Chocolate weight loss smoothie recipe

Chocolate Weight Loss Smoothie

POSTED ON 6.13.2019

My weight loss smoothie recipe is the second episode from our new wellness series called Fuel your Metabolism— where I’ll show you how to boost your metabolism using plant-based whole foods. The #1 question I get at Simple Green Smoothies is… Will a smoothie help me lose weight? There are TONS of smoothies and shakes […]

My weight loss smoothie recipe is the second episode from our new wellness series called Fuel your Metabolism— where I’ll show you how to boost your metabolism using plant-based whole foods.

The #1 question I get at Simple Green Smoothies is…

Will a smoothie help me lose weight?

There are TONS of smoothies and shakes out there claiming to do this, but forget the labels and ads… and think about what’s gonna work for YOU.

When it comes to a weight loss smoothie, it’s gotta hit 3 things for me to call it a winner:

  1. It must be affordable to continue doing this every single day.
  2. It has to deliver the results it promises: boost my metabolism, keep me full and not hangry, actually nourish my body, etc).
  3. It’s gotta taste great (and not be loaded with tons of sugars, artificial flavors or “fake sugars” to trick your tastebuds and ravage your cravings). I want to crave this day after day and feel better when I have it!

The recipe I’m sharing here helped me lose 7 pounds when I was a young exhausted mom of 2 under 4…with no energy and a few post baby (by a few generous years) extra pounds I needed to lose. They say “you’ve gotta exercise to lose the weight”, but when you’re too tired to do that— you’ve gotta try something else. And this is the secret sauce to jump start my energy levels and my weight loss journey.

Homemade metabolism boost shake

Today, I want to share a weight loss smoothie that I’ve been using as a breakfast meal replacement smoothie. And yes, it’s a green smoothie because these are the BEST way I’ve found to lose weight naturally AND feel great while doing it.

Unlike most “weight loss smoothies” (which require expensive powders, artificial ingredients and taste chalky and nasty… and leave you hungry) this one is the complete opposite. It truly tastes good and is good for you. You can drink they smoothie every morning for breakfast, which is a great way to set a healthy routine for your day.

I’ve also had this for lunch as a meal replacement smoothie too. Some days I just don’t have time to make lunch and a quick smoothie is the way to go. Other days, I’ll sip this down while doing dishes, driving the kids to practice, running errands, after a long trail run, you name it— the beauty of a smoothie is you can “eat and run.”

Weight Loss smoothie as a meal replacement

Top weight loss foods to blend

If leaning up if your goal, the ingredients you use in your smoothie can work against you… or for you. I’m gonna break down the ones I used in this smoothie to help you see WHY I used them to hit my summer body goals: turn my fat into muscle and have the energy to workout.

Spinach: Full of phytonutrients and fiber to minimize any blood sugar spikes from the natural sugars in the smoothie. 

Almond milk: Contains a little bit of protein and promotes a creamy smoothie base. 

Banana: Adds a little natural sweetness to give you an energy boost.

Almond butter: Curbs your appetite and helps your digestive system

Cacao powder: Boosts your energy levels and metabolism

Hemp hearts: Have twice as much protein as chia seeds.

Cinnamon: helps regulate your blood glucose levels. The last thing you want from your smoothie is a sugar rush, which can give you quick energy and then have you crash real hard. 

Cayenne pepper: Helps curb your appetite and boost you metabolism naturally. 

Pack the Pantry

One of the best ways to stay on target with shedding those extra pounds is keep what you need on hand so you aren’t tempted to hit those drive-thrus. The folks behind Simple Green Smoothies love to shop with Thrive Market to stock up our pantries so we always have what we need to make all our favorite metabolism-boosting drinks. Thrive Market is an online membership-based market on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. They offer special member’s only pricing—up to 25-50% off traditional retail prices. Orders $49+ always ship free and they offer freebies and samples to make trying new things easy. When you are ready to purchase your cacao powder, hemp hearts, spices and almond butter for your Chocolate Weight Loss Smoothie, be sure to give Thrive a try!

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Chocolate weight loss smoothie recipe

Chocolate Weight Loss Smoothie

  • Author: Jen Hansard
  • Prep Time: 7 minutes
  • Total Time: 7 minutes
  • Yield: 16 oz smoothie 1x
  • Diet: Vegan


This weight loss smoothie uses all natural ingredients to kick start your metabolism and burn fat. We’re using all plant-based ingredients to get you the results you want for your life!


  • 1 cup almond milk, unsweetened
  • 1 cup fresh baby spinach
  • 1/2 banana
  • 2 tbsp cacao powder
  • 2 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tbsp hemp hearts
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Dash cayenne pepper


  1. Add leafy greens and liquid to blender, blending until all chunks are gone. 
  2. Add in remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.


If you prefer your smoothies extra cold, feel free to pour smoothie over a glass of ice. 

Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to enjoy. 

  • Category: Smoothie
  • Method: Blending
  • Cuisine: American

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About Jen Hansard

Mom of 2, ran across the Grand Canyon and lover of smoothies, coffee & tacos. I transformed my family's health with a plant-based diet. I also found myself again along the way.

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Recipe rating

  1. Amanda Stead says:

    Hi, I have a thyroid condition and am often told to avoid spinach and other goitrogens as they can interfere with the production of thyroid hornomes. I know that cooking goitrogens removes the issue but would this work as well in this type of smoothie or can you suggest an alternative? I would feel uneasy about eating them every day. Thank you

    • Simple Green Smoothies says:

      Hey Amanda – you can swap greens any time. We use spinach quite a bit just because it’s mild and easier for everyone to get used to when first rawkin green smoothies. Check out our article Ultimate Guide to Leafy Greens for great swap ideas for your greens. And def check-in with your doc to be sure the ingredients are best for your thyroid. 🙂

  2. Kim Sluyk says:

    Hi! I just made this for the first time. It’s good! I prefer it colder, so think I will add ice next time. I had it for dinner. I don’t normally have smoothies for dinner, but we had lunch out and I wanted to do something lighter. Is this smoothie better for you in the morning? I just did your 7 day cleanse and have been checking out your other smoothie recipes. I am considering doing this recipe and the fat burning smoothie, 2 smoothies a day for weight loss – 1 for B, 1 for L. Is that a good plan? Does it matter which one I do for which? Thank you!

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Hey Kim! You can def add ice but you could also freeze your bananas and spinach and that would make your smoothie creamy and cold. 🙂

      Because this smoothie contains cayenne pepper, which gives your metabolism a kick, I think I’d drink it in the morning. But, you really can drink it any time during the day. Many folks drink a smoothie for breakfast as well as one for lunch, that’s actually what we do during our 7-day summer and winter reset cleanses. And it doesn’t matter which smoothies you drink, as long as you’re drinking one! We have so many, it really depends on what you’re looking to get out of your smoothie. We have smoothies that are anti-inflammatory, cleansing, and packed with antioxidants. Take a look around our recipe page for those and more.

      Hope you enjoyed our 7-day challenge. We’ll be doing a 10-day smoothie challenge starting on June 15 and our summer 7-day reset starts July 6. You should join us for those!

  3. Mayra Rios says:

    I don’t have almond butter can i substitute with something else? I have chia seeds and not the hemp hearts so I will be try that out. For the meantime that you reply I will try without the almond butter. Hope to get a response from you soon thank you.

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Hey Mayra! You can sub with another nut butter if you have some. Or, you can use one serving of protein powder instead of nut butter. We have a brand new and awesome powder called Protein Smoothie Boost that a lot of people are loving! Here’s a link for more info:

  4. Lakia Womack says:

    I stumbled across this recipe and I decided to give it a try but my gosh the cinnamon and cayenne was too much for me. I may have been a little heavy handed because it’s spicy. I don’t taste any sweetness at all but I’m going to chug it anyway.

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Hey Lakia! Just the smallest amounts of cinnamon and (especially) cayenne will work great in this smoothie! Def give it another try with less of those, and I think you’ll like it more. Also, using a banana with brown spots will give it a little bit more sweetness. 🙂

  5. Stephanie K says:


    Is is possible to make this smoothie without banana? Does the smoothie still have the same benefits or do I have to substitute it with something else?

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Hey Stephanie! If you prefer to not use banana in your smoothie, you could use avocado (for the creaminess) and a few medjool dates (for the sweetness). You could also use mango (both creamy + sweet) but that option will contain more natural sugars. 🙂

  6. Mike V. says:

    I just made this smoothie today for the first time and the taste of cinnamon was a bit too much. I noticed that you say 1 Tsp of cinnamon but in the video u used 1/4 Tsp. Also i doubled the recipe so i can drink one the following morning, i dont know if me doubling the recipe just gave me a strong cinnamon flavor.

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Hi Mike! This recipe does call for 1 tsp. of cinnamon but if that’s too strong for you, def try 1/4 or 1/2 tsp. and see if you like that better. I do think that if you made the smoothie ahead of time and put it in the fridge, that could be the reason. The longer a spice like cinnamon sits in a green smoothie, the stronger the cinnamon taste is going to be. Try making the smoothie ahead of time with all the ingredients except the cinnamon and then add that right before you drink it and see if that makes a difference.

  7. Dieta says:

    Love it….weight loss including chocolate….my husband is hooked….lol

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Isn’t this one good?! And you feel like you’re eating dessert! 🙂

  8. Joy Spencer says:

    The first time I made this, it tasted awful! I don’t know what I did wrong. I now have it every morning and love it.
    Who knew how delicious almond butter is compared to peanut butter! Loving this recipe!

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      I agree, Joy. Once I tasted almond butter, I never wanted to go back to peanut butter!

  9. Joy says:

    I tried this today, it’s not as delicious as it sounds, I like the idea of the warm almond milk..I’m also hoping for the metabolism boost so I’m going to give it another try tomorrow. Thank you for the recipe!

  10. deborah says:

    This is in my regular rotation now. I am going to prep a lot of bags. It has a lot of my favorites and who doesn’t like chocolate and bananas together?

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