Life can throw you off track from time to time. Thrive is the quick reset you need to say adios to the bad eating habits that weigh you down.

With our 7-day reset, you’ll be embracing heart-happy habits that give you energy, motivation and excitement to jumpstart your journey to health.

It’s time to hit the reset button.

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Here’s the Reality: Committing Can be Hard.

Detoxes, juice cleanses and diet programs aren’t always practical and don’t always work. You might have tried them before, made it through a couple days and given up because you felt terrible, hungry or questioning what’s really the point.

Are you tired of working hard and never seeing progress?

Are you done with trying fad diets that aren’t sustainable or nourishing?

Has ‘detox’ become a bad word? (Guess what... it doesn’t have to be all cayenne pepper and lemon juice!)



21 Day Cleanse Guide PDF
The 7-Day Reset Guide

In this 134-page guide, we’ll walk you step by step through the reset. We'll teach you how to rawk this week-long detox with confidence! You’ll learn everything you need to know about the importance of this detox and how to do it well. We’ll also give you prep tips to:

  • Help you set up your kitchen for success and make your week’s meals quick to throw together.
  • Recognize and handle withdrawal symptoms.
  • Shop and stock your kitchen for success.
21 Day Cleanse Guide PDF
Meal Plan

Enjoy our nutritionally balanced and tasty recipes that’ll stick with you beyond this week-long detox.

  • Turmeric Tonic to wake up your body with a fresh start every day.
  • Green smoothie recipes for breakfast and lunch that are carefully crafted to detoxify your body, strengthen your immune system and give you that gorgeous glow.
  • Whole food recipes for dinner to nourish and fill your belly.
  • Nightly Spiced Almond Remix to help you sleep well.
21 Day Cleanse Guide PDF
Shopping List

We give you PDF access to your full week’s shopping list to take the guesswork out of what you need to buy. We’ve covered your dinners, smoothies, snacks and drinks- so you’re completely taken care of!

  • Don’t worry about which veggies are best for each dinner, we’ve got it all covered right here.
  • Print it out and head to the store to get all your goods for the week.
21 Day Cleanse Guide PDF
Easy to Follow Recipes

Straight-forward and uncomplicated recipes that make being in the kitchen a breeze.

  • We selected recipes that are simple, quick and delicious to nourish you nightly.
  • These no-fuss and easy-to-follow recipes will be your guide for all your breakfast and lunch smoothies, dinners, drinks and snacks throughout the reset.
21 Day Cleanse Guide PDF
Gorgeous Pics of Every Recipe

Healthy food is beautiful food! Enjoy amazingly vibrant photos of each recipe for a preview of what’s to come in your kitchen.

  • We’ve taken pics of every recipe so you can see exactly what it can look like before you even begin cooking.
  • Gorgeous meals inspire you to keep on going as you embark on this 7 day reset.
  • You can replicate our plating or make up your own creation and share it with us on Facebook.
21 Day Cleanse Guide PDF
Printer Friendly Version

We’ve included a printer-friendly PDF, which has less images (to save ink), yet kept the layout and flow the same.

  • Printer-friendly shopping list with exact measurements so you can purchase only what you need and never waste money on overbuying produce.
  • Printable recipes for easy access in the kitchen.
  • Keeps your phone / computer clean and safe from spills.



"During Thrive, I had a lot of energy that didn't feel like a fake caffeine spike with the subsequent drop off. The smoothies were delicious and my whole family rawked them. Your program has given me so many tools to find more success in healthy eating."

- Nikki Irwin

"I feel refreshed and renewed! It was a great detox and I've dropped 7 pounds. I believe in Thrive as it is healthy and not dramatic but helps push me back into line with healthy eating and I got some new veggies favorites as well. Thank you!"

- Jennifer Wyatt-Vaughn

“I didn't stick to Thrive 100 percent, but it definitely inspired me to pick the healthy choices when I had to go off plan whereas I would normally have resorted to stodgy carbs in the past. My skin looks much clearer than it did at the start of the seven days which is brilliant as I had been having trouble with acne on my cheeks.”

-Karen Armour




And it's delicious!

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