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I’m Jen Hansard, mom of two and lover of green smoothies, coffee & tacos. 
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The ultimate green smoothie prep tip busy people use



Smoothie meal prepping is a great way to save time and have enough smoothies on hand for a week or even a month. There are many ways to speed up the process, yet two of the best ways we have found are Ziploc bags and mason jars. Both ways work well and speed up the process immensely. So gather some bags, mason jars or other freezer safe containers and let’s get prepping!


Prep like a rawkstar

prep11. Slice and measure green smoothie ingredients according to recipe (just leave out the liquids). If using a mason jar, start with fruits and then add leafy greens last so they are towards the top. This helps get them out easier when frozen.




2. Place all ingredients in a freezer safe Ziploc bag (quart size OR gallon size) or container (do not add liquid-base)



3. Label with name of recipe and date made.






4. Place and store in freezer for up to 6 months.




prep35. Remove from freezer and pour ingredients into blender along with the liquid base. Blend until smooth!




If you blender isn’t doing so hot with frozen fruits, you can take your bag (or mason jar) out of the freezer the night before and let it defrost slightly. This also brings out more of the flavors in the fruit, which is awesome. If you are going this route, we also recommend freezing your greens separate from your fruits so they don’t defrost and get soggy. Jen keeps her frozen leafy greens in a gallon size Ziploc and then her fruit measurements in a mason jar.


Can I make my green smoothie the night before?
Yes! You can blend your smoothies ahead of time and store your green smoothies in a sealed container for 1 to 3 days in the fridge. We like to use these quart-size mason jars with the metal bands or these storage caps (click the links to be directed to the products on Amazon). Another perk to blending at night: your neighbors will love you for blending the night before too!

Fresh is always best, but a 2-day old green smoothie is still way better than a bag of the Cheetos (aka: orange dust) or a drive-thru breakfast sandwich. Your goal is to add more fruits and vegetables into your regular diet— and green smoothies will help you get there.

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  1. Susan says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Can u blend all ingredients and freeze it?
    Defrost in refrigerator covered.

    • We recommend first freezing and then blending–we have never tried blending and freezing, though.

      • Tracy says:

        I am new to this and don’t measure…. Since I usually have a bit more than I need to drink, I just pour the excess in a snack bag and freeze and then I have a mini green-cicle! Since I have kids coming to visit this weekend we will see what they think!

        Also since I live in a village in Alaska with no store and no garden yet, I depend on my bi-weekly veggie boxes so I often prepare and freeze my fruit on sheets then bag in freezer bags so I can take out a cup or a handful!

      • That is a great idea about the popsicle, Tracy!

    • Loretta says:

      Hi Susan
      – I blend ahead and make batches and pour into ice cube trays (BPA free trays from Walmart super cheap). Then I just pop cubes into blender & add a little more liquid. Or you could put cubes in mason jar in the fridge the night before and just shake in the morning. This really helps when I shop bulk and at the farmers market – saves time during the week and space in the freezer. 🙂

    • mocarter says:

      I would think each prep step you do ahead, the less nutrition you will have in the end. Just makes sense.

  2. val says:

    well, i tried the kale + kiwi lime smoothie today; i thought it would taste delish, because i love everything in it, but i didn’t care for it too much. i’m forcing myself to drink it though. i think the kiwi and avocado were not ripe enough, because it’s got a bit of a peppery flavor — not too pleasant. and it’s very thick. i think i don’t like my smoothies too thick. but that’s ok, i’m still doin’ it. my favorite so far is the Butter & Jelly!

    • Kat says:

      I was a bit the same val but I think I went lighter on the lime if I remember correctly as I went slightly lower on some other items. It had a little bit of a bitter taste to me but enough that I could tolerate it & then have made a better one today with some other things. Definitely know what you mean about the ripeness of the avocado & kiwi – I think that will definitely make it less bitter if they are fully ripe

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi, Do you have any recommendations on methods of cleaning greens/fruit?

  4. Evan! says:

    Hey Jen and Jadah!

    I know that apples and bananas can’t be stored with other fruits (and maybe veges?) because they are ethylene producers and cause neighbor fruits to ripen too quick. Can I freeze them with other fruits?

    Great website and hope yall are having a great summer,

  5. Laina says:

    Instead of freezing whole leaves, I blend up my greens with a tiny bit of coconut water and then freeze them in ice cube trays. It’s super easy and they take up less space that way.

    • Thats a great suggestion, Laina 🙂 We definitely suggest doing that for herbs, but isn’t necessary for spinach, kale, etc.–though you can do it if you would like!

    • Victoria says:

      That is a really smart and excellent suggestion. Especially if you buy a lot of greens at the one time. Thanks for that.

    • Lougagne says:

      I have a food saver and just portion pack all my Kale as it is way too bulky to store otherwise.

  6. Jessie says:

    I went to your amazon store and seen that u had the nutribullet. Is that really a good blender? I’ve been considering buying one.

  7. Islia says:

    I’m looking for some coupons for ecojarz or any other site that sell lid with straw type of setup. Can you help? Thanks

  8. Kaci says:

    I saw you folks on Instagram and so in love with all of your recipes and tips! I had purchased the 30 day green smoothie challenge today and can’t wait to start! I was just wondering about prepping. If I separate the vegetables, what size mason jar should I use for the fruits? A quart as well? I am in need to purchase mason jars!

    • It depends on how much fruit you buy. You can use ziploc bags or mason jars. Also, take into account what size of mason jars can fit into your freeze. Quart sized would probably be a good option 🙂

  9. Anne says:

    is it safe to freeze them in a mason jar? this will probably take up too much room right?

  10. mocarter says:

    Thank you so much for this very timely info! My fridge is stuffed with greens out of my garden which continue to grow faster than I and my neighbors can consume them. With this info, I can have fresh every day and freeze what we don’t eat for the hot summer when greens won’t be growing. I use my freezer for lots of things but hadn’t thought about pre-bagging my smoothies!

  11. Brittney says:

    Do I have to blanch the leafy greens or can I just wash them and put them in the ziploc bag?

    • Loree says:

      I just wash mine and get them as dry as possible. Blanching can sometimes make greens more bitter. If you’ve got room in your freezer, try spreading greens on a cookie sheet and freeze so they’ll be separate to put in a baggie and not a lump of stuck-together-leaves. However, if you do just freeze them in a baggie, they may break off easily enough into your blender when you’re ready to use them. Then place the remaining frozen greens back in the freezer so they won’t turn to green mush. 🙂

  12. bari says:

    thanks for all the great information and recipes! can you tell me more about freezing greens? are we not losing any vital nutrition?

    thanks again!

  13. Robin says:

    I’m just learning about making green smoothies and came across your site. Love it!!! I was just wondering about your prep. I love to do a meal prep day, and get everything ready for the week. Can I freeze the greens? I didn’t know that I could do that. Even Romaine (love it!! so use it often).

  14. Sounds like you are off to a great start! 🙂

  15. Yan says:

    I’d just found your website and subscribed, and this is the first article I received.

    So clever! When I’m cooking dinner, I very often make an extra meal to freeze for another day and I’d been freezing my own fruit, but each fruit separately. Never thought to put them all together so that they are recipe ready for a green smoothie—duh!

    Thank you for such a great idea. When I cut up the fruit and kale yesterday for our green smoothie, I cut up enough to fill two extra containers for the freezer, ready for another day.

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