Simple Green Meals

100+ plant-powered recipes to thrive from the inside out

“Jen Hansard makes cooking delicious, healthy, plant-powered meals so simple that clean eating can easily become a way of life for the whole family.”

— Mark Hyman, MD New York Times bestselling author of Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? and Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine


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“Jen’s focus on real whole foods, especially phytochemical rich leafy greens can help you and your family stay healthy, happy and vibrant for life.”

-Kelly LeVeque, holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach and author of the best selling book, Body Love. 


Fuel your Passion with Plant-Powered Recipes

I know the impact food can have on your body, your health and your dreams. Before switching to a plant-powered diet, I felt exhausted, stressed-out and frustrated with my body. After a wake-up call from my husband Ryan, I set off on a mission to put foods in my body that would allow me to go after the things that mattered most.

Embracing nutrient-dense, nourishing whole foods gave me the vitality to do more than just survive each day – I was able to live out dreams that had been long buried. From creating a backyard family farm, to flying an airplane, to running 100km in a single day, to camping and hiking the U.S. National Parks. Through my journey came my mission: to help others “fuel their passion” by embracing delicious plant-powered meals to help them look and feel their best.Now in Simple Green Meals, I’m sharing quick, tasty, vegetarian meals for the whole family (even meat-eating husbands). No more restricting calories or fad diet programs.

My philosophy is simple: Eat more plants… however and whenever you can.

With tips on meal prep, advice when shopping and 100+ new vegetarian recipes from quinoa corn muffins to veggie enchilada stacks and cauliflower buffalo wings, you’ll gain a new appreciation for fresh, plant-powered meals and what they can do for your body and your mind.

Breakfast: Maple Walnut Muffins, Tex Mex Breakfast Bowl, Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash
Snacks: Slow Cooker Apple Sauce, Maple Almond Granola Bars, Honey Nut Trail Mix
Salads, Soups and Sides: Coconut Thai Soup, Summer Quinoa Salad, Cauliflower Buffalo Wings
Main Dishes: Almond Butter Swoodles, Poblano Enchiladas, Savory Quinoa Pizza, Cauliflower BBQ Tacos
Desserts: Lemon Poppy Cake, Mango Mojito Pops, Salted Caramel Bites, Honey Ginger Cookies


Peace, love & leafy greens,
Jen Hansard



“I love Jen’s “food is thy medicine” approach, especially since “medicine” has never been so delicious! This book is filled with tips and tricks for integrating plants into your daily life. Wholesome recipes like Cauliflower Primavara Alfredo, Savory Quinoa Pizza, and Avocado-Hazelnut Cacao Pudding will have you cooking and craving plant-powered recipes in no time!”

– Jeanine Donofrio, author and creator of Love and Lemons


Fuel your body + live your dream life.

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