Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie


Jump to Recipe Plant-Based Recipes • Smoothies • Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie Blend up this Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie for breakfast or a tasty snack. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is a great smoothie for you. Feel free to boost it with your favorite protein powder. I recommend using an unsweetened powder that has simple + […]

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Blend up this Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie for breakfast or a tasty snack.

If you’re a chocolate lover, this is a great smoothie for you. Feel free to boost it with your favorite protein powder. I recommend using an unsweetened powder that has simple + pure ingredients.

Why I Prefer Naturally Sweetened Smoothies

Sugar gets a really bad rap. And it’s true, we all probably take in too much sugar in our daily diet. While I’m not a fan of processed sugar, I am a fan of natural sugars contained in fruit.

I never limit how much fruit I consume because it is so healthy and I’d be giving up loads of fiber and nutrients. That being said, we have a formula that works. Enough fruit to be tasty without going overboard.

Banana super star when it comes to adding natural sweetness. They are also low glycemic meaning that eating (or blending one up) won’t dramatically affect blood sugar. Thanks to the fiber and pectin in bananas, they also keep your digestive tract humming along.

If you do find that your smoothie isn’t sweet enough for your taste, check out our guide to natural sweeteners that can give a smoothie a little sweet boost without added processed white sugar.

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie | #smoothie #greensmoothie #vegan

Cacao Health Benefits

Cacao is another superstar in this chocolate strawberry smoothie. Raw cacao powder is what I prefer to use, though cocoa powder (it’s different!) can be substituted without sacrificing flavor.

As a superfood, cacao has more antioxidants than blueberries – 40x more to be exact! Cacao is also one of the best plant-based sources of protein pound for pound. It’s also high in calcium and magnesium, for healthy bones, heart, and brain. The flavonols in cacao yield anti-inflammatory benefits that also help to protect the heart.

Do you ever eat chocolate when you’re feeling a little sad and it makes you feel better? It’s not in your head! Cacao is a source of neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylethylamine which help elevate our mood by combatting depression, a sense of wellbeing, and happiness. The minerals in cacao (and the caffeine too!) can give you a boost of energy and help prevent fatigue, thanks especially to magnesium.

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Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie | #smoothie #greensmoothie #vegan

Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie

  • Author: Jen
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 1x
  • Category: Breakfast, Drinks
  • Method: Blending
  • Cuisine: Healthy


This smoothie is also known as Chocolate Dipped Strawberry. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is a great smoothie for you. Feel free to boost it with your favorite protein powder. I recommend using an unsweetened powder that has simple + pure ingredients. Serves 1.



  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 2 Tablespoons cacao powder


  1. Place spinach and almond milk in blender. Puree until smooth.
  2. Add fruit and cacao, and blend again.


Use at least one frozen fruit to make smoothie cold.

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  1. Sheila says:

    This is by far my 2nd favorite smoothie….. It is so yummy – so chocolatey and pairs awesome with the strawberries. It feels like eating chocolate covered strawberries. Heaven!

  2. Neal says:

    I like this. 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder is definitely enough. I cannot imagine using 2 !
    It is definitely a treat smoothie though. Once a week maximum as it is very rich.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Neal,

      That is awesome you were able to adjust the recipe to make it your own.

      This smoothie is so rich I feel guilty drinking it =P


      • Alicia says:

        Delicious! I can’t imagine anyone not liking this but everyone has their own tastes! It tastes like chocolate ice cream. I’ve been using mixed greens (just what i have on hand) and i always use an extremely ripe frozen! Banana. Make sure it’s overripe. That’s what is going to make the cocoa sweet. I only use about 1.5tbsp cocoa (Hershey’s dark).

  3. Bethany Vines says:

    This was really gross. The first one I didn’t like. It tasted pretty bitter and bland. I think 1 tablespoon of cocoa would’ve been better maybe. I tired to make it better by adding honey, but I think it made it worse. I couldn’t finish it.

  4. Jessica says:

    I loved this one. I think because I don’t live in the states so there is much less sugar in everything in general, plus I’m a big dark chocolate fan. The only downside was that it was so think my blender was having trouble and I had to add more almond milk. Three thumbs up on all the recipes from the Thomas’ household

  5. Dawn says:

    This is my least favorite so far. I kept doctoring it to make it taste a bit better – a little more chocolatey, a tad sweeter. I think there are certain expectations our (my?) taste buds have with chocolate, unfortunately.

  6. MariePaul Medeiros says:

    It’s like having a milkshake for breakfast!

  7. Jill says:

    I think maybe I drank too much of this over the weekend… had a little trouble sleeping! I would add a disclaimer recommending not to take before bedtime 🙂

  8. Linda says:

    Added some dates for extra sweetness…couldn’t even tell there was any spinach in it

  9. Angela says:

    I made it for me and my littles. I doubled the recipe and added 2 dates and flaxseed meal. Everyone loved it.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Yay!! SO happy to hear that you and your little ones love this recipe.


  10. Ashley says:

    Love this smoothie! Great for chocoholics 🙂

  11. Patricia says:

    Second time I had this smoothie. Liked it this time too. Need to remember to leave the stem on when I use fresh strawberries per Jen’s video.

  12. Terry says:

    This was my least favorite smoothie. I found it to be a bit bitter. I am not a huge chocolate lover in terms of chocolate flavored foods (like I’ve cream, cake, etc) which may be why I am not a fan. Also, I really couldn’t taste the strawberry flavor. I might try again with maybe just one tbsp cacao powder to cut out some of the bitterness and maybe a little more banana and strawberry..

  13. tiffany says:

    I thought this was really yummy! A bit rich for my breakfast though.

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Tiffany,

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this recipe! Maybe you can swap it out for a dessert instead of having it for breakfast.


  14. Dora says:

    Delicious. I substituted chocolate almond milk and used a chocolate peanut butter whey protein in place of the cacao .

  15. Latasha Ingram says:

    This smoothie was my least favorite this week! I think it was mostly the cacao powder that did it for me!

  16. Pam says:

    Very yummy after I added a bit of maple syrup as felt it needed a bit of sweetness but that might be because I woke up with a bad cold this morning:( and felt really grim. I think perhaps there is an adjustment period with green smoothies as my stomach is not feeling very happy either?

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Pam,

      If you are new to drinking green smoothies your stomach might feel upset for a little bit. You are consuming a ton of fiber that your body isn’t use to so make sure you are drinking a lot of water to flush everything out.

      Hope you start feeling better soon!

  17. Kirsten L says:

    I like that the cacao has antioxidants, but this was my least favorite smoothie this week, flavor-wise. I may try again with 1 Tbsp and more banana!

  18. Mary Ann says:

    I loved this recipe. I am a chocolate lover and I was surprised that all ingredients complimented each other. I’ll make this smoothie twice this week.

  19. Jill says:

    This is my favorite out of week 1!!! I’ve had this twice already. Is it possible to overdo it? I don’t eat chocolates on a regular basis but this smoothie was just sooooo good!

    • SGS Rawkstar Carissa says:

      Hey Jill,

      Nope!! That is why we have this challenge and so many different recipes, so you can find what you love and stick with it after the challenge.

      I am so glad that you love this recipe and that it will be a keeper 🙂

      Cannot wait for you to try all our other recipes we have in store for you!

  20. Hilde Ringen Johansen says:

    Not my favorite.. Added more berries and than it became yummy. Also added eggs to make it a meal

  21. Cecily says:

    I loved this smoothie. I felt like I was drinking a chocolate shake for sure. It was so smooth and yummy!

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