seasonal Plant-Based Recipes

Healthy never tasted so good

Let’s be honest. Most healthy recipes taste like grass, make a huge mess in the kitchen and don’t get us excited to repeat ’em. I’m changing that with quick & easy plant-based recipes (that actually taste good) and transform your body from the inside out.

Spring Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are the healthiest fast food out there. You can blend a smoothie and clean your blender in under 5 minutes (that’s my kinda recipe!). Follow my Meal Prep Smoothie Guide to save precious minutes and always have a smoothie in the freezer ready to blend.

Healthy Salad Recipes this Spring

Salads can be a wonderful way to keep you health goals on track in the warmer months. Make a double or triple batch to have leftovers to enjoy later in the week.

Latest + Greatest

We celebrate each season at Simple Green Smoothies because it brings new flavors and the chance for a fresh start. Explore our spring recipes below to soak in all the goodness of the season and sign up for our free smoothie challenge!

All-time Favorite Recipes

Below are reader favorite recipes that you might like, too. We definitely share a lot of smoothie recipes around here, but you’ll also find my #1 homemade deodorant recipe that I’ve used since 2012. Why? Because it really, really works!

Spring Plant-Based Meals

Give Meatless Monday a chance with some of our top plant-based dinner recipes. Try a veggie wrap or plant-based pizza to fall in love with the flavors of vegetables in our popular recipes.

Easter Brunch ideas

Celebrate Easter with a delicious brunch loaded with plant-based recipes. From whole wheat waffles to vibrant smoothie bowls, upgrade your breakfast and energize your day.