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When it comes to finding the best blenders for smoothies, the options can be overwhelming. This guide will help you upgrade your green smoothie, fruit smoothies and smoothie bowls from chunky to creamy in seconds.

Ten years ago, I started blending green smoothies with a basic margarita blender I got as a wedding gift. I made over 100 smoothies with that blender, yet eventually, I burnt the motor out (sparks, smoke and all). Since then, I’ve bought, received and tested at least 50 different blenders for smoothies. Discover which blenders made the top 10 when it comes to making incredible smoothies.

Jen's family in kitchen blending a smoothie with a Kitchenaid blender.
Table of Contents
  1. Top-Rated Blenders for Smoothies
  2. Vitamix Blender Sale Guide for 2023
  3. Budget Blenders for Smoothies
  4. Best Reconditioned Blenders for Smoothies
  5. Blender Shopping 101

Top-Rated Blenders for Smoothies

I’ve spent years trying out all the blenders and below are my top picks based on their versatility, design and efficiency for blending a smoothie. The price on these few blenders might be a shocker. I know it was for me when I was blender shopping. Yet when you consider warranty, quality and longevity, they are all definitely worth it.

best blenders for smoothies is the vitamix ascent a3500.

Vitamix Ascent A3500

The blender for healthy families

This blender is packed with 1380 watts of power and has the perfect 64-oz low profile container to fit nicely on my countertop.

Pros: Blends the best, 1-push blending, 7-year warranty, great attachments

Cons: Loud when blending (watch demo)

Vitamix pro blender on dark kitchen counter with green smoothie in a glass.

Vitamix Pro 750

The Vitamix classic

If you like to be in control of your smoothie blending experience and not into fancy bells and whistles, this blender is for you.

Pros: Strong 1656-watt motor with simple-to-use controls + 7-year warranty

Cons: Isn’t compatible with Vitamix’s awesome accessories line

stainless wolf blender with lemons and glass of green smoothie

Wolf Gourmet Blender

Blend like an at-home chef

Make a statement with this chef-grade blender that has the signature red Wolf knob and simple controls.

Pros: 64 oz container, 2.4 horse-power, 5-year limited warranty, legit brand

Cons: expensive, no attachments

breville blender on gray counter with cherries and pink straws.

Breville Super Q Blender

Modern kitchen innovation

The sleek design, quiet blend & personal blender attachment makes this a solid choice for young professionals.

Pros: Quiet, 1800 watts, includes personal blender attachment, 10-year limited warranty

Cons: The Vac Q attachment (to help with oxidation) costs extra

Vitamix Blender Sale Guide for 2023

Get a deal on the best blender for smoothies with Best Vitamix Sales Guide

comparing the best blenders for smoothies with a test kitchen recipe.

Budget Blenders for Smoothies

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a new blender for smoothies, I recommend the ones below that I’ve tested and truly stand out above the rest. Keep in mind that the lower-priced blenders won’t have the power or longevity as the ones above.

Nutribullet pro blender on green backdrop

Nutribullet Pro

The small & mighty blender

With 900 watts of power, this blender is fast, strong and simple to use.

Pros: compact (I’ve flown with it), blends a green smoothie, single serve containers

Cons: Can leak if lid isn’t tight, no speed choices, can’t use with hot liquids

the Vitamix one blender ranks 2 for affordable blenders for smoothies

Vitamix One

Compact machine that packs a punch

Has the power to blend fruits and veggies into beautiful smoothies, dressings, dips, sauces, purées and frozen desserts. 

Pros: compact, light-weight, small container

Cons: Loud, can’t use with hot liquids. 2-year warranty

Ninja foodie blender with attachments in white kitchen

Ninja Foodie

Entry blender for smoothie lovers

The most affordable high-speed blender packing 1600 watts. Great for college grads or newlyweds on a budget.

Pros: lower price tag, has built in tamper, tons of accessories included

Cons: deathly sharp blade (I cut myself pretty bad), 1-year warranty

Cuisinart Hurricane blender making a smoothie

Cuisinart Hurricane Pro

Entry blender for smoothie lovers

Cuisinart is stepping up its game with smart functions specifically for smoothies or soups… and a “clean” button.

Pros: 3-year warranty, 64 oz container, dishwasher safe

Cons: noisy, not as long-lasting (has been known to die based on reviews)

How to get a creamy blend with a budget blender

You’ll need to blend in stages to get a creamy smoothie. First, add only the leafy greens and liquid to blender. Blend on high until completely liquified and you can’t see any leafy chunks. Next, add frozen fruit, protein powder, and superfoods. Blend on high until smooth and creamy.

Best Reconditioned Blenders for Smoothies

When my margarita blender died, I knew I wanted a Vitamix. Yet with our budget, I couldn’t afford a brand new one. So I bought a reconditioned Vitamix and saved $250 just like that. I’ve never regretted that decision— it was a great blender. When you buy a Certified Reconditioned Blender, you can get a commercial-grade blender at a steep discount.

best reconditioned blenders for smoothies are vitamix venturist.

Recon Vitamix v1200

Best deal on a Vitamix…ever

With a variety of base colors, this high-speed blender is a fun one to buy and display.

Pros: 2.2 horse-power, sold in Costco and comes with 20oz single serve container

Cons: design is not as sleek as other models

Reconditioned pro 750 blender in warm kitchen with natural light on red smoothie.

Recon Vitamix Pro 750

Blends like a beast

Has the power and precision to pulverize every recipe ingredient, including the tiniest seeds.

Pros: 2.2 horse-power, 5-year warranty

Cons: Not compatible with Vitamix’s accessories line

Blender lid on table with fresh smoothie ingredients

Blender Shopping 101

Which is the best blender for smoothies and ice?

Blending with ice can be harsh on your blades and cause them to go dull. I don’t recommend adding ice to your blender. Use frozen fruit to chill your smoothie, or pour the blended smoothie over ice to chill.

If you really want to make an icy smoothie or margarita, I would use a Vitamix and have a certain container be your ice container. You can buy extra containers directly from Vitamix. My favorite is the stainless steel container because it’s easy to clean and smaller than their traditional container.

Which blender is good for making smoothies?

Any blender will blend up spinach and fruit, but the results won’t all be the same. Typically the more horsepower, the creamier the smoothie. Yet when you step into higher horsepower models, the price goes way up. My dad always says you get what you pay for (and it’s true with blenders!).

These high-powered blenders make green smoothies in half the time, are easier to clean, quieter and make a creamy smoothie in one simple step. The higher-end blenders usually include a rawesome warranty and truly make the whole blending experience a breeze.

When do blenders go on sale?

Black Friday is always a good time to score a blender deal. This year, I found the best deals to be 2-4 weeks before Black Friday. With Vitamix, they have a new sale each month and you can really score some amazing deals on my favorite high-speed blender. Sign up for my newsletter to get notified when the best deals are. I like to shout it out to all my rawkstars since I know a good deal could be just what you need!

Vitamix vs Blendtec

Both high-powered blenders have strong followings and incredibel recults. I’ve used a few models from each brand, and I can clearly say that Vitamix is better. My smoothies blend quicker and smoother, plus their accessories line that is compatible with the blender base is game-changing.

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  2. Appreciate your emails, recipes & tips! Do you have advice on sharpening the blades in my existing Ninja or others who may have a good machine with dulling blades? Fruit & veggies aren’t getting as puréed as they once did. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy, I did a quick search on Youtube and there a bunch of different videos that can help you safely sharpen a variety of blender blades. You can click here for: blender blade sharpening videos on Youtube.

  3. Very tasty
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  4. Thank you so much, for all advises,
    Your attention and dedication can only show the real passion and potential you print in your job made hobby, I am sure there are aut there countless people whose life have been transformed by your teachings wisely. God bless you and your family.

  5. This guide is so helpful! I love using this to help friends find the blender that’s right for them (though I’m super partial to the Vitamix 7500).

  6. I just got a copy of your 2013 Green Smoothie Solution. You recommend a power blend by going to Mega Nutrition Organic Does that company still exist as their are now other product providers using that name but by a different manufacturer. How do u get what u originally recommended or is it being made by another source. would appreciate your update on this.