The adrenal glands excrete chemicals (like hormones) that help our bodies and minds deal with stress. If you’ve been stressed out before (who hasn’t?) then you’ll recognize the list of physical and mental symptoms that accompany stress:

One of our team members, Lindsey, just started back to college and uses this shake to thrive. By boosting it with Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein Powder, it’s possible to enjoy breakfast during her morning commute to fuel her brain and body as she powers through her math and health science classes. (She’s also hoping that her classmates will ask her about her daily smoothie so she can share all about her love of smoothies. Ha!)

Smoothie toppings that are tasty and delicious with Four Sigmatic superfood protein | Simple Green Smoothies

Four Sigmatic asked us to give this new protein powder a try. We couldn’t refuse – you all know how much we love testing out protein powders in our recipes. There was a time when I dreamed of creating my own powder, yet I still haven’t found the perfect manufacturer to make my dreams come true.

We only recommend products we personally love and feel our community can benefit from. That’s one reason why we love Four Sigmatic products— they back our plant-powered passion.

SPECIAL OFFER: Mushroom Protein Powder!

Another reason why we love Four Sigmatic is their generosity. They’re currently offering a special discount to our Simple Green Smoothies Community.

Use the code “SGS” when you checkout to get 15% OFF their Superfood Protein Powder.

How to make a Banana Protein Shake

To make this plant-powered thick and delicious shake, all you need are a few ingredients:

  • Almond Milk: plant-based milk
  • Bananas: one of the easiest ways to flavor and thicken a shake
  • Dates: these natural sweeteners are rich in fiber
  • Cacao powder: this adds a rich chocolate flavor and a little caffeine to rev your engine
  • Plant-Based Protein Powder: boost your protein intake to

Now, if you wanna make this Chocolate Banana Protein Shake real fancy like we did for this photoshoot, you can drizzle it with these additional superfoods:

  • Almond butter
  • Hemp hearts
  • Cacao nibs

Ingredients used in a Chocolate Banana Protein Shake include plant-based items
Chocolate Banana Protein Shake | SimpleGreenSmoothies.com

Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

  • Author: Lindsey Johnson
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 2 servings 1x
  • Category: Beverage
  • Method: Blending
  • Cuisine: Healthy


Blend up a creamy, cold chocolate-banana smoothie made with plant-based superfood protein powder for a delicious meal or snack, or before/after a workout. Includes adaptogens to help ease inflammation.



  • 3 cups unsweetened almond milk, chilled
  • 2 packets Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein
  • 4 tablespoons unsweetened cacao powder
  • 2 soft medjool dates, pitted
  • 3 medium bananas, sliced or halved, frozen if desired
  • Ice, optional

Suggested Toppings

  • almond butter, shelled hemp hearts, cacao nibs


  1. Place ingredients, except for toppings, into the jar of a blender. Puree until smooth. Add ice to make smoothie colder, if desired.
  2. Divide between two glasses or jars. Top each with a drizzle of almond butter and sprinkle with hemp hearts and cacao nibs. Drink immediately.


  • Nutrition info doesn’t include optional toppings, which will add another ~100 calories per serving.

Keywords: mushroom protein, adaptogens, banana, cocoa, almond, almond milk, protein smoothie, workout smoothie


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  1. Olivia

    October 14th, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    I tried this recipe over the weekend and it was really good. Almost left out the almond butter!

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