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3 Green Smoothie Superchargers To Easily Grow Yourself

Looking for green smoothie superchargers to take your smoothie game to the next level?

When it comes to including superfoods in your smoothies, most of us think of chia seeds, coconut oil, acai berries, etc. Now, I definitely love all those superfoods—and more!—but did you know that some superfoods come in the form of leafy greens? (And I’m not just talkin’ about spinach!) What’s more, did you know you can easily grow some of these leafy green superchargers yourself?

Today, I’m going to introduce you to Anth + Crystal Kapolitsas, the co-founders of The Healthy Patch! The Healthy Patch is a passion turned business dedicated to helping people reach incredible health through the power of growing organic, nutrient-dense food. Anth + Crystal have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people grow their own organic food for optimal health, and have offered to share some of their expertise with the SGS community!

While chatting it up with this awesome power couple, Anth + Crystal clued me into the fact that while nearly all leafy greens provide great health benefits, there are some extra special ones out there which will provide you with even more nutritional bang for your buck—they call these bad boys ‘Smoothie Superchargers’.

Anth + Crystal also let me know that these smoothie superchargers are incredibly easy to grow yourself! Not only will this save you money in the long run—but if you grow them in an organic nutrient dense soil (think seaweed, compost, & rockdust), their nutrient content will be way higher than anything you’ll ever find at the grocery store.

Keep reading to see 3 of Anth + Crystal’s fav smoothie superchargers, as well as tips from these gardening experts about how to grow them yourself!



Holy Basil, also known as Sacred Basil or Tulsi, has been named one of the most powerful anti-stress herbs ever! Holy Basil is an incredible adaptogen (something that helps your body adapt to stress) & not only helps your body cope with stress on a daily basis – but actually helps repair the damage from past stresses. On top of this, Holy Basil protects your body from environmental toxins & chemicals, helps to keep your skin clear, healthy & glowing, fights inflammation, and keeps colds & the flu at bay. It’s one mighty powerful little green!


Like normal ‘Sweet’ Basil, Holy Basil is a warm weather plant & should generally only be planted in Spring & Summer with no chance of frost. Holy Basil can grow in a little shade or full sun, & must be watered well in high heat. As with all plants, try & remember to water first thing in the morning as watering in full sun can burn them & watering at night time will attract the pests.

PRO TIP: To get your Holy Basil big & bushy, pinch out the top growth to expose the teeny tiny buds underneath. This will activate those buds into growing which will eventually form 2 new branches. The more you do this, the bushier your basil will be!


Lemon Verbena is an incredibly relaxing herb that you’ve likely seen starring in your favorite lemon herbal tea. Lemon Verbena strengthens your nervous system & helps you handle stress better. On top of this, it also strengthens your immune system, eases gut issues like colic & IBS, improves your digestion & protects your muscles from damage.


You can easily grow Lemon Verbena in your garden or a pot in full sun & nutrient rich, well-drained soil. Lemon Verbena grows mighty quickly but as it’s native to South America it will die back in cold winters. Once Spring rolls around again however, it will emerge from the dead & gracefully present itself just in time for your green summer smoothie!


Watercress, a cousin to kale, can help thicken your hair, produce collagen in your body, and maintain healthy eyesight. On top of this, because Watercress is a brassica – it also contains Isothiocyanates –  the very same compounds that Kale got it’s nutritional fame for. Isothiocyanates are incredible compounds that may help reduce the risk of cancer by preventing pro-carcinogenic cells from becoming carcinogenic. Is it any surprise that watercress is said to be one the healthiest foods in the world? We think not!


Many people think that watercress can only be grown in water – however a nutrient dense moist soil will do just fine – as long as it’s kept moist! Mushroom compost is an awesome resource to use in your soil as it has fantastic water retaining properties. Watercress is super hardy & grows very quickly – however if it had to choose, it would go for a cooler rainy climate over hot & dry. Watercress prefers partial shade over full sun as this will make the leaves grow larger. Never plant watercress (or any Brassica for that matter) with strawberries as it impairs their growth.

So there you have it—3 green smoothie superchargers + some simple tips on how to easily grow them yourself! Be sure to leave a comment to let us know which supercharging ingredient you plan on growing + any favorite smoothie superchargers you’re already using!

Want to connect with Anth + Crystal? Check out The Healthy Patch on Facebook and Instagram. While you’re there, make sure to get your hands on their free eBook Incredible Herbs for Incredible Health, which highlights over 60 powerful herbs you can start growing for incredible health!


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