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Ultimate Plant-Based Meal Plan

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Whole Food Plant-Based Meal Plan

Rawk the Year Meal Planner is packed with addictively delicious recipes (which explains our two #1 best-selling cookbooks with  Random House). Now, you can make tasty whole-food, plant-based meals the whole family will enjoy.

Healthy & Tasty Recipes

No more "what's for dinner?" with our weekly meal plans loaded with delicious smoothies, snacks, meals and dessert recipes. Swap recipes, adjust servings and leave space for takeout with our customizable meal planner to work for your lifestyle.

Customizable Meal Plans

Do you meat + dairy?
So do most of our rawkstars! You can easily adjust the recipes to add grilled chicken on a veggie bowl or cheese to a veggie burrito. Success is eating more plants...however and whenever you can!


Rawk the Year Meal Planner can be accessed on any device. Open your shopping list on your mobile device and check off items as you grocery shop. You can also print recipes and weekly shopping lists with ease.

Personalized Grocery List

Rawk the Year includes access to our 4 seasonal, best-selling cleanses to help you get over a weight loss hump, heal your body and gain more energy. Each season, we host live community cleanses and coach you along the way.

Our plant-based diet cleanse programs cost $175 alone, yet we've included them inside Rawk the Year!

Seasonal Cleanses



Plant-based diet results
There's more!

Menopause hit me hard and I gained 50 lbs over 3 years. I used to say that my favorite things were "Rest & Baked Goods". But, over the past two years I have learned that I love cooking, eating a plant based diet and starting my day with Simple Green Smoothies.

I love how colorful the vegetables and fruits are. Preparing our meals has just become so enjoyable with everything laid out for me weekly. I’ve also learned that spin classes, weight lifting and yoga have become essentials in my daily life.

—Beverly Doucette

Since joining Rawk The Year, my energy levels have soared. I’ve found foods to fuel my passions. I’ve ran across the Grand Canyon and taken hiking trips I never imagined I could do. I’m more active now than I was a decade ago!
I feel like I am growing younger every year.

I’ve learned so much about plant-based foods and tried new amazing flavor combinations. I’ve tried and learned to love veggies I swore I  would never eat again (hello Brussels sprouts!!). 

—Kavli Krukeja

My skin is healthier, I have more energy, I get hangry less, my runs feel stronger and my recovery is much faster. I’ve lost 15 pounds which makes my clothes fit much better. I also crave unhealthy food less. 

Rawk the Year has such great food, and it’s so streamlined you can stay consistent despite a stressful schedule. I have gone back and forth with giving up soda and sweet treats for years and with Rawk the Year I am finally making solid progress.

— Brittany Spencer-Jilek

My main goal in joining was to try to eat more plant based and healthier. I have been able to meet my goal of having 3-4 vegetarian/vegan days per week and still eat meat the other couple of days....amazingly, I don’t miss the meat much!

I have learned to eat more plant based, and I cannot live without my daily smoothie! Also, the community has been amazing with no judgments!

— Melissa Jordan

Kick start your healthy lifestyle

Wanna lose weight and feel younger, yet not sure how to do it in a healthy way?

Do you want to workout, but find yourself too exhausted to actually do it?

Ready to take your health into your own hands and commit to a positive change?

no more DREAMING...
see what it's all about!
Tina Migielicz

I love how a veggie based diet makes me feel. I love the energy and I find the community so friendly and helpful. I look forward to the new meal plans each week.

Rawk the Year has encouraged me to move more towards a plant-based diet. I love the way I feel eating this way. My skin is clearer. I have more energy.

I've found foods to fuel my passions. I’ve ran across the Grand Canyon and taken hiking trips that I’d never imagined I could do. 

"I LOve the meal plans"
"I love the way I FEEL!"
"My energy has soared"
Kerry Sweatman
Kavli Kukreja
fuel your body
( so you can go after your passions )


Monthly Plan : $25
Quarterly Plan: $50 (25% off)
Annual Plan: $150 (50%off)
Customizable healthy meal planning made easy

The Plant-Based Diet Meal Plan

What is a plant-based diet meal plan?

A plant-based diet is a way of eating that is built upon the basic principal that we should embrace plants, such as fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains; and limit the amount of meat, dairy, eggs and nutrient-poor foods (like bleached flour and refined sugar).

The more plants we eat, the better we feel. Which is why green smoothies, hearty salads and veggie-packed tacos get us excited! Yet we also believe in keeping our sanity and listening to our bodies. We're all wonderfully different! Which means, it's okay to enjoy cheese on your pizza, chicken on your veggie bowls, ice cream with Netflix and cream in your coffee. There's nooooo judgement! We get it.

With Rawk the Year, we give you a legit plant-based foundation for you to experience and customize to work best for you. You can add dairy, eggs, meat to any of our recipes, if you want. That's the easy part. We've taken care of the hard part. Creating tasty, plant-based recipes that you'll love each season. And trust me— there are some serious winners inside Rawk the Year.

Jen Hansard

It's provided the accountability and support I needed to curb cravings and keep making healthy choices. Everything I have experienced from SGS has been of the highest quality. Their books are beautiful, their recipes are absolutely amazing, and they have a true passion for helping others live a better life. I have no been disappointed.

- Jennifer Alexander

It's already making my life so much easier! Each week I get the meal plan, check the pantry for what I already have, make my shopping list and I'm good to go. Also the recipes are delicious! You guys have done an amazing job of creating healthy AND tasty meals! My fiance keeps commenting on how good everything is and wants me to keep going. I'm a few weeks in now and creating a habit that I think I can carry on through the rest of the semester.

- Elizabeth May

I did my first Green Smoothie Challenge more than two years ago and have done the Summer, Spring and Winter Thrives and different 7-day resets. I'm a convert! I use the meal plans regularly and mix and match depending on what's available around me (I live outside the US) Love all it entails!

- Lori Lauscher

In spring, the days grow longer and the air warmer. Plants move out of their winter dormancy, begin to sprout and put forth buds and fresh leaves. Apricots, cherries, peas, squash, strawberries, chard and many herbs are plentiful and affordable. 

Rawk The Year includes...
- Fresh Start: A 21-Day Spring Cleanse
- Challenge: Gut Health & Gardening
- Weekly Spring Meal + Smoothie Plans


Rawk the Year is a plant-based meal plan that takes a seasonal approach to food. By paying attention to the four seasons, we can get the highest nutrients, the lowest prices and the best flavors for the recipes we create for you.

Spring Meal Plans

Summer is a great time of year to be in the kitchen or on the grill. Markets and gardens are bursting with gorgeous fruits and vegetables in their prime: sweet corn, juicy ripe tomatoes, jewel-like berries, and of course, watermelon.

Rawk The Year includes...
- Thrive 7-Day Summer Reset
- Challenge: Hydration and Core
- Weekly Summer Meal + Smoothie Plans

Summer Meal Plans

The cooler temperatures bring a whole slew of seasonal goodies to cook with, from crisp apples and juicy pears to hearty greens, sweet root vegetables, and sturdy winter squash.

Rawk The Year includes...
- Fresh Start: A 21-Day Autumn Cleanse
- Challenge: Healthy Routines & Sleep Habits
- Weekly Autumn Meal + Smoothie Plans

Autumn Meal Plans

• Video Q&A with wellness experts to dive deeper and ask any questions

• A quarterly live community cleanse packed with functional nutrition and group accountability

• Exclusive, self-paced wellness guidebooks to deepen your plant-based whole food nutrition knowledge

• Online access to the program so you can better your health from anywhere, on your own time.

• A quarterly live community cleanse packed with functional nutrition and group accountability
• Private Facebook Group to interact and get support from your fellow members
• Exclusive, self-paced wellness guidebooks to deepen your plant-based whole food nutrition knowledge
• Online access to the program so you can better your health from anywhere, on your own time

Plus, Coaching & Support

Winter is a time of slowing down as temperatures grow colder. Most plants are quiescent and many animals sleep a great deal. As we embrace this colder season, we incorporate Brussels sprouts, carrots, apples, potatoes and plenty of warming spices.

Rawk The Year includes...
- Thrive 7-Day Winter Reset
- Challenge: Gratitude & Natural Skincare
- Weekly Winter Meal + Smoothie Plans

Winter Meal Plans

Rawk the Year is a seasonal interval program built on the philosophy that tasty plant-based whole foods are the fuel that'll help us go after our greatest passions.

our best-selling program helps you...

• Fight inflammation
• Lose weight without going hungry
• Decrease risk of diabetes by 78%
• Reduce risk of a heart attack by 32%

• Decrease risk of high blood pressure
• Balance your hormones
• Heal your digestive system 
• Help you live up to 10 years longer

Make food do more for us.
As we age, it's essential we

- Patty Rabago

The reset did everything I wanted it to do and more. It got me back in the kitchen making simple but healthy, delicious meals. The thing I like the most is how good my skin looks – blush is optional.

“The thing I like most is how good my skin looks.”

- Carol Haase

I did the summer reset to get out of my bad-eating funk and to establish new and better habits. It introduced me to great plant-based recipes, great ways to meal plan so that I always have healthy options available, and it gave me a ridiculous amount of energy that I totally wasn’t expecting.

“It gave me a ridiculous amount of energy!”

- @Prarie-Runner

"I have been following your meal plans since April first and as of this morning I have lost 15 pounds! And what's better is I feel amazing and my running is better than ever. It is life changing. 

“I have lost 15 pounds... I feel amazing.”
- Katiana Floyd

I am 14 days in and down 17 pounds, but I have a long way to go! 

“14 days in and down 17 pounds.”
- Kathy Sutterfield

"Total cholesterol down 87 and bad cholesterol down 83! This is my new way of life and will help me avoid meds! Yay plants!!!

"Total cholesterol down 87..."
- Amy Ellis

I have been struggling to keep up with my family and work commitments, and slowly gaining weight. With the summer cleanse, I lost 11.5 pounds in 7 days and continued to lose for the rest of the month too. I have hope again!

“I lost 11.5 pounds in 7 days!”
- Kathy Sutterfield

Total cholesterol down 87 and bad cholesterol down 83! This is my new way of life and will help me avoid meds! Yay plants!!!

"Total cholesterol down 87..."
- @Prarie-Runner

I have been following your plan and as of this morning I have lost 15 pounds! I feel amazing and my running is better than ever.

“I have lost 15 pounds..."

Embrace local, seasonal fruits and vegetables that provide the antioxidants your body needs to fight oxidized stress and free radicals.

Incorporate more low glycemic carbohydrates with enzymes and minerals to help you age slower, lose weight and naturally detoxify.

Eliminate toxins safely to prevent inflammation, which is linked to autoimmune disease, joint pain and hormonal disruption. 

Learn how to meal prep plant-based whole food meals so you can save time shopping and cooking each week, and eat well no matter where you are.

Food can heal from the inside out


You can rest easy with the added security of our 14-Day Free Trial to access the meal planner and support group. If you're thrilled with your experience, you can upgrade to a paid account and unlock access to our seasonal cleanses, wellness challenges + plant-powered resources.

14-Day Free Trial
Jen Hansard

Peace, love & leafy greens,

Fueling your body with foods that energize & nourish allows you to go after passions.

As we age, our metabolism slows down and it's harder to keep our bodies lean and energized. There was a period when I could barely get out of bed in the morning because I was so tired. The weight piled on and I remember people saying "You just need to work out." Well, I had noooo energy to work out & decided there had to be another way.

So I started on my own wellness journey...

With the help of a friend, I started drinking green smoothies and did my first seasonal plant-based reset. My body came back to me stronger & more energized than I ever imagined— it was insane how quickly and easily it was. I never counted calories, I never felt hungry and I never dreaded a meal.

The more plants I ate, the more I loved how I felt and what I was able to do. 

I've used food as my fuel to live an awesome life. Since 2012, I've been on a mission to help others find this freedom through a plant-based whole foods diet. Now, that doesn't mean you have to eat this way 100% of the time. I still have my days when Taco Bell or ice cream cones are calling my name– and I don't mind enjoying them. Moderation is key!

The heart of Rawk the Year is: Eat More Plants. However, whenever you can.

Studies continue to show how impactful this simple change can be on your body, mindset and longevity. We cannot afford to NOT try to embrace this lifestyle.

For this program, I've combined my plant-based passion with the reality of parenthood. We have flexible weekly meal plans, seasonal cleanses and mini challenges to push you farther. That's how Rawk the Year began AND why it's been so successful for myself and hundreds of other rawkstars.

"It keeps me motivated to eat well so I can feel my best."

Why This Meal Planner Works

Rawk the Year is here to help you embrace a plant-based seasonal plan that gets you the life that you want. It starts with food but it goes waaaay beyond that. I can't wait for you to join the wellness adventure and live your life to the fullest.

- Best selling author of two recipe books
- Nationally recognized wellness expert 
- Mom of two, pastor's wife, lover of sleep
- Ultra runner ( 100km & Grand Canyon R3 )

The recipes are so yummy! The layer of flavors go so well together you just want to eat more! It's like fine dining... but healthy & way cheaper. 

- Sarah Rau

The recipes for both smoothies and Rawk The Year have been great to sneak healthy, plant-based meals that my entire family enjoys.

- Sarah Dawson

It's always been a challenge for me to find the right balance between healthy and fast— until I found Rawk the Year!

- Leah Drapkin

Of course! You gotta make this work for you. While our plant-based meal plan and cleanses are meat, dairy, and gluten free, we encourage you to adjust as you want. You can easily add meat, cheese and eggs to most of the recipes...and many rawkstars do that!

As many as you want! Our meal plans are designed for people with an active lifestyle (shuttling kids, working long hours, chasing dreams). That's why we use the 3-3-3 system (3 meals, 3 snacks, 3 smoothies) as our foundation for you to build upon. You can meal plan every snack, meal and dessert every single day if you want! Yet the reality for most of us is that even committing to making a meal in your kitchen three nights a week might sound like a lot, but you can do it... and your body + mind will thank you for it later!

We understand that many people in our community have varying allergies, eating habits, and dietary restrictions. Under your profile, you can state any allergies and recipes will be filtered out based on that. We're here to help with common swaps (swapping mangos for peaches, or sun butter for almond butter, etc.), yet we encourage anyone with dietary restrictions to take the meal plans and cleanses to their doctor/nutritionist of guidance in making this work.

Cooking whole foods does take longer than a freezer meal, so we are all about the prep ahead tips + tricks, as well as batch cooking when possible. We provide prep guides on how to cook a weeks' worth of quinoa, and making grab and blend smoothie packs so that you can prep ahead like a boss, then ease into each meal ahead of the game. 

There are three main things that come with Rawk the Year: Plant-Based Diet Meal Plan

Weekly meal plans: These plans are curated from our absolute BEST recipes from our website, published books, cleanses, and other products. You'll also receive brand-new recipes that have not appeared in anywhere else. Each weekly plan includes: 3 smoothie recipes, 3 snack recipes, and 3 meal recipes. It also includes a shopping list, meal plan, and images of each recipe (so you can know what you're aiming to make)! You can easily swap out recipes and create a 7-day meal plan if that's what you desire too. This meal planner is here to help you and work with your lifestyle!

Seasonal cleanse: You'll have access to our seasonal cleanses to increase results and reset your diet as needed. Our cleanse kits come with meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, prep guides... everything you need to rawk it! Plus, each season we host a live reset to do as a community and coach you through each day.

Accountability: You get access to a private online group that's helpful for accountability, encouragement, and sharing ideas. You'll also get opportunities to Q+A with our team, along with email reminders to keep you moving forward with your goals.

Let me start by saying this: we aren't against eating meat. We sometimes enjoy it ourselves. However, these recipes are here to help you add in the one thing that will make you look and feel better: plants. So we use lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. If you'd like to add some dairy to a meal (e.g. cheese), then go for it! If you're planning on cooking these recipes with your meat-eating spouse, then simply add some!

My hope is that our plant-based meal plan + cleanses will be something you can ACHIEVE every single week... and that you'll feel better and look better as a result. So, our plans are created with a plant-based mindset, but feel free to adjust to your lifestyle.

After your 14-day free trial, the monthly cost is $25. Once you fall in love with it, you can save up to 50% by doing our annual membership option which lowers it to 12.50 a month. There are no contracts or extra fees, so you can cancel at any time and not be charged again.

Absolutely not! That's the beauty of Rawk the Year. Each season kicks off with our best-selling seasonal cleanse... and they're INCLUDED with your membership. Want to learn more about these cleanses? Check them out in our online shop where you can read reviews from those who've gone through them.

Yes! These plans will most likely introduce some new flavors and ingredients to your kiddos, yet the recipes are so delicious that I bet they'll learn to love them quickly! You can adjust serving sizes, read other rawkstars reviews and choose the recipes you want to make.

We kick off every season of Rawk the Year with a cleanse/reset program. Yet you don't HAVE to go through the complete program. You have the choice of doing our Fresh Start Cleanses (spring + autumn) and Thrive Resets (summer + winter), OR you can choose to do our normal meal plans during these weeks (3 meals, 3 snacks, 3 smoothies). Our promise is to deliver 52 meal plans throughout the entire year, and we won't stop during LIVE cleanse + reset periods.

We want this to be as achievable as possible for you. So, we've picked simple recipes that taste amazing for our meal plans. You don't have to worry about hours of prepping and spending your evenings in the kitchen. We also try our best to make our shopping lists affordable by selecting recipes with similar ingredients each week.

Some of our recipes in our published books and other products can have a few extra steps. That's how plant-based eating can occasionally be. However, the recipes in this meal plan have been simplified without sacrificing their delicious-ness. We include shortcuts to save prep + cooking time, because we want this to become a lifestyle that you enjoy! Plus, who wants to do extra dishes?

Don't worry, I (Jen) am not a great cook either... by the time I finished college I knew how to make a whopping three-whole recipes (bean burritos, pancakes, and quesadillas). That's why we made sure that our recipes are very clear + concise. We include hacks and prep tips in each meal plan to make your time in the kitchen go down instead of up. If you're looking to make 5-minute meals every night of the week, then this program may not be for you.

If you're trying to find ways to include more nutritious foods that will fuel your active life, then you can definitely do our plans! And don't worry, we don't expect you to make a home-cooked, gourmet feast every night of the week. We've left space in the plans for you to order out, use leftovers, or even heat up a box of macaroni if you get too busy :-)

This plan was made for YOU! There may be some who wish our plans had recipes mapped out for every meal of every day. If that's what you're looking for, then you can find those all over the world wide web... but you won't find them here. Our meal plans are designed for people with an active lifestyle (shuttling kids, working long hours, chasing dreams). That's why we use the 3-3-3 system (3 meals, 3 snacks, 3 smoothies a week). If you stick with that, you've succeeded!  

Committing to making a meal in your kitchen three nights a week might sound like a lot, but you can do it... and your body + mind will thank you for it later! Prepping nutrient-dense snacks to take to work (or your kids events) can help you when you're craving a frappuccino or a pastry—they can even work as a small lunch in a pinch! Blending three smoothies a week to drink for breakfast (or mid-morning snack) will give your body a much-needed energy boost, along with delivering high levels of fiber, protein, and vitamins.

Concerns about Plant-Based Diet Meal Plan

I have been rather lazy about what I choose to feed myself and decided I needed to change this do to not feeling great, lack of energy and weight gain. Just by adding green smoothies I have lost at least 5 lbs over a few months and has really jump started me on my way healthier eating and lifestyle plus gotten my kids on board with better starting smoothies!!

- Laura Allison

I love plant based nutrition but it can get boring after a while and you can only search for recipes for so long without getting repeats! The recipes are SO YUMMY and honestly never thought plant based eating could be so delicious.

- Allison Bellemore

I've been participating in various cleanses and challenges with SGS for a few years now and there's nothing that makes me and my body feel better! I always look forward to the new recipes and ideas that SGS has to share and am excited to see what they'll put together each week.

 -Chelsea Younk

I lost some weight and because I did the 21 day refresh the weight has stayed off. My appetite has change a lot. It takes less food to full me up. All the green smoothies are delicious. I can not hardly believe that a plant based drink could be this good.

 -Lethia Tobias

Once the rawkstar menu's came out, I was hooked. I've been trying to go vegan for a while and with the weekly menu's I was able to accomplish that. I used to get skin rashes, migraines, clearing throat from extra flem, over weight (still working on this as I was very over weight), and mood swings. Now with the help of the weekly menu's, great Facebook and blog support by everyone involved, acupuncture, and meditation, my life has turned around. I am so grateful I bought that first book and was introduced to this wonderful team.

- Melissa Shirts

Weekly plant-based meal plans, wellness challenges, seasonal cleanses & accountability will rawk your world.

Try our plant-based meal plan

Oh, kale yeah!

Consumer Testimonials: as with any nutritional program, your results from Rawk the Year may vary from the success stories shared above. Lifestyle, body weight, mindset, fitness levels and more all influence results, so we cannot guarantee your success or results will be the same.


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