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Enter an ingredient and use filters to find the perfect recipe for you.

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The best of the best green smoothie tips and resources to help you become a rawkstar.

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Tap the heart icon to save it to your favorites list, and keep blendin’ them over and over.

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Add recipes to the shopping cart, and use the shopping list to buy what you need.

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Enter ingredients that you already have, and find a recipe you can make without hitting the store.

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It’s like the Tinder of green smoothies. Swipe left to swap one ingredient for another.

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Add ons to take you to a whole ‘nother level—like green smoothie challenges!


Six categories for any situation: energizing, lil’ rawkstar, glowing, workout, healing, and dessert.

150+ SMOOTHIE Recipes

A mouth-watering photo for each recipe to get you inspired to blend.

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The app is gorgeous and easy to use. I love that they give you options to swap out ingredients if you don’t like something. The Random Recipe is fun...just give your smartphone a little shake to see what you get (reminds me of the magic 8 ball). This app makes blending easy and fun. The recipes are delicious! You won’t be disappointed with this app. I highly recommend it...Cheers!

“Wow...Best Smoothie App!!”

Simple Green Smoothies has literally changed my life and set me on a course for health that I never knew was possible. This app is absolutely so convenient & informative! SGS continues to impress me with everything they do. Can't wait to shop and have this app ready to go at the grocery & fruit stand! THANK YOU!!!

“Rawesome app!”

Before I had this app I got bored making the same smoothie every morning. With this app you can pick the kind of smoothie you are in the mood for the day and you have the list of ingredients! I have a different smoothie every single day!


I love the quick access to smoothie recipes - I can quickly check a recipe while grocery shopping to make sure I get what I need. And if I miss something, there's great lists of ingredient substitutions. I'm looking forward to doing smoothie challenges through the app and increasing the greens in my diet!!

“Great for going green!”

I didn't know I could love Simple Green Smoothies even more until this app! Now I have even more recipes on hand, and my favorite part is that you can swipe for interchangeable ingredients #gamechanger I'll definitely be sharing this with all my friends.

“Long Time Fan!”

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