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Smoothie Challenge

Drink a daily smoothie to boost energy levels, improve overall health and kick start weight loss. Smoothie Challenge includes top-rated recipes, grocery lists, daily tracker and personalized coaching to hit your wellness goals…for good!

Transform your health in 5 minutes a day

When you commit to drinking our nutritionally-crafted smoothie recipes each day, you’re giving your body nutrient-rich fruits, fiber-packed veggies and hydrating liquids. The long-term health benefits that can come from blending a daily smoothie are incredible.

Natural Energy Boost

Blending the cell walls of fruits and vegetables releases natural sugars and plant fibers to give you sustained energy without the jitters or a crash.

Stronger Immune system

Blending fruits and veggies that are high in vitamins A and C boosts the immune system, which is your body’s natural defense system against infections and viruses.

healthier digestion

The fiber found in smoothies acts as an internal broom to help digested food inside your body “move along.” Over time, regular bowel movements can help with bloating, acne, and weight loss.

Weight loss

Smoothies are loaded with nutrients and packed with fiber, which all aid in weight loss. Plus, fiber and healthy fats keep you full and energized, making working out even more doable.

Glowing skin

A diet high in leafy greens means you are loading up on calcium and chlorophyll, which helps purge toxins from the inside out, replenishes cells, and restores the skin quickly. Get your glow on with healthy, happy skin when you toss in a handful of spinach or kale to your smoothie.

How the Smoothie Challenge Works

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Challenge Results

The Smoothie Challenge is a great way to kick start healthy eating habits with fruit smoothies, green smoothies and smoothie bowls. Wanna go father? We’ll help you incorporate plant-based protein powders and superfoods into your daily blends, too. Hear how challenge participants use this program to create momentum in their overall health.

People have noticed my skin and say I have a glow. I’ve also dropped 7 pounds and have done nothing different except drink a smoothie in the morning and cook occasional plant-based meals.

Kathy Thayer

Since starting the smoothie challenge, I’ve kept going and lost 15 pounds so far. I feel great, less bloated, better skin, I recover faster from hard workouts and I feel better about my diet.

Brittany Jilek

So easy! I was skeptical because I’m a very picky eater, but I gave it a shot. I can honestly say that I am officially on the daily smoothie train to stay!

Kiersten Thompson

In two months, I went from 202 pounds to 186 pounds. These smoothies help me crave healthier foods.

Tasha Woolard

Thanks to the energy I get from a smoothie, I no longer get the afternoon slump that had me load up on coffee.

Lorraine R.

Smoothie Challenge Host

Hi! I’m Jen Hansard! I cannot wait for you to blend some smoothies, feel more energized, lose some weight (if needed!) and do some really cool things. A daily smoothie is a key to reclaiming your health and keeping your sanity at the same time. I went from an exhausted mom with no energy to workout to an energized mom with so much energy that I have to work out. Food should be our fuel… and it shouldn’t make you a slave to the kitchen.

If you’re ready to supercharge your health, this is where it begins!

I have more than a decade’s experience creating tasty smoothie recipes to help you lose weight, gain energy and boost your immune system. Why? Because smoothies work (when made the right way). Plus, I’m obsessed with trying new flavor combos and seeing what you think, too.

I’ve published multiple best-selling cookbooks, blended smoothies on The Doctors, and been featured in Oprah magazine…. yep Oprah! I’m hoping to get in her kitchen next and start giving away blenders. I began blogging in 2012 and through my blog, cookbooks, challenges, and weekly meal plans,

At Simple Green Smoothies, we’ve helped over 1 million people take control of their health. And it always starts with a daily smoothie. Are you ready to sign up for the Smoothie Challenge?