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Hi, I’m Danna! I’m a yoga instructor, grandmother, small business owner and lover of green smoothies.

My husband and I have eaten a plant-centric diet for many years, at least 75% of our meals. However, we let the craziness of 2020 shift us out of our better eating habits and even encourage other bad habits. We both gained weight, had less energy and became moody. While lazily checking emails, I learned about the Green Smoothie Challenge. The challenge was well planned with ten days of recipes and a shopping list—very easy!

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Eliminating the Stress of “What’s for lunch?”

The first few days of the challenge, my husband and I just added the smoothies into our day, making no other adjustments. By day four, we began using smoothies as a lunch replacement, which went on for 27 days after the challenge. It was an easy transition because the smoothies were tasty, filling, and simple to make. The smoothies really brought peace to our day by eliminating the stress of “what’s for lunch?”

More Energy from Green Smoothies

By adding green smoothies into our daily life, we are experiencing fewer cravings for unhealthy temptations and had more energy. The green smoothie challenge was so successful in my home I plan to incorporate it into the yoga teacher training I lead. The challenge provides an excellent opportunity to see and feel the importance of our food choices.

Simple Green Smoothies’ baby step method supports your transition to good dietary choices and better health. It is an un-intimidating approach to nutrition.

My favorite smoothie is the Mango Orange Smoothie or any smoothie with a citrus kick. 

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Yoga & Faith

I am passionate about staying healthy to enjoy time with my family and grandchildren. One of my main passions is yoga, which unites the mind, body and soul to ease tension, reduce inflammation and promote health and well-being.

After practicing yoga for more than three years, I enrolled in Yahweh Yoga’s teacher training and received a 200-hour certification in November of 2010. I proudly own Crossties Yoga studio and, for the last twelve years, brought Yahweh Christian Yoga to the Texas Panhandle and, in 2017, started yoga teacher training.

Through yoga, I believe we can grow in strength, maturity, and health – spiritually and physically.

Yoga FAQs

What are the best tips for starting yoga for the first time?

If you are new to yoga, find a reputable teacher/studio that offers beginner-friendly or entry-level classes. There are many different styles of yoga, from gentle, restorative yoga to heated, power yoga, so you want to pick one that meets your interest. Also, be willing to try different teachers. Look for one that makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

What are the benefits of yoga? 

Yoga has a multitude of benefits: developing your introspection, balance, flexibility, toning, strength building, improving respiration and circulation, and it is appropriate at any stage of life. For me, it’s also a time to deepen my faith through prayer and reflection.

How often should I practice to have the best results?

With a well-balanced and varied practice, yoga is one of the only exercise modalities that you can practice daily without stressing the body. You can see benefits from practicing as little as two days per week, but I recommend 3-5 practices.

Do I have to be flexible?

Many people mistakenly believe that flexibility is a requirement to practice yoga. You don’t need to bend yourself into a pretzel to see benefits from yoga; you only need a willingness to try and an acceptance of the changes it will bring into your life.

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