I spent the past 3 years creating the cleanest plant-based protein powder to boost my daily smoothie. This has helped me lose weight and gain energy without counting calories.

Why? I wasn't happy with any of the powders on the market. They were sickly sweet, bitter, chalky, gritty or just plain gross. Most were filled with ingredients that cause digestive issues, overpower the flavor of my smoothie or spark vicious sugar cravings.

I've heard the same story from thousands of customers. So, I set out to create a protein smoothie boost that would be a dream come true for us all.

You deserve the best.
Smoothie lovers all over the WORLD enjoy Protein Smoothie Boost!

To make a legit meal replacement smoothie, protein and fiber are important.... but so is healthy fat. They work together to nourish, fill you up and help your body absorb nutrients.

One scoop of Protein Smoothie Boost turns your smoothie into a meal with 10 grams of protein, 4 grams of healthy fats + 7 grams of fiber. Boom!


A typical smoothie becomes a 14 gram protein power smoothie with Protein Smoothie Boost.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to taste and texture... Protein Smoothie Boost [is] very smooth, unflavored, and hard to tell when you've added it to a smoothie. My husband and teenage daughter agree! You don't know it's there.

I’m vegan and have tried several protein powders, but some are chalky, some have fillers and gums, some just taste yuck. I’m a green smoothie lover and this has been the perfect addition to my smoothies

I've been looking for years for a simple, power-packed protein powder - the search is over! Protein Smoothie Boost has 3 ingredients... 3!!! That's the way it should be.

You don't know it's there!
This is it!
simple, powerful ingredients

Jennifer A.
Seattle, Washington

Kavli K.
Frisco, Texas

Casey M.
Brooklyn, New York

Formally Skeptical Smoothie Lovers just like you...

Fuel your body & go after your passions!

There are no additives so I know I am starting my day in the best way possible. Having no sugar is of real benefit to me. I have tried many plant based protein powders but this is by far the best on the market.

It is so versatile that I can add it to any smoothie I like. These superfoods help me stay on my wellness and fitness journey and helps me feel my best self. Simple Green Smoothies is the true Rawk Star of the protein powder world.

This powder checks ALL the boxes: it is tasteless, smooth, doesn't make my smoothies chalky or a weird texture, is completely clean, AND a great boost of protein. I've fallen in love.

Nutritious Smoothie

Tasteless + smooth

Carolyn O.
Germantown, Wisconsin

Sarah R.
Jefferson City, Missouri

Erin M.
Brooksville, FL

Protein Starter Kit


• 30-Day Supply of Protein Smoothie Boost
• 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge
• Artisan Protein Scoop
• Mini Recipe Book


no sugar








I LOVE Protein Smoothie Boost. I'm thrilled to find that when I added this to my smoothie, it didn't change the texture or flavor at all! Not to mention, the color is so bright and happy!

I put it into my kale yeah smoothie and it added a creamy feel like a shake. It is better than one of my favorite muscle milks.

I've tried this in regular smoothies, smoothie bowls, and it doesn't make my smoothies taste powdery. It makes my smoothies thicker, which is nice because of the flax and the chia seeds.

Nutritious Smoothie

Thicker smoothies, great for kids

Kim W.
Marshfield, Missouri

Letha T.
Chicago, Illinois

Meagan L.
Veyo, Utah

Vanilla Nut Shake

Cashews, dates, vanilla and nut milk blended together with Protein Smoothie Boost.


Cacao Banana Smoothie

Spinach, almond milk, banana and cacao blended together with Protein Smoothie Boost.


No compromising when the best is out there.

Every manufacturer I shared my dream of creating "a plant-based protein powder that tasted good and was insanely good for you" came back with a formula that had stevia, monkfruit, gums and natural flavors.

They all told me that these were needed and that everyone was using them.

( Well, I'm not everyone. )

As an ultrarunner and business owner with a young family, I'm constantly on the go. A daily green smoothie keeps my energy levels high and immune system strong so I can continue to do all the things that I love (and take many more adventures!).

I believe in the power of plant-based whole foods.

I knew it was possible to create a clean, result-driven protein powder that would boost my daily smoothie with enough protein to support my active life. I was gonna make it.

When you read the back of a protein powder ingredient label and it has 5+ ingredients on it, that means they didn't have a winner to begin with. They probably used cheap ingredients that were gritty and pungent... and had to add in gums, flavors and sweeteners to cover up their mess.

The first round of my protein powder creation was just like that.

Yet I knew there was another way... there always is. I went out and interviewed countless manufacturers of organic plant ingredients sourced from the highest quality farms until I found one who understood my dream and believed it was possible.

I discovered when you use the "top shelf" ingredients that have been grown in organic fields and finely milled to remove any grittiness— you don't need flavors and gums to cover it up.

I also learned that many protein powders on the market are actually missing essential amino acids that our body requires to build muscle.

We buy protein powder believing it'll help us recover from a workout or build our muscle and lean out. How frustrated would you feel if you never got results because your protein powder wasn't a complete protein?!

Protein Smoothie Boost is a complete protein powder and the best there is when it comes to finding a protein powder to add to your smoothie. I made sure it hit all the marks that matter to me (and you!).

- smooth texture and no taste (you can add it to any smoothie!)
- no sweetness (that's what bananas and mango are for!)
- no gums, fillers, artificial (or "natural) flavors
- perfect amount of protein + healthy fats for a meal replacement
- plant-based whole food ingredients only
- easy clean up container + fits on shelf

Finely milled hemp protein powder is a high-quality plant-based superfood that contains omega-3, omega-6 and 20 amino acids — the building blocks of protein (1).

Finely milled chia seeds pack a nutritional punch when it comes to protein, fiber and omega-3s. Many health experts and studies show weight loss results from chia seeds (2).

This ancient superfood is packed with protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids (3). We've finely milled it and paired it right, so its nutty flavor shines through.




What's inside Protein Smoothie Boost

Grown in Asia

Grown in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru

Grown in United States, Canada

I discovered when you use excellent ingredients that have been grown in organic fields and finely milled to remove any grittiness— you don't need flavors and gums. This is plant-power at its best!


Why we're different...

typical protein powder

number of ingredients
Avoid Natural flavors
avoid artificial flavors
avoid sweetener—stevia, sugar, MONKFRUIT, ETC.
avoid gums
pass the USP heavy metals test
contains the 9 essential amino acids

protein smoothie boost

let's dive in...



number of ingredients
Avoid Natural flavors
avoid artificial flavors
avoid sweetener (stevia, sugar, etc)
avoids gums
pass the USP heavy metals test
contains the 9 essential amino acids

Smoothie Boost Health Benefits

plant-based protein

When combined with other healthy habits (such as exercise, sleep and conscious eating), adding plant-based protein to your diet can lead to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

helps achieve a healthy weight


Plant-based protein can help rejuvenate and promote healthy skin with an extra boost, thanks to the essential amino acids packed into hemp, chia and flaxseeds.

Encourages youthful skin


Boost your workout results with a unique blend of hemp, chia and flax that supports muscle health— cheers to building and maintaining lean muscle mass!



Enjoying a smoothie that actually keeps you full until your next meal is possible! The perfect balance of protein, healthy fats and fiber in our plant-based protein powder does the trick!



The healthiest fast food is right here! Blend a smoothie with a scoop of this and you've got a nutrient-packed meal in 5 minutes (and that includes clean up!)



A daily smoothie using plant-based whole foods does the body some serious good. Boosting it with a high-quality protein blend and healthy fats makes it a grand slam.

Incredible nutrients are packed into Protein Smoothie Boost to amp up the health benefits in just one scoop. 


Is this powder vegan?
Protein Smoothie Boost is a vegan-friendly protein powder. We use 100% pure plants to create the cleanest whole foods plant-based product out there to add to your favorite smoothie recipes.

Is this powder organic?
Absolutely! It's 100% organic! This was top of my list when it came to making my own protein powder. We've even had it USDA certified to proudly show it.

Is there any contamination with soy or peanuts? 
The facility we use has an allergen procedure in place to prevent cross-contamination of any allergen. They clean and sanitize every piece of equipment after use and each machine and food contact surface part is swabbed for allergen protein content before use. The quality department performs for swabs and will provide line clearance before the next scheduled product is approved to run. This process is for every product stage. At this time, they don't have peanut raw material in the building and have very few products that contain soy.

How many servings do I get? 
Each container of Protein Smoothie Boost contains 15 servings. If you plan to use it daily with your smoothie, we recommend purchasing our monthly subscription, so you get a month-worth of smoothie boost at a time and get a discounted price.

What if I don’t like it?
I don't think that will be the case, yet if it is... you have 30 days to ask for a refund. We will refund you the price you paid for the product, minus any special promotions you received and shipping charges (which vary based on how far it traveled). 

Have you done heavy metal testing? If so, what were your results?
We paid extra to do heavy metal tests on Protein Smoothie Boost. To see the incredible results, just send us an email (http://simplegreensmoothies.com/contact) and we’ll send you our Heavy Metal Results PDF and answer any questions you have. We believe in transparency and are beyond proud of this plant-based protein powder. 

Is the packaging recyclable? 
Yes! Both the lid and container are recyclable… and also reusable as a cute storage container. We recommend washing by hand in warm, soapy water before reusing.

What is the shelf-life?
Protein Smoothie Boost can last, unopened, for up to 2 years. Yet once opened, we recommend using within 90 days and store in a cool, dry place.

How many times per day can I consume Protein Smoothie Boost?
We believe using Protein Smoothie Boost once a day is a great healthy habit. That’s what we recommend, yet you are more than welcome to have it twice a day if you want to.

Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we can only ship within the US and Canada at this time. Current restrictions for ANY shipping outside of the US are changing daily. While our shipping company says they may ship to other countries, the US Customs Department is not allowing any of our products to go through at this time, and they do not have an estimation for when these restrictions will be lifted. We will update shipping when we can guarantee that our products will arrive at your doorstep safely and timely. 


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