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I’m Jen Hansard, mom of two and lover of green smoothies, coffee & tacos. 
I transformed my family's health with a plant-powered diet while broke and without health insurance. Since then, I've helped 1 million+ families do it too!

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Citrus Beet Cleanser Green Smoothie

Citrus Beet Cleanser Green Smoothie


Citrus Beet-5

Beets and beet greens are powerful detoxifiers. They team up with orange and lemon in this Citrus Beet Cleanser to help the liver flush out toxins. Beets get a bit of a bad rap because everyone assumes a few things – 1) they taste like dirt, 2) they stain like crazy, and 3) they’re loaded up with sugar.

To alleviate problem 1, simply peel the beets first. The peel is responsible for the dirt flavor; get rid of that and you’ll be left with a pleasant earthy flavor, not one reminds you of the mud pies you made as a kid.

The second problem, staining, is true more for cooked beets. Peeling beets is easier  after cooking, but the beets won’t stain your hands and/or clothing as much if peeled when raw.

The last problem, sugar, is half true. Beets do contain natural sugars, but they are no more sugary than carrots and other sweet root veggies. If you have issues with blood sugar be sure to talk to your health care practitioner. Most people are fine consuming beets in moderation. Beets are a good source dietary fiber which can help prevent large spikes in blood sugar.

Another tip when working with beets: store the greens separately from the root. The leaves are excellent in smoothies or stir-fried. Pretty much anywhere you’d use spinach or kale, you can use beet green. They need to be kept in the vegetable drawer loosely covered in a plastic beg to help keep moisture in. The leaves will be best within the first few days of purchase or picking. The roots will last for months and months stored in a separate produce bin in your fridge.

We love this combo of beets and citrus and we think you’ll love it too!

Citrus Beet-4

Citrus Beet Cleanser Green Smoothie

Citrus Beet Cleanser Green Smoothie

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1x
  • Category: Breakfast, Drinks


Detoxify with beets and beet greens as they team up citrus to help the liver to flush out the toxins. This sweet smoothie serves up mega nutrients and dietary fiber. If you’re feeling like kicking things up a notch, try adding a little fresh ginger or mint to this smoothie.



  • 2 cups beet greens or chard
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 oranges (peeled)
  • 1 small raw beet (peeled and diced)
  • Juice of ½ lemon


  1. Blend beet greens, water, and oranges until smooth.
  2. Add beet, and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


Note: spinach or kale can be substituted for the beet greens, if needed. Serve over ice to make this smoothie cold.

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  1. Bill says:

    Hi Jen,
    I just got a Nutribullet that I am looking forward to using and found your website while looking for smoothies to make. Your recipes look great. Have you ever heard of using nut butters i.e. Cashew butter in smoothies ? I read somewhere that they add nice creaminess….

  2. I found your sight by googling Beet smoothies. A co-worker suggested I try beet smoothies. I Made it for both myself and husband. We both felt energized after drinking it. I made it with Kale and Spinach I couldn’t find Swiss Chard at my grocery store. Anyway,we are going to try and replace our normal breakfast with your smoothie receipt every morning. Thanks.

  3. Krista Wooley says:

    Delicious! I was a little afraid that this might taste too much like beets for me, but it was great! A very nice balance, and that citrus really knocks a great flavor into the beet. I feel so healthy drinking this too!

  4. patrick says:

    hi great smoothies that you list on your web site how ever there is one thing i hope yous can do when it comes to beets for me it is cheaper for me to buy powder but you have one hold beet listed so do other sites they say to cook them then put in smoothies would it not be easy to put in lets say a table spoon or two when it says one whole beet what does that equal in tbs powder thanks patrick long live smoothies

    • SGS Rawkstar says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately we don’t have much experience with powdered beets. Personally we’re all about whole-fresh ingredients, but understand that’s not always available to everyone. We suggest experimenting and give it a try! Our recipes are here to inspire you, so please don’t feel like you need to follow them to a T. But reach out after you blend and let us know how it worked for you!

  5. Can I add coconut water, also do I add the beets raw? I absolutely love your website.

  6. Theresa says:

    I want to halve this recipe, but not sure what to do with the remaining half cut beet. Can I freeze it? Or what would be the best way to store it?

    • SGS Rawkstar says:

      Hi Theresa,

      You can definitely freeze your remaining beet. Either shred or cut your beet into small cubes to freeze. This will allow for easy blending when you’re ready to enjoy another beet fueled green smoothie!


  7. Kimberly says:

    Hello, I just discovered your website and I am very interested in trying all the recipes, but I am allergic to pineapple. Is there a substitute fruit that will work as good as pineapple?

    • SGS Rawkstar says:

      Hi Kimberly,

      We’re so excited you found us in this busy internet world! Allergic to pineapple? No worries! We’ve got you covered! Some great substitutes are mangos + oranges!

      Cheers 🙂

  8. Stephanie says:

    Very tasty, though I added a banana and1tbls of chia seeds. Yum

    • SGS Rawkstar says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Great additions! We love the added sweetness banana adds to this recipe and the protein/healthy-fat boost of chia seeds!

      Rawk on!

  9. Carla says:

    Hi there!
    I found this website 10 days ago and got totally hooked! This morning I tried this recipe and unfortunately it didn’t quite work out for me. Only one cup of water – is that right? I had to add more water because it was so hard to swallow it (it wasn’t even a creamy consistency, it was more like a lumpy puree).
    Many thanks and keep up the good work!

    • SGS Rawkstar says:

      Hi Carla,

      We’re so excited you found us in this busy internet world! We’re sorry to hear this recipe didn’t work out the first time. We suggest adding only one cup of water, because adding two whole oranges often adds enough liquid on their own. But it always varies based on the variety or size of your fruit. Therefore, add additional water if necessary to create a smooth consistency. We hope you will try this recipe again!

      Cheers 🙂

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Whenever I use oranges or apples in my smoothies, there is a ton of ‘chunky’ texture, with the pulp not really blending well. Is that normal for these types of smoothies? Are they not as smooth as say, Beginner’s Luck? Or is that a reflection of my blender? I use a Ninja and haven’t had any issues with other smoothies being too ‘chunky’. This happens even when I put my oranges or apples in first with the spinach and water or milk.
    I’ve taken to avoiding smoothies with oranges or apples as an ingredient but I really want to try them as I like those fruits a lot!

    • SGS Rawkstar says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Oranges + apples are both high in fiber, which sometimes can be tough on your blender. If you’re still finding chunks in your green smoothies, even when blending them with your liquid base first, try freezing! Freezing your oranges + apples prior to blending might help your blender break them down into a smooth consistency. Adding a little bit of lemon juice to your apples will help prevent them from browning.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

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