Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials



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Immersion Blender

It’s great for small, quick jobs when you don’t want to bust out your bulky blender. Easy cleanup and stores well, even in small kitchens.

$33 | Buy it here

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Mini Food Processor

Perfect for small chopping jobs in the kitchen. Makes life easy so you have less mess and cleanup is a breeze.

$33 | Buy it here

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Glass Containers

Skip the plastic and keep these earth-friendly reusable containers for storing extra veggies and leftovers. You can also take your lunches with you in these bad boys.

$21 | Buy it here [/threecol_one_last]




The perfect fruit and veggie peeler! We especially love it for “zoodles,” aka zucchini noodles (they make a great gluten-free spaghetti).

$29 | Buy it here

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Vitamix Blender

Green smoothies, hummus, nut milks, oh my! And no chunks around here. You can DIY pretty much anything with this amazing machine. Plus, easy clean up and an awesome 7-year warranty.

$255 | Buy it here

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Mason Jars

Ummm, we can’t find any reason not to love these glass gems. Storage, green smoothie mugs, water glasses, flower vases, the list goes on and on.

$9 | Buy it here[/threecol_one_last]





Stainless-Steel Straws

Save the planet and skip the plastic. These are a perfect earth-friendly way to sip on your daily green smoothies and any drink, really.

$6 | Buy it here

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Mason Jar Lids

Perfect for storing your pre-made green smoothie in the fridge for a quick grab and go. Easy clean up and super durable, too.

$3 | Buy it here

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Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of our top superfoods.  We use them every day thanks to their amazing health benefits. You can even use these bad boys as an egg replacement when cooking.

$10 | Buy it here[/threecol_one_last]



Coconut Oil

Coconut oil rawks our world! We love using it in our green smoothie recipes to add a nice burst of energy and healthy fats. We also use it for cooking, in Jen’s homemade deodorant, toothpaste and as a lotion.

$18 | Buy it here

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Coconut Flakes

Add a tropical treat to your green smoothies and a burst of natural energy. You can top your green smoothies with coconut flakes or blend them right in.

$9 | Buy it here

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Goji Berries

Another yummy superfood that we like adding to the top of our green smoothies, they’re packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to look and feel younger.

$16 | Buy it here[/threecol_one_last]



Hemp Hearts

A powerhouse of protein and fiber, we love adding this superfood to our green smoothies. It adds a lovely nutty flavor and crunch.

$16 | Buy it here

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Hemp Protein

We like to add this plant-based protein powder to our green smoothies, especially when we’re working out more often or feel like our bodies need that extra kick of protein.

$25 | Buy it here

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Pure Vanilla Extract

You can’t be the taste of pure vanilla extract. It adds that distinct flavor that can’t be subbed with the fake stuff, so always be sure to get the real stuff, not the imitation flavor.

$8 | Buy it here [/threecol_one_last]



Pure Maple Syrup

We love keeping this amazing sweetener in our pantry to add a hint of sweetness to our recipes. But, don’t try to skimp and buy the fake stuff loaded with chemicals. Stick with the real deal.

$9 | Buy it here