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How to travel with a blender

By: Jen Hansard | last Updated: 11.2.2015 | COMMENTS: 57

We love to travel, and we do it a lot. We get questions all the time about how to travel with a blender to keep rawkin’ the green smoothie lifestyle.

Like us, we know you don’t want give up your daily green smoothie when you travel, so we are here to give you our best tips and tricks for traveling with a blender because you don’t have to give it up! It may or may not be as convenient as it is at home depending on the destination and nature of travel, but we do it anyway. We just can’t quit our green smoothies!

More than being a habit, drinking a green smoothie when you travel can help keep you on track with healthy eating. Not that we don’t love to indulge in a few less-than-healthy meals when we’re traveling – hello, New York pizza! But we also like knowing we’ve given our bodies at least one healthy dose of fruits and veggies to keep us going. It can also help you recover from jet leg by refueling and hydrating your body, and help keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

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Two things to do before you leave


We know there are hundreds of travel destinations around the world and not every place is going to be equipped for your green smoothie needs. If you’re staying in a hotel, check to see if your room has a fridge or freezer, clean water, etc. If you’re renting a house or condo, ask the owner about things like cutting boards, knives, fridge and freezer, and if they own a quality, working blender. (Then you don’t have to pack your own!)

Check maps online to see if there are grocery stores nearby where you’ll be staying and transportation options if you don’t plan on renting a car. You may not be able to anticipate everything, but it never hurts to ask a few questions and go prepared.



There are no hard and fast rules about what you have to pack, but here are some things we find helpful to pack:

Packing a Blender

How To Pack Your Blender

The type of blender you pack is up to you—personal blenders can be lighter and easier to bring along, but we often pack our big blenders. If you travel a lot, it may be worth investing in a personal blender. Otherwise, a full-size blender works just fine. Another option is to take an immersion blender

The TSA recommends packing blenders in checked luggage, but we have had success packing them in our carry-on bags. If you have a blender, like a Blendtec, that doesn’t have a sharp blade, you’ll probably be fine. Otherwise, it’s worth playing it safe and packing it in your checked luggage. Or remove the blade and place it in the checked luggage and keep the rest of the blender with you. (Vitamix users will need a special tool to remove the blade from the pitcher.) Either way, make sure to pack it in such a way to prevent the blender from being damaged. We like to pack all of our smoothie supplies with the blender so it’s ready to go. Tuck a dishtowel, or even a t-shirt to help pad the blender and jar.

Packing a Blender-2

Try using a backpack or small suitcase because they are easy to carry or roll around—those blenders can be kinda heavy! Pack the jar or bottle inside the blender jar, using a dishtowel or t-shirt to help pad it. Fit it into the bag and pack around it so it doesn’t move around too much.

Tips for buying produce when you arrive

How To Travel With a Blender-3

Once you arrive at your destination, it will be time to hunt down some leafy greens and fruit!

Where do we shop for produce? The answer is simple: wherever you can find it! If you’re traveling somewhere with a Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or a standard grocery store, you’ll have no problems. If you are going somewhere more remote, it can be tougher. Roadside farm stands will be your friend. Sometimes you’ll have access to cheaper local fruit than you’d find at a grocery store. Traveling to cold destinations where the growing season has ended, you’ll have to rely on what you can find in grocery stores.

Don’t be afraid to try something new —we refer back to our smoothie formula (2 cups greens, 2 cups liquid, 3 cups fruit/veggies) and then buy what’s available. Exotic ingredients can create some really interesting smoothie blends!

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Taking a road trip?

Blending smoothies ahead of time and freezing them is a fantastic option for shorter trips where a cooler can be used to transport and/or store smoothies. Simply blend a bunch of green smoothies the night before leaving and store them in the freezer. Toss the now frozen green smoothies into your cooler (best to add ice to the cooler), and you’re ready to hit the road!

Try adding lemon juice to each smoothie to help keep it fresh, or even blending in bananas—they’ll last longer and taste better.

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Drinking green smoothies while traveling is one of the best ways to keep fueling your body with good food—all it takes is a little bit of planning!


Have any tips on how to drink green smoothies while traveling? Share your own rawkstar tips in the comments below!

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