Blendtec vs Vitamix

Blendtec vs vitamix

You have heard Jadah and I say many times that you don’t need a fancy-pants blender to make green smoothies.

And it’s true!

The difference is this: the better the blender, the less work you have to do. And that means less prep, less time blending and better results. This is what swayed me into getting a Vitamix and Jadah into getting a Blendtec once our wedding gift blenders finally kicked the curb.

Vitamix and Blendtec are both amazing blending machines and neither of us could lose. They both have insanely powerful motors that will liquify your apples whole, turn your spinach into liquid greens in a matter of seconds and cut your smoothie making time in half. So what’s the difference? Why is one better than the other? Well, that totally depends on your personal preference. You can watch our video below to see both blenders in action. Both are pretty awesome! I also broke down some pros and cons of each for you too.


Battle of the Blenders: Blendtec vs Vitamix

A few weeks ago, I invited some green smoothie lovin’ friends over and held a battle of the blenders to test these two blending beasts side by side. I’ve read reviews for both— lots of reviews, but I wanted to compare them myself— and in action. Well, I can tell you personally both these blenders make green smoothies like champs! They turned my spinach, berries, banana and water into fabulous green smoothies in a matter of seconds (for realzzz). Yet not everything was peachy keen— there were a few moments of shock. Read on for my personal review:


  • 15.5″ tall
  • Pre-programmed cycles
  • One touch buttons
  • 1580 watts
  • 2 prong blade


  • 20.5″ tall (with default container)
  • 2-speed switch + variable dial
  • Variable speed dial
  • 1380 watts
  • 4 prong blade


The Blendtec WildSide was a lot of fun for me to use since I am a Vitamix gal. I will admit, I was a little overwhelmed by all the buttons (It has 10 buttons, a pulse button, and a pre-programmed control so you can push a button and walk away). This was a lot for me to comprehend and decide what to do— and made me question if they were all really necessary for a green smoothie gal.

The Blendtec has some great perks: it’s also dramatically shorter than the Vitamix which makes it an easy winner for space savers. You can also push a button and walk away while your spinach and blended into incredible green pulp. It’s kinda got a mind of it’s own— which is convenient for the multitaskers out there.

Blendtec has some great perks, but one is definitely not a stable base. We were a little shocked at how much it rocked while blending. The motor is so powerful that it made the entire blender rock back and forth. The base of the Blendtec is much lighter than the Vitamix and we could definitely see the results of that when we had them both cranked at full power.

After we blended the smoothie, we tasted it and were impressed with how frothy it was — it was so light and airy. I have to emphasize this because I have never tasted anything like it with my Vitamix. There is definitely more air getting into the smoothie, which makes it frothy. And just like the Blendtec roadshows demonstrate, clean up was very easy thanks to the slick square-shaped plastic container. Click on any of our Blendtec links, and when you purchase, you’ll receive free shipping (it will be applied at check out once you enter your zip code).



The Vitamix 5200 is a simple and stable beast of a blender. I will admit— it’s height makes it a little awkward to store on the counter. I have to take the container off and set it to the side so it fits on my counter, which is annoying. Yet I did see online they make a shorter container now—so get that one and you will be very happy!

Yet that is the only downside I personally see to the Vitamix. My favorite thing about it is how easy it is to use— it’s a two-switch, one dial machine. Simple. This dial feature gives me total control over the speed variations and length of time I want to blend my smoothies for. The actual smoothie was creamy (not frothy like the Blendtec), which is totally a personal preference kinda thing.

When we turned the Vitamix on full speed, the base didn’t budge. It practically has a cinder block attached to its base. I couldn’t walk away and let it blend and automatically shut off— with Vitamix you are in control and have to shut it off yourself. So control freaks— this might be the one calling your name!

When it came to cleanup, the Vitamix container didn’t clean as easily as the Blendtec— it had a little leafy fiber residue after I “blended it clean”. We compared the containers to see why this was and the Blendtec has a slick film on the container to make it super slippery. The Vitamix container has a matte finish so it’s not as slick and leafy fibers like to stick to it.


The bottom line: 

Both blenders are great choices if you want to become a hard core, green smoothie drinking machine like Jadah and I. No leafy chunks with either blender and the smoothies were made in easily under 2 minutes.

If you like more features, care how it looks/fits on your counter and like frothier smoothies— I say go with the Blendtec.

If you prefer creamy smoothies, a simple look, and a super solid blender— go with the Vitamix.

Both have 7 year warranties, blend like kings and will make your green smoothie days even more exciting.

Save some money and help the environment!

If you need to save some money, you can buy the refurbished version right through Blendtec and Vitamix. They still come with the rockin’ warranty and look brand new— it’s really a great way to save some money!

I love throwing a whole apple in and watching it disappear into the green abyss.



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  1. E Edwards 10.1.2016 at 10:42 am #

    Which blendtec is best for a beginner with little money? Want a good one that won’t need replacement anytime soon.

  2. Jonathan J 9.12.2016 at 7:30 pm #

    I purchased a Blendtec Designer 625, and LOVE IT! It’s amazing, super easy, just tap the on screen button and go. I use it every day (2 smoothies and a fresh soup!). There’s nothing like it, I had a vitamix and the convenience of pressing a button and not having to think about it is a god send! Vitamix’s are great too but having the ability to set it and forget it is second to none, also not having to worry about using a tamper as well is great!

    • SGS Rawkstar 9.12.2016 at 8:32 pm #

      Thanks for sharing your review, Jonathan! We love hearing what our community loves about their blenders!

  3. Ellie Macdonald 8.13.2016 at 7:08 pm #

    wow! my favourite blender is vitamix 5200 and it’s really awesome. thanks for share…

    • SGS Rawkstar 8.15.2016 at 8:19 am #

      Thanks for blendin’ with us, Ellie!

  4. Julie 8.13.2016 at 12:53 pm #

    which model vitamix comes with shorter container?

  5. Anoop Mahajan 8.7.2016 at 7:02 am #

    I think 300ml cold coffee or vanilla shake (without ice cubes) for blendtec bcz vitamix has long jar for little shake

  6. Johanna 7.31.2016 at 4:05 am #

    I have had Vitamix machine for approx 30 plus years and I wanted a faster heavier motor so I bought another Vitamix last year and I’m using this machine just about daily and Vitamix hasn’t disappointed absolutely love the new machine and I bought the shorter container too. I pretty well have all the extras now plus a few books so I’m not wanting for anything else. I just finished making apricot jam and my Vitamix made short work of 20 lbs of chopping apricots just to give you an example of the duties of this amazing machine. The enthusiasm I have spread to my family as other family members have purchased these machines as well.
    You will never go wrong with the Vitamix in my opinion❤️

    • SGS Rawkstar 8.1.2016 at 8:42 am #

      Thanks for sharing your Vitamix love, Johanna! <3

  7. Evie Birch 7.30.2016 at 5:37 am #

    Great comparison! I am planning to get vitamix 5200 blender. thanks for share..

    • SGS Rawkstar 8.1.2016 at 8:41 am #

      Rawesome! We hope you enjoy your new blender!

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