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I LOOOOVE helping friends blender shop… and I’m excited to help you right now! This is where you can take your favorite smoothie recipe from chunky to smooth and creamy. There are TONS of options out there, yet only the best blenders for smoothies are listed here.

But before we dive in,  I have a little secret to share with you: Any blender will work for making green smoothies. Start with what you have!

I started with a basic blender (that was collecting dust in my cupboard) and it got the job done. My family made our first 100+ green smoothies with this blender. Eventually it died… I literally burnt the blender (sparks, smoke and all) and I knew it was time to up our game. Since then, I’ve gone through and tested TONS of blenders and wanted to share my favorites with you below. When you’re ready to upgrade, I’ve shared my top blenders for smoothies below.

peace, love & leafy greens,
Jen Hansard

blenders for smoothies shopping tips | Simple Green Smoothies

Lesson #1: You don’t need an expensive blender to make a green smoothie.

Any blender will blend up spinach and fruit… yet the results won’t all be the same. If you’re looking for affordable blenders for smoothies, I recommend the ones I’ve highlighted below that I’ve tested and stand out from the rest. I also suggest blending your leafy greens and liquid first. Then add in the fruit and blend again. This will help you get a creamy, dreamy green smoothie every time at a fraction of the cost.


Lesson #2: You do get what you pay for with smoothie blenders

Typically the more horsepower, the creamier the smoothie. Yet when you step into higher horsepower models, the price goes waaaaaay up. Yet just like my dad always says… you also get what you pay for. These high powered blenders make green smoothies in half the time, are easier to clean, quieter, and make a creamy smoothie in one simple step. Typically, the higher end blenders come with rawesome warranties and truly make the whole blending experience a joy.


Lesson #3: You can score some great deals on nice blenders for smoothies!

Once my $25 blender died, I went online and saved hundreds of dollars on my first Vitamix because I bought a refurbished model right through their website. I’ve never regretted that decision— it’s been a true work horse and my top smoothie blender. Here’s the two companies + special links to their special offers:



Lesson #4: The smoothie blender has to work for you and your lifestyle right now

My first year of green smoothie blending, I rawked out with the standard blender that I had.

This blender did what I needed it too— and for a really good price! Finding an affordable blender for smoothies that works great and has a long life is possible! And this list is just a sampling of them. The best advice I can give when choosing a blender is to find one that lines up with your lifestyle and budget. Figure out how many people you are making smoothies for, how much power you are looking for, and how much money you can spend. So, which will it be?


High speed blenders for smoothies | Simple Green Smoothies

Vitamix 300 Series :: $440

This commercial grade blender is a workhorse and my go-to for smoothies! I know there are newer Vitamix models out there (and I’ve used them) yet this is still my favorite. I also prefer the refurbished model since you can save over $150 on it. Either way you go, this blender is packed with power to turn nuts into creamy butters, liquify leafy greens for smoothies, and create silky soups.

PROS: 7-year warranty, long-lasting, built solid, simple controls, adjustable power levels

CONS: Expensive, jar isn’t dishwasher safe, jar can leave crack lines when blending hot liquids + oil



Kitchenaid ProLine Series :: $435

This high-performing blender is super stable, simple to use, and blends creamy green smoothies in a matter of seconds. Did I mention how stinkin’ cute it is? It’ def gets the most style points in my book!

PROS: 3.5 Peak HP Motor, strong and stable base, container is super easy to clean, 10-year warranty.

CONS: This is one of the loudest blenders out there (like a jet engine), but that’s because it’s so powerful.


Blendtec Designer 725 :: $549

Blendtec’s reconditioned blenders are great for saving $$$. The revolutionary powerful blunt, cold-forged steel blade spins at speeds over 300 mph. Wowza! The unique 5-sided jar uses inertia to draw food back down to the spinning blade. This model is practically a hands-free blending experience.

PROS: 8-year warranty, safe blade, wide jar, pre-programmed, jar is dishwasher safe

CONS: Expensive, big, the base is a little unstable when it blends frozen ingredients



Standard speed blenders for smoothies | Simple Green Smoothies

Oster Counterforms :: $65

Pre-Programmed Smart Settings make this affordable blender a gem. The reverse action of the super sharp 6-point blade spins one way, then reverses during the blend cycle for ultrasmooth blends almost on par with higher end blenders.

PROS: Affordable, 7 speeds, glass jar, dishwasher safe, 1000 power watts/ 600 blending watts, all metal drive.

CONS: Loud, not as versatile as high-speed blenders.




Nutribullet Pro : $75

This lightweight, single-serving blender boasts a 900W motor and uses cyclonic action to puree even the toughest seeds, nuts, stems, and stalks. Its compact size means it doesn’t take up valuable counter real estate, but also means it’s easy to travel with. This is a great little blender if you’re rawkin’ it solo or on the road a lot and want to keep on blending.

PROS: Easy to use and clean, compact size, made with BPA-free plastic, cup and lids are dishwasher safe.

CONS: May leak if overfilled, 1-year full warranty, no speed choices (only on or off), can’t use for hot liquids.

RAWKSTAR TIP: Avoid blending super tough ingredients. Consumer Reports states the blade may break off. Also, avoid blending hot liquids as blender can explode. (no joke)


Ninja Pro Blender : $90

This affordable blender has 1000 watts of professional power. Its technology crushes ice and frozen fruit in seconds, and does make the creamiest smoothie for under $100. The 72 oz. jar is perfect for making creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies for the entire family.

PROS: BPA and dishwasher safe. Affordable for the amount of horsepower.

CONS: Clunky mechanisms, the blade is super sharp (I cut myself first time cleaning it)




Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender :: $15

For literally $15… you can have a travel-size blender to bring on trips or keep in the college dorm. This blender doesn’t have the horsepower of the others, making it tough to blend up leafy greens into a creamy smoothie. Yet for convenience and price— it can’t be beat.

PROS: Compact, super affordable, cute colors.

CONS: Low horsepower, only single serving container



Share your thoughts…

After learning about all these blenders for smoothies, I’d love to know what you are using, how it works and also what blender you’d love to get next. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below as well!


Shai 10.7.2018 - 2:18 am

Thanks for the artical!

I’m intrested to know what you have to say about the vacuum blenders theory, and the reducing of oxidation.
Is this relly significant?

Thanks, Shai

Amy 8.10.2018 - 6:20 pm

I use my Veggie Bullet with a smoothie attachment that is no longer available. I can meal prep and make basic smoothies while saving counter space.

SGS Rawkstar Amanda 8.13.2018 - 11:59 am

Hey Amy,

There is nothing better than saving counter space in my book!!

Sheila Henne 7.9.2018 - 10:42 pm

I just bought a Cleanblend blender. It is a commercial grade Vitamix 5200 knockoff for less than half the price of a Vitamix 5200. Currently $200 on Amazon. Cleanblend backs up their blender with a 5 year warranty, and has a real company with real customer service that people are ravng about. So far am very happy with it. The blender jar design is such that it even works well for 1 person’s worth of smoothie. Yes, it’s tall but easy to store top and bottom separately under the counter. Lightweight but good quality.

SGS Rawkstar Amanda 8.13.2018 - 11:58 am

Hey Sheila,

That is so awesome, thank you for sharing! I am so happy that you are enjoying your blender and all the delicious smoothies you can make with it 🙂

andrew hartness 7.1.2018 - 2:39 am

I prefer Blender/Smoothie Maker to make fruits Drink, it’s very good for making smoothie/juice.! here I saw some very good product, people like the best product, your article is very useful to select best one from many more group.!
Thank you for your blog

SGS Rawkstar Amanda 7.9.2018 - 9:43 pm

Thanks for blendin’ with us, Andrew!

Judith Hartman 6.22.2018 - 4:22 pm

I have a Vitamix and thinking I should dig it out and use it. Right now I’ve been blending with Ninja and working good. I want to get gutsy and do a double batch and see how it tastes after sitting for a few hours (sealed tight and in the fridge). I was reading about freezing and wondered if a food sealer would be a good investment to make sure all the air is out – any thoughts?

SGS Rawkstar Amanda 7.9.2018 - 9:42 pm

Hi Judith,

Hmmm…I’ve never tried a food sealer, but it may be worth a try! We’ve had many community members freeze their pre-blended smoothies, but personally I always like how a smoothie tastes when blended at that time or within a day or two – rather than freezing it.

Ton 6.15.2018 - 5:22 am

I struggle with getting my smoothies Slush-like. Trying to duplicate the consistency similar to the “Chain-Smootie” places. Which will blend frozen fruit better?

SGS Rawkstar Amanda 7.9.2018 - 9:40 pm

Hi Ton,

Those smoothie chains are definitely using high-powered smoothies, that blend everything perfectly. If you’re looking for a similar consistency I’d reach for a Vitamix or Blendtec. Those two brands are usually what you’ll find in commercial use.

Lisa 6.10.2018 - 11:58 pm

Not sure why the short wide pitcher is the trend in the high performance blenders. I’ve been a vitamix loyal fan for years and just got a new one. The short wide pitcher splatters out when you open to add ice cubes or other ingredients. With the tall narrow pitcher of prior model, I could get it started blending and then easily open to add ingredients with out risking splatter everywhere.

Jen | Simple Green Smoothies 6.13.2018 - 6:18 pm

Hey Lisa— The wide pitcher is shorter and fits under countertops easier. It also blends better too. I use to have the tall Vitamix pitcher and I will not go back now that I’ve had the shorter ones!


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