Soup Challenge

Join the Soup Challenge!

Nothing screams Autumn quite like soup. It’s the ultimate comfort food, and can be quite nourishing, too. My goal with the soup challenge is to get you to fall in love with all kinds of soup, just like I have.

For 10 days, you’ll make a variety of recipes that use tons of vegetables to support your overall health goals.

Vitamix and Rawk the Year are this year’s challenge sponsors, which means they’re cheering you on and giving away some awesome prizes, too. Woohoo!

Once you sign up, we’ll send you the challenge schedule, grocery list, and all the recipes, too. Let’s do this!


10 Tasty & Healthy Soup Recipes

Excellent recipe and easy to make. Very filling and satisfying. Who knew I could make curry? Thank you!

Elizabeth Agase

blended vegetable soup recipe

I had never heard of this soup and was a little skeptical making it (I’m not a huge fan of parsley and boiled string beans) but made the recipe as is. It was delicious!!! Another recipe to stay in this household!

Kavli Kukreja

overhead photo of red lentil soup topped with avocado

This is a hearty soup – very filling! The flavors are savory and fit the fall season nicely. I really like adding the avocado on top.

Dan M.

Vegetarian Ramen recipe

O-M-G can anyone say AMAZING. This is a must try soup. I really thought I was at a Asian restaurant!


Vegetarian split pea soup recipe

This recipe was delicious! I served it with some crusted bread, and it was fabulous.

Erin Mottayaw


Comfort soup all the way here! I made it when I started feeling sick, and it was so delicious. Now, I just wanna make it all the time.

Diane Groman