Stay Healthy at Home with These Amazing Deals

How do we truly stay healthy in the midst of chaos, shortages, uncertainty, and loneliness?

Last week my gym closed down. Yesterday the state park closed the trails. My grocery store is spotty when it comes to food. My healthy routine has definitely been altered with COVID-19. Yet that just means we pivot and find new ways to stay healthy and sane while stuck at home.

Here are 3 things I’m doing to prioritize my health + sanity:

  1. Online workout videos (never thought I’d like this, but when my friend Jo is leading the workout it’s hard not to feel like I’ve working out with her).
  2. Getting weekly produce boxes and cooking based on that.
  3. Allowing my kids to watch 2 hours of PBS and National Geographic documentaries to pass the time while I work.

Top Deals I’m excited about

I’ve compiled the top deals we’ve found when it comes to fitness, food, and keeping our sanity with our kid’s online school. Hope they can help you through this “new season”.

Staying Healthy through Fitness

I know that staying grounded and healthy sets me up for success, so I’m not gonna change that mindset now. I focus on the things I can control, and choose not to worry about the rest.

Here are some great workout resources to stay physically healthy while I can’t go to the gym.

Best deals I’ve found for at-home workouts:

  • Peloton App: free 90-day trial (Rawkstar Team member Amanda loves her Peloton and even uses it while working!)
  • AAptiv: free 30 day trial, and free at-home workouts through their podcast
  • All/Out Studio: 40% off monthly and annual app fees. App has well-rounded workouts for all activity levels
  • The Daily Burn: free 60-day trial for at-home workouts

Staying Healthy through Food

Obviously my family still needs to eat, and our garden is pretty weak right now, so I am turning to my favorite online food sources to stay healthy, while also searching for some new, fresh ideas.

Green smoothies are best made with a mix of fresh and frozen ingredients, so we are using our best tips for freezing fresh ingredients, and prepping smoothies ahead when we get produce, to help it last longer.

Produce Boxes

  • Misfits Produce: Organic produce box w/ some customization available. I tried this box, and was about 80% happy it. Sometimes more fragile produce (tomatoes) arrived broken.
    Get 25% your first order with promo: COOKWME-ZY9IYP
  • Imperfect Produce: Produce box that lets you choose between organic or conventional produce, with customization available. Rawkstar Team member Kim loves this fresh box to help her family stay healthy!
  • Farmbox Direct: Produce box that lets you choose between organic and conventional produce, with some customization available.
    Free delivery in the US
  • Local CSAs (community supported agriculture): I love getting $10 produce boxes from Beasley Farms, just up the road from my house.

Many of these companies are doing good in the world through rescuing produce that might otherwise be thrown away. I also love trying new fruits and veggies, so opening a box is like Christmas morning!

Online Grocery Store: Thrive Market

Living in a small town, I don’t have easy access to many healthy grocery options. I turn to the best online resource I know, Thrive Market. Think of it as an “online Whole Foods, but at Trader Joe’s prices”. These are some of the items I regularly get on Thrive Market (and they’re always 20-40% cheaper than I can find locally):

Plus, Thrive Market offers a free trial, so you can try an order without the commitment of a subscription. I am sure there is are delays on shipping, as online shopping is experiencing such a jump, yet Thrive is working to keep all the essentials stocked (especially cleaning supplies and paper good).

Online Meal Delivery Services

With the kids and Ryan afoot 24/7, working from home, homeschooling, and mounting house chores keeping me busy, sometimes I just can’t add another thing to my plate. There are some awesome, healthy meal delivery services out there that can help me out. There are even plant-based options available! Some of my favorites are:

  • One Potato Meal delivery kits: 20% off first order. This company was started by my friend Catherine, from Weelicious. She makes sure each meal has components that kids can help prepare.
  • Purple Carrot 100% Plant-based Meal Delivery kits (can’t find a deal, but their recipes look delicious and are delivered right to you!)
  • Hungry Root: Meal delivery kits; 30% off first order of $99+.
  • Green Chef: USDA Certified Organic meal delivery service; $80 off first order.

Staying Healthy with Online School

As much as I love the idea of being an unplugged family, the reality is we all need some wifi. Since the kids are home and the parents still have to work, I am so thankful for computers and wifi to help educate my kids while I blog like this.

Having my kids home + still doing school has produced mixed results. I want our minds to stay healthy while home as well. In an attempt to keep learning fresh and fun for all of us, I’ve found some great online resources that are grounded in goodness:

  • Scholastic Magazines: Free Scholastic teaching remotely resources broken down by grade.
  • All Kids Network: free worksheets + craft ideas
  • Ranger Rick: Free subscription for learning about wildlife and nature
  • Cincinnati Zoo: Posting a new Facebook LIVE each day at 3pm showcasing the animals. Check out social media accounts for your local zoo too!
  • Josh Gad reading children’s stories on via Twitter
  • Disney Free Interactive Lessons: Offered through Khan Academy, these are interactive lessons by artists, designers, and and engineers who create theme parks.
  • Adventure Academy: 50% off a subscription for interactive, digital learning through games and videos.
  • Out School: Offering free courses for kids while home; offers a wide variety of teaching course for everything from languages to life skills
  • 161 FREE PBS Science Documentaries: Not a bad way to keep your kids entertained while you’re trying to get some work done.

Extra ways to stay healthy and save money

I have a feeling we are all cooking a little more these days, as well as looking at ourselves in the mirror more often. Sometimes ‘healthy’ looks like good skincare or new superfoods. So here are a few more deals I’ve found to help keep the days fun and the food prep easy:

  • Ulta is doing 21 Days of Beauty right now, incase anyone needs to stock up on beauty products. Clare is getting into skincare, so I may grab a few fun masks and some nail polish so we can do a spa day soon
  • Nativas Organics has 40% off their whole site, to help us stock up on smoothie boosters
  • Vitamix: $199 USD Explorian Next Gen Blender for a limited time; US Sale, and Canada Sale. Make sure to click on the SHOP NOW button under the Friends and Family sale then use code SAVENOW to get this deal.

I hope you’ve found at least a few gems from our list that you’re gonna use. If you have any others, share with us below so I can update the blog post with your finds too. And of course: stay healthy this season!

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  1. sarah henisa says:

    Thank you! I think after this is all over, people will use more online food delivery. Stay Healthy!!s

  2. K says:

    Thanks for the info. This is another site we are loving in our house. Kids can watch live as they go around the world with explorers, scientists etc. and ask questions in the chat as they watch. They can also watch past sessions that were recorded.

  3. Jen C. says:

    Thank you so much.

  4. maryse says:

    Great Ideas.
    Thank you! 🙂

  5. Estela Márquez-Alarcón says:

    Thank you SO much for this information. It really helps!!!

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