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Enjoy weekly meal plans that will tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat it for optimum nourishment.

Weekly Meal Plans

Your tastebuds can finally rejoice because healthy can (and should!) taste good.

Tasty + Nutritious Recipes

Discover the key plant-based principles to reverse ongoing health problems + the best liver cleansing foods. It's time to make fresh, real food your medicine.

Our weight loss cleanse nutrition program was made for women just like you — wanting to reverse fatigue, stubborn weight gain, acne, bloating and brain fog. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling trapped in a body that’s holding you back from living the life you were meant to live. When exhaustion, low self-esteem and sickness rule your day instead of opportunities and passion — you’re surviving and not thriving.

I’ve heard from thousands of women with these struggles, and I’m here to help. I’ve discovered the most incredible natural foods and healthy habits that can transform your body in just 21 days. No joke.

Best-selling cleanse diet


Get real results with our full body cleanse

Wanna lose weight and feel younger, yet not sure how to do it in a healthy way?

Do you want to workout, but find yourself too exhausted to actually do it?

Ready to take your health into your own hands and commit to a positive change?

see what is possible

We’ll drill in the fact that eating whole foods can be delicious and simple. This can be your new lifestyle where less weight and more energy are a given!

Week 3 | Full Body Cleanse

In week two, you’ll eat large amounts of liver cleansing foods, such as fruits and vegetables (seasoned + flavored to perfection!) so your body naturally flushes out toxins.

Week 2 | Liver Cleansing Foods

Enjoy a gentle transition away from the things that are weighing you down and zapping our energy. You’ll learn exactly how to handle cravings with satisfying, nutrient-rich meals.

Week 1 | Clean the Plate

Why our weight loss cleanse works

You’ll enjoy delicious recipes that excite your tastebuds and leave you energized and craving more healthy choices in your life. This program isn’t a diet… it’s your new lifestyle. Are you ready to be your happiest AND your healthiest?!

- Prepare plant-based meals in 25 min
- Effortlessly stay on track w/ a solid game plan
- Embrace healthy habits that make them happy
- Lose weight without counting calories or carbs
- Gain energy without coffee or Diet coke

Fresh Start is my 21-day cleanse that actually tastes good AND gets you natural results. From the moment you wake up to the second before you fall asleep, you’ll know exactly what to eat and drink for optimal nourishment.

Over 25,000 people have successfully learned how to:

So, What is a 21-day cleanse?

Fill your body with the most nourishing, delicious foods to reset your cravings, kick start your weight loss and be naturally energized.

Experience a full body cleanse

- You suffer from allergies & sensitivities
- Your digestive system is giving you grief
- You want to be healthier but struggle to start

- You're eager to eat more plants
- You want to boost your green smoothie game
- You’re feeling stressed out and tired

6 Signs You're Ready for a 21-Day Cleanse

- Greta Shwachman

I honestly think I could eat like this for the rest of my life! I feel amazing, have had plenty of energy at work and in the gym, and am starting to see physical changes as well.

“I feel amazing!”
- Carrie Eichens

Fresh Start has left me feeling great! I lost 10 pounds over the 21 days and I was never hungry! The food was delicious and many of these recipes will be incorporated into the family meal rotation. Hurray! Love this new whole food life style!"

“I lost 10 pounds over the 21 days!”
Give your body the reset it needs to finally lose weight, gain energy & build a strong immune system naturally.

Join the weight loss cleanse

Oh, kale yeah!


Looking back, I’m so grateful for the hardships we experienced back then. It forced me to take control of my health and allowed me to experience remarkable results. Which led to me creating this 21-day program and changing the lives of 25,000 others so far. Let’s just say it’s been a wild and crazy journey so far!

It all started when when I was a new mom and my kids were tiny – my son Jackson was three and my daughter Clare was still just a baby. My husband felt called to start a new church in a small (yet growing rapidly) town in Florida so we packed up the kids, said goodbye to your family and friends in California and drove to Florida to start our new life.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy for me to move across the country with two small kids, but something in my heart told me we were meant to go. I had no idea how difficult the next few years were going to be for my little family.

… praying for the strength to get out of bed
…rapidly gaining weight
…and fearing that my family’s health was slipping through my fingers.

Hi there, I’m Jen Hansard, co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies, mom of two and a pastor’s wife who's had some ups and downs.

Most people know me now because I’m an internationally known health expert, best-selling author and I’ve been featured on the Doctors, Oprah Magazine, Prevention, Family Circle, Parents Magazine… and many more.

But the thing most people don’t know about me is that only a few short years ago I was struggling to feed my children…

Over 25,000 people have experienced life-changing results… including me.


Despite lots prayers, sweat and tears, my husband’s new church shut down after the first year. During that time, we found ourselves with barely enough money to pay our rent… let along pay for groceries. So we got scrappy and made it work by…

Riding our bicycles instead of driving cars because we couldn’t afford to pay for gas. 

Feeding our kids with government issued WIC grocery vouchers. And watching our health start to slowly decline. I was beyond tired... and no amount of caffeine was giving me the energy I needed. I tried to have faith and stay strong but as a young mom, I was absolutely terrified.

You see, we also lost our health insurance. 

While all of the other moms were excited for their kids to go off to preschool, I was filled with fear every morning when I kissed my son goodbye because I had to worry about what the smallest infection could do to our family. Knowing that if my kids got sick or hurt, one trip to the ER would cost us $1,800 – two months of rent payments down the drain.

I tried so hard to keep serving my family and my community as best as I could, but my body was shutting down on me.

I had to drink 4-5 cups of coffee every day just to keep going. I would toss and turn in bed for hours every night, and in the morning I felt so exhausted that my husband would get up with the kids so I could have a few more hours in bed.

I will never forget how horrible I felt every morning as I heard my husband and my children eating breakfast together out in the kitchen without me. While I was unable to lift my exhausted body out of bed. Or the guilt I felt for not being able to be up to brush my daughter’s hair in the morning and give my son a hug before he left for preschool.

I was missing these precious moments. Or the times I would be there, I was too tired to be fully present. My body was letting me down.

The struggle is real.


- Jen Hansard

Are you ready to join me and live your life to the fullest?

Fresh Start: A 21-Day Cleanse is a powerful and effective 3 week full body cleanse. I’m giving you a FULL 30 days to keep it and test it for yourself – completely risk free. I want you to wake up feeling energized and great in your body again.

I want you to feel an incredible sense of confidence in knowing that you were able to overcome fatigue and sickness all on your own, without being a slave to long appointments or toxic medications. And enjoy living in your body every day as you gain energy, trim down, and experience youthful mobility again.

RENEWED ENERGY so you can enjoy your daily activities with zest.

SUPERCHARGED METABOLISM for a more effortless healthy trim physique.

POWERFUL IMMUNITY to fight off pesky sickness and chronic disease.

DECREASED JOINT PAIN so you can get back to the active life you love.

RESTFUL SLEEP so you can wake up feeling refreshed and positive.

IMPROVED MOOD for less stress and a more joyful life.

BALANCED HORMONES for total body health.

- Renewed energy so you can enjoy your daily activities with zest.
- Supercharged metabolism for a more effortless healthy trim physique.
- Powerful immunity to fight off pesky sickness and chronic disease.
- Decreased joint pain so you can get back to the active life you love.
- More restful sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and positive.
- Improved mood for less stress and a more joyful life.
- Balanced hormones for total body health.

I started with a daily green smoothie and the energy started to come. Yet it wasn’t until I dug deep and overhauled my entire diet that I finally found my old self again. The “Jen” that was excited to start the day and always up for an adventure.

For 21 days, I committed to FEEDING my sick, malnourished body simple real foods and nursed it back to health with the most powerful liver cleansing foods and nutrient rich superfoods. All of which can be found right down the street at your local grocery store or even Walmart!

Was it easy? No… but it wasn’t hard either. Especially once the energy and weight loss started to take off — I was hooked and motivated to keep on going! I started running again, drinking daily green smoothies, eating plant-based meals. This 21-day cleanse is the reset we all need!

Now I’ve completed a 100km run in ONE DAY, built a backyard farm and camped in many national parks as a family. I’ve finally got my body and my energy back to what it should be do I can live my life to the fullest!

For 21 days, I celebrated fresh, whole foods and loved how I looked and felt more and more with every single bite. Yet these results weren’t just for me— I quickly share them with our community and they celebrated too.

Over 25,000 people have done Fresh Start and experienced the same amazing results that I did… 

"For 21 days, I committed to feeding my sick, malnourished body simple real foods and nursed it back to health with the most powerful nourishing ingredients on earth."

I needed a full body CLEANSE

- Jennifer Lafreniere

They say to takes 21 days to change your habits. Well I have found a new one, a better one, a lifelong one in this cleanse.

“I have found a better habit.”

- Ruth Filk

I know what foods make me feel great and give me tons of energy. I am so happy that I have gone through this experience. It’s as if I was a caterpillar that emerged from its cocoon and turned into a beautiful butterfly. I’m not looking back. I’ve been changed for the better!

“I am so happy I have gone through this experience.”

- Tabitha Good

My clothes fit a little looser, my body feels energized and I have a better plan to continue the healthy eating habits I picked up during Fresh Start. Having the base of great grocery shopping habits and better directions in the kitchen, I feel confident in continuing this lifestyle.

“My body feels energized and I feel confident!”

- Krista Wooley

This. Cleanse. Was. AMAZING. Seriously, I’m not just saying that, I feel so unbelievably good! Not only did 10 extra pounds slide right off (with almost no exercise at all!), but I feel motivated now to continue eating the same way.

“Seriously, I feel so unbelievably good!”
Give your body the reset it needs to finally lose weight, gain energy & build a strong immune system naturally.
The 21-day Cleanse
- Jane Zimmerman

Instead of resenting the need to eat well, Fresh Start has taught me that fueling my body with the good stuff brings a new mindset toward what it means to eat clean. Do this cleanse. You will not regret it, I promise!

“You will not regret it!”

- Katie Niehuis

Before Thrive Reset, I didn’t have the best eating habits. I was overweight, extremely moody and tired all the time. I had crazy cravings for black licorice, other candy, and salty foods. I desperately needed to kick those bad habits to the curb and adopt some new and healthier habits for my life. This cleanse helped me to do just that! At the end of my 21 days I am happy to say that I have lost 10lbs and my energy has increased big time..I feel and look better than I have in a long time!

“Have lost 10 lbs and my energy has increased!”

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, or your money back!

Fresh Start comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on digital content. If you go through the program and honestly feel like you didn’t get any value from the experience, email us within 30 days of your purchase. We require you to submit personal photos of the recipes you made throughout the 21 days and a detailed explanation of why it didn’t work for you so we can continue to improve. To get a refund, we do require you to go through the 21 days because we know how valuable and transformational the program is if done as it was created to do.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our meals are nutrient-rich and therefore give back to the body, and will balance your blood sugar, keeping your energy at a steady flow. Rather than focus on calories, It’s much more important to focus on having good quality protein, healthy fats and loads of vegetables and fruit to get all the goodness that you need.

Calories are deceiving and not the basis for determining what is healthy. For example, if something is low in calories, it’s not necessarily good for you. In fact, it’s often the opposite. Food that is low in calories, like a piece of white bread, is not only void of nutrients, it saps extra nutrients from your body to process it. It also turns to sugar once it’s digested which then contributes to weight gain. Change it to a wholegrain bread and add some avocado or nut butter, and suddenly you have something much higher in calories, but a slow burning fuel that will continue to serve your body for hours.

Do you include calories with your recipes?

Anyone who is ready to start making healthy eating a part of their lifestyle and not just a diet. Taking the burden off the liver for a few weeks and plying yourself with real, nutrient-rich goodness will take you from healthy to amazing! Our resident holistic nutritionist, Meg Thompson, recommends making cleansing a regular part of your health care regime several times a year to renew, recharge and reset the body. Your body will love you for it!

Who would benefit from A WEIGHT LOSS cleanse?

Yes! We remove all dairy and animal products throughout the cleanse. This cleanse is also gluten free.

Is this 21-day cleanse vegan friendly and gluten free?

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Weight loss does not happen in the same way for everyone. It’s dependent on an individual’s genetics, hormonal balance, past history, metabolism, fluid balance and exercise regime. Weight can also be tied up in emotions. It’s a complex one. Remember that this program is about a fresh start for your body – you’re working towards the best version of you possible, and that’s about much more than weight loss. Any long lasting change takes time to establish, and healthy eating is no exception. If you stick with it, you’ll eventually see results.

Will I lose weight on the 21-day cleanse?

You will eat + drink your way through the 21-day cleanse! Fresh Start is a complete cleanse guide with a step-by-step meal plans, that include green smoothies for breakfast, and whole foods the rest of the day (including snacks and cleanse-friendly beverage recipes).

Do we just drink green smoothies all day? Or can we eat real food too?

This program and step-by-step meal plans were designed to help you create health and happiness on your plate. That’s why we’re super excited to partner with Meg Thompson, an amazing naturopath and holistic nutritionist, and Lindsey Johnson, a food photographer and recipe creator, for this 21-Day Autumn Cleanse geared to help make simple, quick and nutritious meals for you. These recipes will seriously rock your tastebuds!

I’ve tried “fad diets” and they never work. How is Fresh Start any different?

Your grocery bill will likely be higher than usual, but please … don’t freak out! You’re investing in your health… and you’re worth it! Here’s how we think about it: you can either pay more upfront for fresh produce and real whole foods, or pay down the road in poor health with medical bills. It’s an easy choice once we lay it out like that, right? So don’t give yourself a hard time over a slightly higher grocery bill. And what we’ve noticed is it eventually balances out by week two after you’ve bought all your staple ingredients that you’ll use during and beyond the cleanse.

Is it expensive to buy the food for the cleanse?

Once you purchase Fresh Start Autumn, you’ll be able to download it and have it for life. You can start it when you feel ready— there’s no requirement to complete it right away. And if you purchase the physical book option, you’ll have that forever too!

Do I only have access for 21 days?


All the deets

Give your body the reset it needs to finally lose weight, gain energy & build a strong immune system naturally.

Join the 21-day cleanse

Consumer Testimonials: as with any nutritional program, your results from Fresh Start may vary from the success stories shared above. Lifestyle, body weight, mindset, fitness levels and more all influence results, so we cannot guarantee your success or results will be the same.


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