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Table of Contents
  1. Ingredients in this Peach Smoothie
  2. Protein Powder Tip
  3. 5 Variations to the Summer Smoothie
  4. How to Blend a Peach Smoothie
  5. Fruit Smoothie Tip
  6. FAQs
  7. Sweet Peach Smoothie Recipe

Indulge in the ultimate summer delight with a sip of pure refreshment! My sweet Peach Smoothie pairs perfectly with a warm, Summer day. Peaches are one of summer’s best gifts. I love taking my kids to pick ripe, juicy peaches directly from the trees. It’s not just because I love that they directly connect with where their food comes from and who produces or grows it, but because it’s so much fun!

Because we end up with a ton of peaches when we pick ’em, I often get them ready for the freezer so I can enjoy the best frozen peach smoothies all year or even make some peach mango sorbet.

labeled ingredients to make a peach smoothie including orange, ginger root, peach and banana.

Ingredients in this Peach Smoothie

The bright taste of this smoothie can’t help but bring a smile to your face as you sip it. I chose ingredients for a tangy yet sweet refresher that will help you beat the heat in the ultimate fashion. Here’s what I’m blending in this peach smoothie recipe:

  • Orange: Fresh orange lightly peeled, still leaving on much of the white pith, brings a whole lot of vitamin C and fiber to this beverage.
  • Water: I’m keeping it simple by using a liquid base I already have on hand. Since the orange acts as both a liquid and a fruit, I don’t need as much liquid.
  • Banana: Bananas make smoothies super creamy and sweet, plus high in fiber and potassium.
  • Frozen peaches: Fresh peaches work great, yet frozen peaches eliminate the need for ice to cool off this smoothie. If you buy already frozen peaches, you’ll get ones that are picked at the height of ripeness, so they will be guaranteed sweet. You can also freeze fresh peaches when they’re in season for the best taste.
  • Ginger root: Adding easy boosters to smoothies can be tasty and beneficial. Ginger is naturally anti-inflammatory plus has a punchy flavor, so adding it to this fresh smoothie is a no-brainer good choice.

Protein Powder Tip

Since this smoothie is lighter on protein and heavier on natural fruit sugar, I also add a scoop of my homemade protein powder to boost it by 10 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. This takes the smoothie from a snack to a meal. If you don’t have protein powder on hand you can use chia seeds or hemp hearts to add protein and healthy fat.

orange smoothie in a glass topped with fresh fruit on a white countertop.

5 Variations to the Summer Smoothie

I know I’m a broken record at this point by saying that I love smoothies because they are so versatile, but it’s true! I’ll keep shouting it from the rooftops until I see everyone sippin’ them. Here are some great ways to jazz up this smoothie recipe:

  1. Some smoothies are naturally super thick, but this is not one of those. You can easily add a creamy texture by adding unsweetened Greek yogurt, vegan yogurt or canned coconut milk and vanilla.
  2. If the bite from the ginger is a bit too much then tone it down with the natural sweetness from a bit of honey or maple syrup.
  3. If you want to use fresh peaches that aren’t frozen, go for it! Add ice cubes to replace the frozen fruit and ensure you’re still sipping a refreshing beverage.
  4. Berries are also ripe and plentiful during Summer, so I often toss in some raspberries or blueberries into this smoothie for a slight flavor variation.
  5. Feel free to swap the water with almond milk or oat milk for a slightly different flavor, while still keeping this smoothie vegan.
peach smoothie in a glass on a white countertop surrounded by fresh peaches.

How to Blend a Peach Smoothie

You’ll be blending this healthy smoothie on repeat, it’s such a good one. And, it only takes five minutes to put together!

  1. Toss all the ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth. Stop and scrape down the sides as needed to eliminate any chunks.
  2. Pour into a glass with your favorite straw and enjoy!

Fruit Smoothie Tip

Since I’m not using leafy greens in this smoothie, I’m not going to blend it twice. If you do want to make this a green smoothie, then start by blending the leafy greens, orange and water first, then add in the remaining ingredients and blend again for the smoothest texture.

Helpful Tools When Blending

Texture can change wildly for this smoothie depending on what type of blender you use. I recommend using a high-powered blender for smoothies for the best results as this will help you enjoy a pulp-free, non-gritty beverage. Vitamix is hands down my fav blender and what I use every single day for blending.

If you aren’t using a high-powered blender, you can still create a delicious smoothie with a few tweaks. First, peel your peaches with a paring knife or a great peeler. You’ll also want to use that knife to get most of the white pith off your fresh oranges before blending them so that you eliminate those chunks.

Second, sip your smoothie with a good reusable straw. This will protect your teeth and investing in reusable straws can help eliminate waste from plastic or paper straws. Plus, they’re super cute and fun!

summer orange smoothie in a glass on a white countertop.


What fruits mix well with peaches?

Ripe peaches pair well with a variety of fruits. If you’re looking for a peaches n’ cream vibe then blend them with coconut, bananas or avocado. They also pair well with sharper flavors as they provide a sweet balance to foods like ginger or citrus such as oranges.

Do you have to peel peaches for smoothies?

Peaches do not have to be peeled for smoothies. While you can if your blender doesn’t do a great job blending up the skin, you can totally leave it on for even more nutrients.

What is the best liquid to put in a fruit smoothie?

Liquids for smoothies are often chosen based on the other ingredients you’re blending. Try to stick to ones without added sugar like plain water, unsweetened nut/seed milk, or dairy milk if you can tolerate them. I don’t often add fruit juice to my smoothies as I find fruit sweetens them enough, and I don’t need the added sugar from fruit juice. Unsweetened coconut water or unsweetened tea also works great.

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Sweet Peach Smoothie

Peach season is one of my favorites! Whether you've got more fresh peaches than you know what to do with, a bag of frozen slices in the freezer or just a hankering for something peachy, this ginger peach smoothie is sure to hit the spot. 
Prep: 5 minutes
Total: 5 minutes
Author: Jen Hansard
Course: Beverage, Smoothie
Cuisine: Plant-Based, Vegan
Serves: 1


  • ½ orange peeled
  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 ½ cups peaches chopped
  • 1 tsp ginger root finely minced
  • 1 serving homemade protein powder optional
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  • Add all ingredients to blender. Blend until smooth, stopping to scrape down the sides as needed.
  • Pour into a glass and serve immediately.


  • Freeze peaches before blending (or buy frozen) for a colder smoothie.
  • Other stone fruit can be substituted for the peaches such as plums, nectarines, apricots, pluots, etc.
  • Omit ginger and add a good pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon for a smoothie that tastes reminiscent of peach pie.
  • Swap water with unsweetened, dairy-free milk.
  • If your blender is having a hard time blending these ingredients, add just a bit more water.


Calories: 234kcal, Carbohydrates: 58g, Protein: 4g, Fat: 1g, Saturated Fat: 0.2g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.3g, Monounsaturated Fat: 0.2g, Sodium: 37mg, Potassium: 831mg, Fiber: 8g, Sugar: 40g, Vitamin A: 976IU, Vitamin C: 55mg, Calcium: 45mg, Iron: 1mg
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  1. The written recipe does not match the picture. The picture has a banana in it. You need to update.
    I find the portions to be too small for those that drink smoothies on the go. I use 1 orange, 1 peach and now I know it should not include a banana I will use 2 peaches.

    1. You’re right— the banana got left out of the recipe card. Thanks for the heads up! I recommend 1 1/2 cups peaches, which is about 2 whole peaches (so you’re right on there). Blending that with the banana will get it to be about 2 cups, which is what I like to have for breakfast. Anything less than that and I’m still hungry— and I def add some chia seeds or protein powder if using as a meal replacement. Gotta get in those healthy fats and protein to make it a complete meal on the go. So glad you’re rawkin’ with me!

  2. 5 stars
    The only substitution I made was adding flax seed in place of the protein powder. Would like to try this one with fresh, in- season peaches + non- dairy beverage + spices instead of ginger.

  3. 5 stars
    Such a pretty smoothie! I used a mix of peaches and nectarines since that’s what I had on hand, and it was great.

  4. 5 stars
    I had left over peaches (and a little pineapple) – so I made this but with that extra touch of pineapple. So good and so refreshing for this time time of year! Thank you for sharing!