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Why I Use Natural Deodorant

By: Jen Hansard | last Updated: 8.29.2017 | COMMENTS: 52

We’re right in the middle of a SUPER hot and humid heat wave here in Florida. That means there are three staples in my home. Water, green smoothies and plenty of natural deodorant!

I spent a lot of years using store bought deodorant… Teen Spirit and Old Spice were my favs back in the day. Because let’s face it… Body odor is one thing you don’t want to mess around with.

In 2011, I kinda went down the hippie road and started making granola, trading my car for a bike and even went 10 days without shampoo (def don’t recommend it). It was during this time that I began questioning all the stuff I was putting in and on my body.

Deodorant was one of them.

Most store-bought deodorants contain parabens, aluminum, dye and a bunch of chemicals I can’t even spell (or type correctly). They can be argued to cause hormonal abnormalities and linked to breast cancer.

Yes, I know all of this is debatable, but why take the chance?

And why put these things on your body IF there are safe natural alternatives that work even better?

Natural Deodorant that really works!

Six years ago, I started making my own homemade deodorant with coconut oil and absolutely love it. To this day, I use it and so does my husband. We don’t stink and we barely sweat under our arms— I’ve had friends smell my pits many times to advocate for  this stuff. It really works!  I’ve even given it to family and friends for Christmas presents— that’s how much I believe in this stuff!

While making my own deodorant works for me, I’m also a realist and know that not everyone wants to go this crunchy. That’s where Primal Pit Paste comes in. They’re the creators of a natural deodorant line that has a variety of strengths and scents that work AND are good of your body.

I love their Coconut Lime scent because it reminds me of our spring break trip to Key West in 2016. We snorkeled, drank cuban coffee and walked around in flip flops and swim suits for an entire week. Every time I use this stuff, I am immediately taken back there.

Made with quality ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, and non-aluminum baking soda, Primal Pit Paste provides the perfect alternative to homemade deodorant. Their ingredients are so natural, you might even be able to use their products as a snack in a pinch! Here’s the ingredient label so you can see what I’m talking about!

Natural Deodorant - Simple Green SmoothiesHow to use Natural Deodorant

Using natural deodorant can seem a little intimidating. It’s a little different from store bought deodorant in that you have to use a topical stick (sort of like a tongue depressor) or your fingers to apply.

When I first started using my homemade natural deodorant, I used a topical stick. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about sticking my fingers into my deodorant every morning. That didn’t last long because I decided it didn’t hurt me to just scoop it right out of the jar and apply it. Whether you apply with a topical stick or dive right in, you’ll find the style that works best for you. No judgement here!

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you want to scoop deodorant out every morning, Primal Pit Paste has a great solution. Give their natural spray deodorant a try.

I remember years ago when I purchased spray deodorant, only to be disappointed because I didn’t have time to dry out my armpits before putting my clothes on. Primal Pit Paste has fine tuned their spray deodorant to dry quickly. I mean, you can’t beat a three second dry time!

Primal Pit Paste also has a wide variety of natural deodorant sticks, if that’s the method you’re used to and not interested in switching just yet. Their sticks are convenient to carry around, and help swipe away the stink—whether you’re hitting the gym or going to work.

Regardless of whether you use a topical stick, your fingers, or spray it on, you’re going to love, love, love this natural deodorant.

 Comment: What deodorant are you using?

Now I want to know… what deodorant do you use and how does it work for you? Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Cassie says:

    Thank you for this article. Similar subject: can you recommend a good dry shampoo?

    • SGS Rawkstar Amanda says:

      Hi Cassie,

      I love this dry shampoo. It’s a little pricey, but you use so little it ends up being worth it!


      Whole Foods also has this great DIY recipe…


  2. christyvb says:

    I use Schmidt’s stick and love it. I totally agree with you on using a natural deodorant.

  3. Shannon says:

    I really like Primal Paste, and will definitely check out the coconut lime! Sounds delightful. My pre-teen stinky kids have been using and have great results with Black Chicken. I LOVE the deodorants by Erika Brooke, fave scent is wildflowers and they have others and unscented too.

    • SGS Rawkstar Amanda says:

      Hi Shannon,

      Thanks for sharing! I always love learning about new brands that you love!! Especially with pre-teen stinky boys only a few years away for me!

  4. Jeannie says:

    Would you share your recipe for the deodorant you make please?

    • SGS Rawkstar Amanda says:

      Hi Jeannie,

      Of course! You can find it here…


  5. Katie says:

    Hey Jen, I want to try Primal Pit Paste out. Which do you prefer, the spray or the stick? Which works better in your opinion?

    • SGS Rawkstar Amanda says:

      Hi Katie,

      I love the stick, I feel like I get great coverage! And I know Jen uses a jar for her homemade deodorant.

    • Jen Hansard says:

      I’m gonna jump in here too— I like the jar because it’s glass and smaller. I do make my own deodorant, but I also us Primal when I run low or want a different scent. I really like the coconut lime scent that they have.

  6. A.W. says:

    I tried using the discount code PPPSGS, listed in the article but it doesn’t work 🙁

    • SGS Rawkstar Amanda says:

      Hi A.W.

      Oh no, I am so sorry we didn’t include the end date in our blog post. Unfortunately our promotion with Primal Pit Paste ended on August 31st. I hope you’ll still check out their sticks + jars, they truly have an amazing product!

  7. Nicole Demus says:

    I love that you wrote about this!!! I have been using Dry Idea for years!! I am not an every day deodorant user because 1. My pits aren’t unruly in the stink department 2. Breast cancer does run in my family and 3. I just don’t like having that junk on my body for extended periods of time knowing it may be harmful.
    I have made my own deodorant in the past but had to keep it in the fridge and would forget about it (because who remembers to get their deodorant from the fridge when getting ready in the morning?).
    I actually just ordered from the company Native to try their natural deodorant but now I’m going to have to try your recommendation too!!!

    • Jen Hansard says:

      I def would have a hard time remembering to get deodorant out of the fridge! Primal really does make great products and it works– which is most important to me. If I use a natural option and it doesn’t work, what’s the point?! I’m gonna check Native… thank for the tip!

  8. Jody says:

    I’ve tried to avoid aluminum for years. I’m very intrigued about this company…..and the name cracks me up. Thx for offering this giveaway. IG handle is @jodychickadee

  9. Jai says:

    I’ve tried so many diff natural deodorants just praying for one that actually works! [email protected]

  10. katy says:

    i’ve tried making homemade organic deodorant but have never been successful! ig: @katyflamik

    • Jen Hansard says:

      Have you used my recipe? (https://simplegreensmoothies.com/recipes/green-beauty/homemade-deodorant-that-really-works)
      It def works— I’ve been using it for 5 years now. You should try that… and also Primal— they make great products too.

  11. Gayla says:

    I’d like to try this. I only use natural deodorant. @gaylaclaboo

    • Jen Hansard says:

      Then this is just for you Gayle! The flavors are fun and the company is great. Hope you enjoy!

  12. Kendra says:

    I decided to try Hippy Pits a few months ago, after years of using Dove and being unsatisfied. Breast cancer runs in my family and I feel the same– if there’s something more natural and safer, why not? Hippy Pits works awesome, however I am sensitive to it. Sometimes it makes my pits burn like hell, other days it’s fine. I think maybe the mixture of the baking soda is unevenly distributed to cause this. I emailed the company cuz I was ready to return it. They said I should not put anything on my pits for 24 hours after shaving. I thought that was hilarious because I pretty much shave my pits every day—I thought, uh, I USE Hippy Pits but I’m not actually THAT hippy. Lol!! Anyway, I’d love to try Primal! @kendraalexa on instagram

    • Jen Hansard says:

      Hahah— that’s hilarious! I do know that if I put it on right after shaving it can sting. So I usually wait until I get dressed and do my hair— then put it on. I know Primal has a salve serum you can put on to help with this burn/irritation too, which I thought was cool. I def want to keep on shaving as well 😉

  13. Jenny says:

    I’ve been wanting to try a natural deodorant but scared to cause I’m sweaty and stinky and live in Florida Unfortunately using toxic Secret right now

    • Jen Hansard says:

      I like in Florida too Jenny! I actually started making it when I moved out here and it’s been amazing. You will still sweat because that’s your body’s natural way of handling hot humid days, but you will not stink. And that’s what I care most about!

  14. Isabel says:

    This was such a HELPFUL + INSIGHTFUL read! Thank you so much…. I just knew that conventional deodorant was bad. After experiencing rashes, stinging and even mood swings (which I believe was from using Dove deorant) … I am desperate to try something GOOD + something with simple, natural ingredients! …. for the past month I have been going without because I haven’t found a good one yet. And as I have just become a new Mama, I think this is the best time tk be more conscious about what I am putting on my skin — as I know it’s effecting my babe too.
    The coconut + lime scent sounds SOO good!
    I would be so blessed to be gifted with this goodness!! And my husband would by super thankful to try it out (as have me wearing deoderant again) haha! … I’d love to freshen up naturally with Primal Pit Paste ! So hoping x

    • Jen Hansard says:

      So glad you’re excited to try it Isabel. The coconut lime is a winner— I also just tried the charcoal one and really like that too. It’s just nice when you know what you are putting on your body!

  15. Kim says:

    I’ve tried Primal Pit paste & it works great!!!

    • Jen Hansard says:

      So cool that you use it too. I wish they carried it everywhere— I think more and more people would use it 🙂

  16. Mariah Turk says:

    I’ve slowly been making the switch to safer products, first with makeup and skincare, and now with deodorant. Unfortunately, it seems like I’ve tried everything under the sun and just when I think it’s working, I start to break out with tiny little bumps under my arms. The only relief is to stop using it. I hate having to go back to unsafe deodorant, especially knowing what’s it in. I’ve had cancer before and I hate thinking that it could possibly happen again due to unsafe ingredients! That’s why I’d love to give this kind a go and hopefully find a natural, safe, deodorant that works! Instagram: @mariahturk

    • Jen Hansard says:

      Hey Mariah— you may be sensitive to the baking powder. When I make it myself, I cut back on how much I use and it helps. I know Primal also has a serum to help with this exact problem on their website too. It’s common and normal— and there’s a way to get over the natural hump and not have red bumps. I hope you can hang in there and try again— I am soooo happy with Primal and also using my own DIY recipe. Both work well and my body is very happy 🙂

  17. Megan says:

    I definitely want to try this brand. I have tried many natural deodorants and they work for awhile and then I eventually get funky and sweaty. I currently use a roller bottle with doterra essential oils and fractionated coconut oil. Would love to try their pit detox. @megan_contreras

    • Jen Hansard says:

      I think you’ll really like it Megan. I’ve been using Primal Pit Paste for 4 months and it works and before that I made my own recipe. Both have never gotten funky and sweaty— and they have a very similar base (baking soda, arrowroot powder, coconut oil + essential oils).

  18. Tina Mars says:

    Natural deodorant is all the rage right now! And I hope this continues. I’ve used Secret perspirant all my life until just recently. I’ve been doing a natural, chemical free, cleanse by adding in these products into my routine. I just purchased my first natural deodorant online and I am loving it so far. I feel much better about what Im using on my body. @tinamars_

  19. Shwetha says:

    I feel the same way and I did so much research before I settled on the brand that I swear by. Earth Conscious. They have a range of frangrancee as well as a completely natural one. I’d love a recipe of your homemade deodorant, I’d love to give it a whirl.

    • SGS Rawkstar Amanda says:

      HI Shwetha,

      Find Jen’s recipe here!


  20. Cristina says:

    I have a question, what other ingredient you recommend instead a Shea Buttler. I’m allegirc to that ingrident. Sincerely, Cristina

    • SGS Rawkstar Amanda says:

      Hi Cristina,

      Allergic to shea butter? Check out Jen’s homemade version below, it’s shea free but packed with plenty of skin love from coconut oil!

  21. Sandy says:

    I’ve been using a natural deodorant for about 18 months. Went with Piper Wai’s jar. Really like the product … it works!
    Was not familiar with Primal Pit Paste. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to give it a try. I like that they offer fragrances and the minis.

    • Jen Hansard says:

      I’ve never heard of Piper Wei until now— thanks for sharing Sandy. I do love that there are scents with Primal too— and so many options (sprays, bars, levels, etc). I like choices 🙂

  22. Sarah says:

    The promo code did not work for me!

    • SGS Rawkstar Dan says:

      Just reached out to Primal Pit Paste, and they said the discount code should be working now. Sorry about that!

  23. Amy says:

    I would love to try this deodorant. Not having luck with the promo code. Anyone else having issues? In regards to Renee’s comment above, do you need to get a detox kit first?

    • SGS Rawkstar Dan says:

      Hey Amy, I just asked Primal Pit Paste what was going on, and they said it should be working now. Thanks for letting us know it wasn’t working for you!

  24. Kelley Nayak says:

    Hi Jen, I recently bought Fat & The Moon natural deodorant, which sounds very similar, and it works great! The problem I have is that it eventually causes skin irritation due to the exfoliation factor with the baking soda. So I have resorted to using it 3 weeks on, 1 week Secret to give my pit skin a chance to heal. I’m curious if you’ve had this issue with the stuff you make or if Primal users have experienced this. Thanks for the nudges — I’m slowly working my way to a more crunchy lifestyle!

    • Jen Hansard says:

      Hey Kelley, I’ve never heard of Fat & The Moon— the name is great though! I had irritation when I first would use natural deodorant (because of the baking soda) but it went away. For years I’ve been good now… and I’ve heard the irritation is like a detoxing effect. Your body is adjusting to a new natural product. I know Primal Pit Paste create a serum to help with this because it is so common and a turn off to many. I would check it out and see if that helps. I really really love using their products and my DIY recipe— it works if you can figure out the irritation piece. #fingerscrossed

  25. Renee says:

    I’ve been using Primal Pit Paste for almost a month and I love it! I started with the detox kit and added the coconut lime spray. Not a huge fan of using my fingers to apply so my next purchase will be one of the sticks. It has worked very well for me and other than a few days in the beginning (during the detox) I don’t smell anything but fresh.

    • Jen Hansard says:

      Glad it’s working well for you too! You can use a popsicle stick to put it on with— I used to use that. Now I’m too lazy and just dip my finger right in there. Haha!

  26. Kamali says:

    I use Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant. It’s the best I’ve ever used. Keeps you dry and funk-free! I’ve tried other brands that did not work this well, and didn’t keep my pits dry. Plus it comes in both a jar form and a stick form. I use the stick, so using it feels like you’re using regular deodorant. Love it! Been using it for a few years now.

    • Jen Hansard says:

      Schmidts is great too— Kamali! With their tubs, I feel like it’s heavier in the shea butter than Primal Pit Paste… at least how it feels going on. I love how there are more companies coming out in support of a natural way of life.

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