Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Looking for a smoothie to blend with your kids? Let them help with this strawberry mango smoothie! This is a smoothie everyone can love.

Strawberry Mango Smoothie in a cute crate

Also known affectionately as “Pink Flamango,” this strawberry mango smoothie was created by my very first SGS rawkstar team member, Dan Mottayaw. That was 8 years ago, and now he’s got a toddler who gulps this smoothie down! It warms my heart to see kids growing up on leafy greens + fruit, like this delicious strawberry mango smoothie recipe.

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Strawberries, a powerhouse smoothie ingredient

Did you know that strawberries actually have more vitamin C than oranges? It’s true! These sweet berries shine in this strawberry mango smoothie recipe, both in flavor and in nutrients.

Strawberries are also low in sugar + high in fiber, which makes them a great smoothie addition for anyone who is watching their blood sugar levels. The fiber helps avoid a blood sugar rush, as well as keep your levels more stable. They are naturally sweet, so they are a great sweet treat in a smoothie, or straight off the stem.

Strawberry smoothies to try

If you love strawberries, then you need to check out these incredible smoothie recipes:

Strawberries can also be used in any berry recipe as a substitute.

Mango: the best tropical fruit

Okay, I know that statement is very subjective, but I really, really LOVE mangoes. I could eat them all day long and never tire of them – blended in this strawberry mango smoothie as well as freshly peeled.

Mango is like the tropical version of a peach. It’s juicy + sweet and chock full of vitamin A and fiber. Make sure and stand over the sink while eating a fresh one, because you’ll have juice dripping down your chin. No shame here! Add some mango to your smoothie to instantly get an island vibe going. I usually buy frozen mango in bulk from Trader Joes or Costco when using it in this strawberry mango smoothie, because it’s cheaper than my local grocery store.

Strawberry Mango Smoothie in a cute crate

Mango smoothie recipes

Mango can easily go from the main event in a smoothie, to a mild sweetener or creamy addition. I use it in a wide array of smoothies, and haven’t yet found a combo I don’t love! Try these smoothie recipes out for yourself:

Blend up this sweet and creamy strawberry mango smoothie, and then rate it below to let us know how you liked it!

Strawberry Mango Smoothie in mason jar
Strawberry Mango Smoothie in a cute crate

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

This Strawberry Mango Smoothie is mildly sweet, and draw out the flavors of the other fruit. Add some creamy almond milk to the mix and you get a smoothie worth blending over and over.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 6 minutes
Course: Beverage / Smoothie
Cuisine: Plant-Based
Servings: 1
Calories: 137kcal
Author: Jen Hansard



  • Blend: spinach and almond milk in blender.
  • Add: remaining fruit and blend again.


  • Use at least one frozen fruit to make the smoothie cold or serve over ice.


Calories: 137kcal | Carbohydrates: 26g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 4g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 2g | Sodium: 351mg | Potassium: 526mg | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 19g | Vitamin A: 3723IU | Vitamin C: 123mg | Calcium: 362mg | Iron: 2mg
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Strawberry mango protein boost

Looking for a taste-free way to add extra protein to this, or any, smoothie recipe? I searched for a good protein powder for YEARS, and then tried to create my own version for years. I got simple + smart and realized I constantly preach about the amazing power of plants, so why not use them in a smoothie boost!? Protein Smoothie Boost has 3 simple, organic ingredients: organic hemp protein, organic chia seeds, and organic flaxseeds. I’d love for you to try it, and I dare you not to fall in love with it! Boost your smoothie with 10g of the cleanest, most quality protein + healthy fat on the market.

#1 Green Smoothie Of all Time— no joke!
About Jen Hansard

Mom of 2, ran across the Grand Canyon and lover of smoothies, coffee & tacos. I transformed my family's health with a realistic plant-based diet. I also found myself again along the way.

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Ratings & Comments

  1. Stacy Ernst says:

    Loved the smoothie!

  2. Becky says:

    I’ve only come up with my own concoctions before I signed up for the 10 day challenge. I never knew how good a smoothie could taste. Just knew I didn’t like mango but this challenge is proving me wrong. Exited about the challenge looking forward to a healthier lifestyle!

  3. Laura Podrasky says:

    This is yummy, like yesterday’s. I find that when the recipe calls for almond milk versus water, it’s too thick and I have to add a bit of water so it’ll blend. I have a Vitamix so I don’t think that’s the issue. And really it’s not a big deal just interesting.

  4. Judy says:

    This smoothie was not as sweet as the day 1 smoothie. I made it more of a meal replacement by adding 2 tbsp hemp seed and 1 tsp of MCT Coconut oil. I probably should have added protein powder because it was still not filling enough, and I didn’t want to add more hemp seed since it was already high in fat. A couple drops of stevia or a date could give it a little more sweetness. I think it might be better with 1/2 cup strawberries and 1/2 cup of cherries or blueberries.

  5. Dianna Ebright says:

    I made this smoothie this morning. It was very good, had to modify a bit because the store did not have a good size bag of frozen strawberries, so I got mixed berries.

  6. Liana says:

    Day2…. made this smoothie it was great. I used coconut milk instead of almond. The coconut flavor comes through and it made the smoothie creamy. Next time I will add some ice to chill the drink and some water to thin out the drink.
    Will make again.

  7. Joan says:

    Another great flavor. I don’t care for mango and the substitution guide said you can use peaches, so I did. Even though they were nice and sweet, I prefer the day 1 smoothie over this one. I love the idea of getting all these nutrients in and trying new combinations and experimenting. Thanks!!

  8. Janette Thorpe says:

    This smoothie was good but not a go-to for me. I did add dome Hemp hearts and Chia to it for extra benefits but it needed something else for the flavour!

  9. Becky Olencki says:

    Another great recipe!
    Knowing that I would not have a lunch break at work, I added avocado. Creamy and yummy!

  10. Tiffany Richardson says:

    It was ok. I used frozen strawberries and mine turned out bland. I think if you used fresh ripe strawberries it would taste way better.

  11. Carolyn Hoffman says:

    Day two of the ten day challenge. This was very tasty. It wasn’t too sweet. I’d make this one again for sure. Even added kale and it was still very good.

  12. Jaimie Peeler says:

    I added a scoop of protein and a little bit extra almond milk, so so good!!! Perfect way to get my kids to eat some greens. Lol

  13. Chantel DeMill says:

    It was a little sweet but still super delicious!!

  14. Nelleke Beats says:

    Loved it. Little difficult blending with frozen strawberries. Recommend thawing fruit a little. Used frozen mangos as well.

  15. Rashida Fogel says:

    Loved the first smoothie recipe. It has one of my most favourite fruits – MANGO. Felt really good, as usual, after enjoying the smoothie. Looking forward to trying today’s and the rest of the week’s smoothies. Thank you, Jen and team!!

  16. Greg says:

    This smoothie is easy to make and very tasty! I liked it a lot!!

  17. Patricia says:

    Glass filled with yummy goodness

  18. Bev Hildebrand says:

    So easy and so awesome

  19. Heather says:

    I think I would like this smoothie with sweet strawberries but at this time of the year the fresh strawberries were tart. I will try this again with frozen strawberries.

  20. Rhonda Potts says:

    I don’t like strawberries so I substituted raspberries. Still delicious.

  21. Joy says:

    I added a scoop of protein powder to balance the carbs–still tasted great!

  22. Angeline says:

    I’m not crazy about strawberry shakes but this was perfect the little amount of mango made it sweeter.

  23. Christine says:

    Omg, this was amazing! It tasted just like strawberry ice-cream! I‘ll definitely be making this again!

  24. Cheryl P says:

    Not a sweet smoothie and very thick. Had to add more almond milk to make it smooth, maybe because I used frozen fruit. It’s a good smoothie, just not one of my favorites.

  25. Rebecca Starkey says:

    Day 2
    Strawberry Mango Smoothie was super easy to make and pretty darn delisious. Although, it was not as pretty and sweet as Beginners Luck it went down nicely. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  26. Cassia Griswold-Lintz says:

    This was a great smoothie — I really liked the strawberry flavor. A very satisfying smoothie and a great way to start my day!

  27. BARBARA says:


  28. Michelle says:

    Day Two! Pink Flamingo is not so pink but it is delicious. So far I have enjoyed both smoothies. I could taste the seeds from the strawberries and they reminded me a bit of sand but other than that I have no complaints. I’m gonna be sad if I run across one I don’t care for
    Oh, and my husband who’s philosophy is “why would I eat the food my food eats” has actually drank both smoothies and admitted they aren’t so bad – now that’s news for 2020!!!

  29. Cindy says:

    Day 2 smoothie not quite as sweet as yesterday’s smoothie but still satisfying and creamy.

  30. Sarah koob says:

    I made this for the 2nd time today . I must have done something wrong the first time, because this time it ROCKED!!!

  31. Dora Suarez says:

    Yummy! Two of my all time fave fruits. Great to learn about all the nutrition content. I usually have my smoothie as a lunch replacement and today I added collagen peptide protein powder (not whey protein) but was hungry again 1-hour later. What other ingredient could I add to this blend to sustain me longer? I was afraid to add a banana as that could add more sugar.

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Dora, did you add a healthy fat in addition to your protein powder? To turn a green smoothie into a meal replacement smoothie, you will want to add both a fat and a protein. Check out this post for more info–> Turn Your Green Smoothie Into a Meal!

  32. Maxine Thomas says:

    Day two…..Pink Flamango
    My 2nd green smoothie ever. I must say I prefer this one over yesterday’s.

  33. Grace says:

    Husband said, “it’s not green.” I substituted blackberries in for the strawberries, which I think made this smoothie more tart and less sweet. I used water instead of almond milk because I only had vanilla flavoured almond milk at home and thought that would be a strange mix. I also used more spinach and less mango. Hubby said it tasted more earthy, which could be from the blackberries and/or extra spinach. I added chia seeds and pea protein powder to my portion. I look forward to trying this one again, but with strawberries next time.

  34. Kimberly Watt says:

    It was good and so easy!
    I always change it to a meal replacement adding my Ideal Lean Protein Powder! & Chia Seeds

  35. Pei says:

    It was a bit bitter for some reason (maybe it was because of the mango?) I still like it as it is healthy

  36. K Bens says:

    I enjoyed this smoothie-but I liked Day 1’s better. I did add Kale to this one which may have added the less than desirable taste. ( I did ‘massage’ the kale and added a bit of lemon juice ). Looking forward to tomorrow!!

  37. Jackie Ray says:

    It was a bit thicker than I enjoy but my family loved the taste and so did I!

  38. Toya says:

    The strawberries made it a bit too tart for my liking (maybe they weren’t sweet enough) but the smoothie still gets a pass since it’s super healthy!

  39. Lindy Lincicome says:

    This one was delicious! I added a little protein powder to make it a meal.

  40. Lori says:

    I added peppermint, which I think tastes great with both mango and strawberries. I also had this for a light lunch so I added chia and MCT oil, too.
    Blended at home and took it to work, sipping as I’m typing. It’ still thick and creamy. Cold, too, since it’s been in the fridge.

  41. Josie Martiniello says:

    One of the best smoothies – the strawberries and mango are a delight!!! My husband loved it!

  42. Linda says:

    A little thick but if you substitute a quarter to a half of the almond milk with water it really smooths out nicely. The strawberry flavor really comes through.

  43. Marguerite C says:

    This one didn’t taste so good to me. I don’t usually care for so many strawberries in my smoothie. I doctored it with about 1/3 banana and more spinach (1+ cups). Then it was very good.

  44. Chris Miller says:

    Very fresh and delicious!

  45. Abby K says:

    This smoothie was very refreshing. I’m trying to increase my protein intake so I added pea protein powder. I notice this smoothie I had to add more liquid to it which made a bit more than 2 servings. I shared with my toddler (without the protein powder for him). Maybe I need to leave the fruits in the refrigerator overnight or soak it longer in the liquid.

  46. JT says:

    This one was just a little bland but still drinkable. Definitely need to thaw out the frozen fruit or this on gets a little to thick.

  47. A says:

    Really liked yesterday’s smoothie, but was not a huge fan of today’s! I used frozen strawberries and mango and it made the smoothie very thick and icy. Excited to try again tomorrow!

  48. Marie says:

    It was a little bland, but I think my strawberries needed to be sweeter.

  49. Rebecca C Browne says:

    Tastes great. Color leaves a little to be desired. And so very good for you.


  50. Tracy says:

    This recipe appears to be dependent upon the sweetness of the strawberries being used. In my case, they were not very sweet and it made a difference – almost a bitter result. I appreciate the change up using almond milk to create some creaminess in texture; however, I might make this one in the future with coconut water.

  51. Melinda N says:

    Loved this one – even my 7 year old son – who typically will not eat/drink anything green asked to try this one today and he liked it 🙂 Then I added chia and avocado to make it a meal replacement.

  52. sarah says:

    This was good, but I think if I let it thaw a bit first my blender could have done a better job without me adding a ton of almond milk to thaw it out. Can’t wait to try it again!

  53. Ashley says:

    Loved the texture

  54. Jennifer A says:

    This is one I enjoyed and will make again. I used frozen strawberries and mangos with spinach and unsweetened vanilla almond milk, which is my favorite smoothie base. I boosted it with almond butter and hemp hearts to make it more of a meal replacement. Yum!

  55. Christine Heath says:

    Not quite as good as day one, but we really liked it. I used a cup of almond milk and a cup of water for this.

  56. Eric Rasmussen says:

    Was excited about this recipe. Left me a little disappointed. It was pretty bland. Tried it with both fresh and frozen strawberries. Thinking that fresh strawberries would be better if they were in season (didn’t have a really good selection). Did add a scoop of vanilla protein powder to sweeten up a bit.

  57. Annette says:

    Love this green smoothie! Tasted like a strawberry milkshake

  58. Cynthia says:

    Smoothie was delicious! Sadly I didn’t have almond milk so coconut water was the substitute, but it was still good!

  59. Hilgay says:


  60. Esther says:

    Simply delicious!! Great way to start your day

  61. Liz Abel says:

    I am a day behind – made day 1 smoothie this morning. Found the pineapple to be very acidic in this. Added a bit of Pumpkin Pie spice and 1/4 tsp vanilla and it made all the difference. Great way to start the day!

  62. Vicky says:

    It’s pretty good could use maybe a bit more flavour

  63. Carolyn says:

    Tastes okay, but like neither mango nor strawberry. I am unclear about the serving size. Are all the ingredients together considered as 1 serving? Together they make about 30oz, but 16 ounces was listed as a serving. There seems to be a similar discrepancy with the other recipes too. Is the 142 calories in 16 or 30 ounces?

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Carolyn, all the ingredients as listed are considered 1 serving. I find that it usually makes a little more than 16 ounces, usually I get about 20 ounces or so. Many folks use apps like My Fitness Pal to calculate nutrition info so if you feel the caloric information doesn’t quite match what you’re making, you could try that.

  64. Karole T says:

    Love mango. Substitute the almond milk with coconut milk which I also love. Very delicious.

  65. Barbara Martello says:

    LOVED it! Always had strawberries & mangos, but never together. Never would of thought mixing them. It was DELISH!!!!

  66. Cherie says:

    This smoothie had a little stronger spinach taste.

  67. Yolanda Moneyhun says:

    Awesome! In really liked this recipe. Very simple to prepare. It reminded me of a strawberry ice cream.

  68. Rebekah Lara says:

    Love mango and strawberry! Plus the almond milk was a different twist!

  69. Diana says:

    This one is good, too. Tweaked it a little by adding chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut oil and flax to get in some fiber and antioxidants.

  70. Mandy Green says:

    It sounds delicious but strawberries are very expensive at this time of year in the northern climbs where I live. I substituted pineapple and a few grapes for the strawberries which was also delicious. I will look forward to making this recipe in the summer.

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Mandy, you may be able to find frozen strawberries for less than fresh. Especially if you can find a family-size or “bulk” bag.

  71. Amy Robinson says:

    I’m in agreement with others here who don’t like the almond milk in the smoothie. I’ve started a new batch of kefir water, that’s what I used for my first smoothie which I loved, can’t imagine that this one wouldn’t be just as good if made with that instead of almond milk.

  72. Tanya says:

    Love this – I cut down the strawberries and mango by about half and upped the spinach to cut the sugar and it was perfect. Highly recommend! Tasted clean and delicious.

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Yes, Tanya! That’s exactly what we recommend to decrease the amount of natural sugars / sweetness. So glad you loved it.

  73. Missy says:

    Loved this smoothie strawberry and mango.

  74. Ellen Edelman says:

    Blended this up today with fresh almond milk I had just made. The flavor was incredible!

  75. Bob Kunkle says:

    I made it with 5 almonds blended with water. Did not use almond miIk I like most all smoothies but this one. Is it because I did not use store bought almond milk?

  76. Peggy Shaw says:

    So smooth!

  77. Peggy Shaw says:

    Another great smoothie! Love the strawberry and mango flavours!


    I ran out of almond milk and don’t go to the store until this afternoon so I used light coconut milk. Very fruity flavor! By habit and also cuz I love it, I tend to throw pineapple in everything but this combination without banana or pineapple was very good! I got a vitamix on black Friday and I swear, after 3 years of smoothies, it’s like having a completely different drink ! So worth it.

  79. Nichole says:

    Despite having a high powered vitamix, I still had to add a bunch of liquid to this one to get it to blend properly. Only my fruit was frozen. So, I’m sure that watered down the flavors a little bit. It’s still drinkable.

  80. Teresa says:

    Oh yea! and add kale, KALE YEA!

  81. Mary says:

    Honestly, it’s not my favorite. I do not care for the almond milk in this smoothie. I think next time I will trade it out for something different.

  82. Beverly Doucette says:

    The Pink Flamingo is a dream. It ‘s smooth and delicious. It’s hard to believe there is so much nutritional value packed into it.

  83. Susan says:

    Not my favorite, but still good! I did add Beans because I eat 3 portions a day as recommended by Dr Michael Gregor in “How Not To Die” the daily dozen. Yes I’m kinda a health nut.

  84. Deb says:

    Love strawberries and mango! Each day has been a win!!

  85. Shaneka says:

    I really enjoyed this smoothie I’m normally a water only girl with my smoothies but this was a pleasant surprise.

  86. Lol says:

    Modified, orange instead of mango and was great!

  87. Jo says:

    Today’s recipe was as appealing as yesterdays. Well balanced. not overbearing. Thanks again

  88. Mary says:

    I liked the almond milk better than yesterday’s water based. Still more green taste than fruit, but perhaps my fruit is bland since it is winter.
    However, though the taste did not wow me, I would make it again for its food value and Ease!

  89. Cynthia says:

    Another yummy smoothie!

  90. Shawn says:

    This one is not one of my favorites. I’m not sure if it’s the almond milk or my sweet tooth but I definitely feel like it needs some sugar! Maybe I’ll try it again with just plain water or coconut water.

  91. Kristin says:

    I add 1/8 cup of chopped dates to sweeten the drink. I like the flavor!

  92. Suzanne says:

    Drinking this as I watch The Canadian World Junior team beat Slovakia to move on to the semi-finals. Not my favourite smoothie but still fresh tasting and making me feel healthier just by drinking it!!

  93. Emily says:

    Modified with OJ instead and my kids loved it!

  94. Cindy Chandler says:

    I don’t have any mangos yes so I can’t say how this is with them. But I did use everything else. Of course I power it up with mu own boosts as well. Quite tasty. I am making these for my husband as well and enjoys them.

  95. Ashley Smith says:

    This one was a little more difficult for me to blend, but I just added some more almond milk and we were back in business! Not an overwhelming flavor of any one ingredient, so overall a good blend!

  96. Mary-Walker says:

    This was delicious! I will definitely make it again. I think I will try it with coconut milk though, because I just prefer that over almond milk!

  97. Shannon says:

    I really thought this was going to be tart with no banana and my unsweetened cashew milk but it was fabulous! I love only consuming whole fruits and vegetables without adding protein powders!

    Thank you for the great recipes!

  98. Laura says:

    The colour isn’t the nicest but I was pleasantly surprised at the lightness of the flavour. I loudly make again.

  99. Caroline says:

    This smoothie makes us enjoy the taste of strawberries with a green touch and a fresh and not-too-sweet flavour. Very good!

  100. Jen Hart-Machin says:

    I tend to make water my go to liquid base and always forget how awesome almond milk is (especially with strawberries) this was a perfect yummy one to start off my birthday !

    • SGS Rawkstar Jess says:

      Jen, my fellow Capricorn! Hope you had a great birthday. 🙂

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