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Ready to reclaim your health?

My energy levels have soared. I’ve found foods to fuel my passions. I’ve ran across the Grand Canyon and taken hiking trips I never imagined I could do. I’m more active now than I was a decade ago!


Menopause wreaked havoc on my weight. Having Rawk the Year as a guide helped me lose 37 pounds in 9 months. Green smoothies, meals and snacks… everything I needed to be successful in my quest to regain my optimum weight, be healthy and feel great.


I’m more fit, energetic and I’ve lost weight, too! There’s definitely a difference! I love cooking so trying all these new foods has created a whole new world for me. I’m really enjoying the new flavors.


Rawk the Year provides the accountability and support I need to curb cravings and keep making healthy choices. The recipes are absolutely amazing. I have not been disappointed.


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Cooking classes + support

Virtual classes with Jen Hansard inside our private support group. You’ll learn how to eat to feel amazing, kitchen tips, build custom meal plans + best kitchen tools.

At-Home Fitness Program

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Get stronger and leaner with five weeks of workout plans and guided videos, including full-body strength, core and HIIT cardio.

Make today your fresh start!

In 8 months, I’ve lost 45 lbs and continue to make healthy choices for myself! Rawk the Year gives me accountability and long-term support I need to be get results and maintain them.


I truly enjoy the community, the recipes and the positive energy. Rawk the Year makes it so easy to eat clean and healthy.


I’m convinced that plant-based foods help my mind and body operated on a higher plane! I feel great and the recipes are so tasty. I like how the plans are prepared ahead, allowing me to customize and then give me a grocery list.


Rawk the Year provides the accountability and support I need to curb cravings and keep making healthy choices. The recipes are absolutely amazing. I have not been disappointed.


Jen Hansard, Creator + Cookbook author

Why I created Rawk the Year
Plant-Based Meal Planner

As we get older, our metabolism slows down, making it harder to stay strong, lean and energized. There was a period when my weight started creeping up. Something had to change, so I focused on my diet.

With the help of a friend, I started drinking green smoothies, snacking on carrots with hummus and followed a plant-based diet. I never counted calories, never felt hungry and never dreaded a meal. My body came back to me stronger and more energized than I ever imagined (and it was pretty quick too!).

The more plants I ate, the better I felt and the more things I was able to do.

I woke up feeling energized and excited to work out. I could run farther and faster. I was happier overall and looked forward to doing stuff with the kids, pursuing my own hobbies and planning our next family adventure. Yet that’s just the beginning. A plant-based diet can:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Achieve & maintain a healthy weight
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Prevent or reverse disease

I got my life back through a plant-based diet

Since 2012, I’ve been on a mission to help others eat more plants. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to eat plants 100% of the time to reap the benefits (I don’t even do that— I occasionally eat chicken, cheese and always use half and half in my coffee). You see— just adding one smoothie and one plant-based snack or meal each day can create some serious momentum.

Eating plant-based can take a tremendous amount of time IF you don’t have a system in place. I’ve created a system to save you time, money and sanity.

The Rawk the Year plant-based meal plan system incorporates smoothies, snacks and meals. Enjoy weekly done-for-you plans using seasonal ingredients, wellness challenges and members-only community.

It’s time to get delicious and healthy food on your table without adding stress. Are you ready to be the healthiest version of yourself?

Let’s rawk the year!
– Jen Hansard

Meal Planner FAQ’s

What if I can’t have certain foods?

We understand that many people in our community have varying allergies, eating habits and dietary restrictions. Under your profile, you can state any ingredient sensitivities and weekly meal plans will be adjusted based on that. We’re here to help with common swaps (swapping mangos for peaches, or sun butter for almond butter, etc.), yet we encourage anyone with dietary restrictions to take the meal plans and cleanses to their doctor/nutritionist for guidance in making this work.

How long will I be in the kitchen for each meal?

Cooking whole foods does take longer than a freezer meal, so we are all about the prep ahead tips and tricks, as well as batch cooking when possible. We provide prep guides on how to cook a week’s worth of quinoa, and making grab and blend smoothie packs so that you can prep ahead like a boss, then ease into each meal ahead of the game.

I have a crazy busy schedule, is this realistic for me?

This plan was made for you! There may be some who wish our plans had recipes mapped out for every meal of every day. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you can find those all over the world wide web. But you won’t find them here. Our meal plans are designed for people with an active lifestyle (shuttling kids, working long hours, chasing dreams). That’s why we use the 3-3-3 system (3 meals, 3 snacks, 3 smoothies a week). If you stick with that, you’ve succeeded!
Committing to making a meal in your kitchen three nights a week might sound like a lot, but you can do it. and your body and mind will thank you for it later! Prepping nutrient-dense snacks to take to work (or your kid’s events) can help you when you’re craving a frappuccino or a pastry—they can even work as a small lunch in a pinch! Blending three smoothies a week to drink for breakfast (or a mid-morning snack) will give your body a much-needed energy boost, along with delivering high levels of fiber, protein and vitamins.

How many meals are included in weekly meal plans?

We use the 3-3-3 system (3 meals, 3 snacks, 3 smoothies) as our foundation for you to build upon. You can add snacks, meals and desserts to every single day if you want! Yet the reality for most of us, committing to making a home-cooked meal three nights a week is a huge win. Rawk the Year takes out the planning and guesswork so you can focus on making food that nourishes your mind and body.

Can I eat meat, dairy, cheese on this meal plan?

While our plant-based meal plan and programs are void of meat, dairy, and gluten-free, we encourage you to adjust as you want. You can easily add meat, cheese and eggs to most of the recipes and many rawkstars do that! You’ve got to make this work for you.

What if I don’t like it?

We offer a 7-day free trial so you can test out the recipes and meal plans. If you love it, you’ll be automatically charged on day 8. If you decide Rawk the Year isn’t for you, cancel during the 7-day trial period and you won’t pay a dime.