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Rawkstar Substitution Guide

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Get ready for some smoothie-savvy swaps! Allergies and inaccessibility to ingredients can definitely make you shy away from certain green smoothie recipes. Yet have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of great substitutions so you can still reap the rawesome results! Ingredient:swap with… Almonds, raw: Any other raw nut: Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts Almond […]


Vitamix + Signed Book Giveaway


DID YOU THINK THE SEASON OF GIVING WAS OVER? Think again! As part of our January 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge we’re giving away a Certified Reconditioned 64 oz Standard Vitamix Blender and a signed copy of our new book Simple Green Smoothies. It’s our hope that this giveaway combo will be the perfect way to kick off 2016, and allow […]

Berry Protein Bash-2

Rawkstar Conversion Guide

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RAWKSTAR CONVERSION GUIDE Hey Rawkstar, blendin’ outside of the United States or prefer to weigh your ingredients? We’ve got you covered! Use our SIMPLE and easy conversion guide to blend your next recipe! Cheers to health, happiness, and sharing the leafy love WORLDWIDE! Leafy Greens 1 cup = 30 grams = 1 ounce 2 cups = 60 grams […]