4 Best Detox Herbs for Green Smoothies

Read below to find out why we love blending green smoothies with detox herbs.

Our bodies are in a constant battle of fighting processed foods that contain harmful toxins. We have systems set in place inside of us that filter out these toxins so we can stay clean and healthy. Ingesting high amounts of toxins can cause build-up and stress to the organs that work to keep us in good health. So, how can we help out our filtering friends? Add detox herbs to our diet!

Why detox herbs are important:

Detoxifying herbs clean our bodies’ filters, and they are healthy foods with lots of nutrients. This also means we aren’t putting harmful toxins and gunk into our bodies in the first place. When we eliminate our harmful toxin input we set ourselves up for a clean and healthy life.

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Top 4 Herbs to Add to Green Smoothies

To help you detox we have made a list of our favorite herbs. We’ve also included what each herb does and how to use it in a green smoothie!

basil detox herb1) Basil — Basil specifically targets the kidneys when it comes to detoxification. Kidneys play a major part in removing waste product and toxins from our blood stream, and things like high-processed foods place a heavy work load on our never-resting kidneys. By eating basil, we are taking in nutrients that help to clear up any gunk that is stuck in our kidneys and also toning them to work well in the future. Basil is easy to grow at home. It also has a warm flavor that will strengthen your green smoothies and kidneys. Try adding a 1/4 cup of basil to your next green smoothie!

cilantro detox herb2) Cilantro — You may know cilantro from a variety of cultural dishes. But we encourage you to make it known to your green smoothies. This herb is known for a variety of nutrients. It’s detoxifying affects are found in its ability to bind to heavy metals and remove them from our bodies. Toxic heavy metals usually enter our body in small amounts through food, water, and anything else we consume. It is nearly impossible to completely avoid ingesting toxic metals, so it’s important to incorporate foods that eliminate them.

Try this Cilantro Limeade Green Smoothie!

mint detox herb3) Mint — Toxin build-up can occur in the stomach and colon when improper digestion takes place, and that is why a healthy diet of mint leaves is a must when looking to detoxify. Mint leaves help to flush out those nasty toxins in a timely manner, and they do it in a way that prevents build-up from happening in the first place. Some have even believed mint leaves to have an ability to flush out toxins through the skin. This herb will add a cool kick to your smoothie, which makes it a must-have on mid-afternoons.

Try this cacao-mint green smoothie!

parsley detox herb4) Parsley — There are three main filters in the body–bladder, kidneys, liver–and parsley is here to assist them all in the detoxification process. Kidneys help to filter out waste products and toxins from our bloodstream. The bladder filters fluids and flushes them out of the body. The liver is another blood stream purifier. It is important for all three of these filters to not build-up with gunk and toxins so they can work properly. Parsley specifically targets any build-up in these filters and helps to flush it out of the body. This is another herb with a distinct flavor that can liven up any green smoothie.

Try this immune boosting green smoothie!

Detoxifying your body with herbs helps your bodies’ natural filters work better for you, as well as keeping you from ingesting harmful toxins. While adding herbs to green smoothies, think about using water as your liquid base. Water naturally helps to flush out any gunk in our bodies, and at the same time doesn’t add any harmful toxins. It is important to keep your filters working properly, and to learn healthy eating habits that keep you clean and healthy. Feel free to experiment with all of these herbs. Find what works well for your body, and what tastes good.

Our suggestion: Try drinking one green smoothie a day for a week, and add a variety of herbs to your green smoothies to help detox. You can even try our Simple 7 Challenge, which gives you a week of recipes to start with!

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Join the conversation!

What’s your favorite herb? Share your favorite green smoothies with herbs in the comments below.

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