When it comes to finding the best blender for a smoothie, the options can be overwhelming. Yet this is your chance to take your favorite smoothie recipe from chunky to creamy in seconds. There are TONS of blenders out there, yet only the best blenders for smoothies are listed here.

Before we dive in, I have a little secret to share with you:
Any blender will work for making green smoothies.

Start with what you have. I started with a $50 blender (that was collecting dust in my cupboard) and it got the job done. My family made our first 100+ green smoothies with this blender. Eventually I burnt the motor out (sparks, smoke and all) and I knew it was time to up our game. Since then, I’ve bought & tested TONS of blenders and am sharing only the best blenders for smoothies below.

Best Blenders for Smoothies

Typically the more horsepower, the creamier the smoothie. Yet when you step into higher horsepower models, the price goes waaaaaay up. My dad always says… you get what you pay for (and its true with blenders!).

These high powered blenders make green smoothies in half the time, are easier to clean, quieter, and make a creamy smoothie in one simple step. The higher-end blenders usually include a rawesome warranty and truly make the whole blending experience a breeze.

You do get what you pay for with smoothie blenders

Lesson #2

Blendtec deals

Once my $25 blender died, I bought a refurbished Vitamix and saved $250 just like that. I’ve never regretted that decision— it’s been a true work horse and my top smoothie blender 'til this day.

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Lesson #3

Finding an affordable blender for smoothies that works great is possible! And this list is just a sampling of them. The best advice I can give when choosing a blender is to find one that lines up with your lifestyle and budget.

My first year of green smoothie blending, I rawked out with the standard blender that I had (it was all I could afford and it worked fine!).

The blender you buy has to work for you and your lifestyle right now

Lesson #4


What is the best blender of 2021?
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We've spent years trying out all the blenders and below are our top picks based on their versatility, design and efficiency for blending a smoothie. 

This commercial-grade blender is a serious workhorse when it comes to turning nuts into butter, leafy greens into smoothies, and carrots into silky soups. Sure, there are newer Vitamix's (I’ve used them!) yet this is the model I keep coming back to.

PROS: 7-year warranty, long-lasting, built solid, simple controls, adjustable power levels

CONS: Expensive, jar isn’t dishwasher safe


Vitamix Pro 7500 Series


This high-performing blender is super stable, simple to use, and blends creamy green smoothies in a matter of seconds. Did I mention how stinkin’ cute it is? It’ def gets the most style points in my book!

PROS: 3.5 Peak HP Motor, strong and stable base, container is super easy to clean, 10-year warranty.

CONS: This is one of the loudest blenders out there (like a jet engine), but that’s because it’s so powerful.


Kitchenaid ProLine Series


The revolutionary powerful blunt, cold-forged steel blade spins at speeds over 300 mph. Wowza! The unique 5-sided jar uses inertia to draw food back down to the spinning blade.

PROS: 8-year warranty, safe/dull blade, wide jar, pre-programmed, jar is dishwasher safe

CONS: Expensive, big, the base is a little unstable when it blends frozen ingredients. No matter how well I blend, there's almost always a chunk in my smoothie!


Blendtec Designer 725


Commercial grade blender designed for the home kitchen. With the most powerful motor, personal blender attachment and noise suppression technology, the Super Q delivers an advanced texture optimization for smoother & softer textures.

PROS: quiet + quick blending, retractable power cord, 1800-watt motor, personal blender attachment, 10-year warranty, easy to clean, sleek design

CONS: Expensive


Breville Super Q


Best blenders for smoothies under $89

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The high speed, pre-programmed smart settings make this blender a steal for the price. The super sharp 6-point blade creates ultra-smooth blends... almost on par with high-powered more expensive blenders.

PROS: Affordable, glass jar, personal blending container, dishwasher safe, 1200 power watts/ 900 blending watts, all-metal drive

CONS: Loud, can move on counter when blending


Oster Pro 1200

This lightweight, single-serving blender boasts a 900W motor and can puree seeds, nuts, stems, and stalks. This is a great little blender if you’re rawkin’ it solo or on the road a lot and want to keep on blending.

PROS: Easy to use and clean, compact size, made with BPA-free plastic, dishwasher safe

CONS: Can leak if lid is loose, no speed choices (only on or off), can’t use with hot liquids


Nutribullet Pro


This blender has 1000 watts of professional power to crush ice and frozen fruit in seconds. The 72 oz. jar is helpful when making smoothies for the entire family.

PROS: BPA and dishwasher safe. Affordable for the amount of horsepower.

CONS: Clunky mechanisms, the blade is super sharp (I cut myself first time cleaning it)


Ninja Pro Blender



This is a great travel-size blender to bring on trips or keep in the college dorm. It's also a great choice if you're blending solo with the single serving containers. For a compact blender— it can’t be beat with.

PROS: Compact, affordable, powerful with 900 watts

CONS: Can't blend hot liquids, small container



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