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Warm Wasail Green Smoothie

Warm Smoothie: Wassail


A classic holiday staple at our photographer Lindsey’s house is Wassail. There’s just something comforting about the mix of apples, citrus, and cranberry with spices that tastes like Christmas to her. She created a warm green smoothie based on her favorite holiday drink to share with our community. Here’s what she has to say: I […]

Pina Colada Green Smoothie

Pina Colada


Is there anything better on a hot day than sipping on a cold, fruity drink? It’s even better if you’re lucky enough to be sitting on the beach…sigh. But boy, we love this Piña Colada green smoothie beach or no beach! Pineapple and coconut just go together like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, or […]

Kiwi Strawberry Twist Green Smoothie

Kiwi Strawberry Twist


Are you feeling adventurous?! Try this smoothie on for size! We love rotating our smoothie greens (which is a great way to avoid alkaloid build-up) by adding in new and different greens than our usual kale, spinach, or chard. Dandelion greens may sound intimidating. I mean, aren’t those the pesky weeds that grow in your grass? […]

Berry Protein Bash

Berry Protein Bash


Give yourself a protein boost with this yummy Berry Protein Bash green smoothie. Protein burns slower than carbohydrates, so adding it to smoothies helps prevent blood sugar spikes and helps prevent hunger pains. And it’s also great if you are working towards a flat belly or building muscles. Yes, the majority of us are on […]