Infuse your Thanksgiving meal with vegan recipes packed with nutrients and flavored so that they actually taste good. Gone are the days of Tofurky, unless you actually like it. I thoughtfully created this list based on plant-based recipes I’ve actually served at Thanksgiving, so I want you to know these all go well in a lovely dinner spread.

Feel free to mix n’ match to create your ultimate feast.

Menu with words Vegan Thanksgiving Menu at the top. Includes appetizers, salads, soups, entrees, sides, desserts and beverages you can include in your feast.

The 30+ vegan Thanksgiving recipes can be proudly shared with family and friends alongside a turkey (we don’t judge here) or left to shine all on their own.

Also, the whole team here at Simple Green Smoothies is here to answer any questions you have leading up to the big day to ensure your holiday gathering is as stress-free as possible. So if you have a question, scroll down to the comments and ask away!

Table of Contents
  1. Plant-Based Thanksgiving Menu
  2. Vegan Thanksgiving Appetizers
  3. Autumn Soups and Salads
  4. Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes
  5. Plant-Powered Side Dishes
  6. Healthy-ish Thanksgiving Desserts
  7. Tasty Thanksgiving Beverages

Plant-Based Thanksgiving Menu

Grab the above menu and decide what you want to include in your feast. Pick as many recipes from each category as you want and dive on in! You can adjust these recipes right on the recipe card to the number of servings you need.

Whether you’re a hard-core vegan, plant-based foodie or trying to add more vegetables to your traditional Thanksgiving feast, you’re in the right place. Embrace the plants you love and make them taste amazing.

4 photos together with the word appetizers for Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes written over top. Recipe images include vegan charcuterie board, avocado fries, hummus and cauliflower wings.

Vegan Thanksgiving Appetizers

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is all the snacking that happens during the food prep. These vegan Thanksgiving recipes make great, light finger foods to share with friends and family. They keep everyone satisfied, even with all the good smells coming from the kitchen.

vegan charcuterie with plant based cheeses, fresh fruit, pickled veggies and an assortment of crackers.
Vegan Charcuterie Board
5 from 4 votes
Charcuterie boards are all the rage and I’m here for it! We’ve assembled a beautiful, tasty plant-based charcuterie board with an assortment of non-dairy cheeses and dips along with fresh fruits and veggies and other snacks.
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vegan avocado fries on a white plate with a container of chipotle ranch dipping sauce.
Avocado Fries
5 from 2 votes
Snacking made delicious with these crispy avocado fries. These are a super fun side dish, snack or appetizer that will surely liven up your day.
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homemade hummus
Homemade Hummus
5 from 13 votes
With this recipe on hand, you'll never need store-bought hummus again! Along with iron-rich chickpeas, we've included loads of fresh, vibrant herbs to add extra vitamins, minerals to this herb hummus.
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Recipe for vegan buffalo cauliflower wings
Cauliflower Buffalo Wings
4.9 from 9 votes
I’ve never been a fan of chicken wings—yet I love the spicy-hot flavor! I was so excited when I got this plant-based recipe to work. Welcome to the world of Cauliflower Buffalo Wings!
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4 images with words soups and salads for Vegan Thanksgiving written on top. Images include fall salad, potato soup, pumpkin soup and carrot salad.

Autumn Soups and Salads

Nothing screams Autumn like kale salads and warm autumn soups, especially if you lean more plant-based. Infused your Thanksgiving meal with these wonderful additions to add color and flavor magic to your day. Whether you serving your meal course-style or piling it on the table for a family feast, the below dishes will fit right in.

beautiful fall salad with candied pecans
Fall Salad with Candied Pecans
4.8 from 6 votes
Spruce up your fall and winter table with this colorful, healthy fall salad recipe with pecans.
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Crunchy Carrot Salad
4.2 from 162 votes
This is my plant-powered take on a classic recipe. It is lighter, brighter, and not weighed down by mayo. Serve as-is for a wonderful side dish or double and enjoy as the main event.
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kale caesar salad with garlic lemon aioli.
Kale Caesar Salad
4.7 from 154 votes
This simple kale caesar salad is the perfect filling lunch. It's made with 100% plants and is both creamy and filling. I love the flavor and bit of the kale paired with the creamy aioli.
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overhead shot of pumpkin soup topped with roasted pepitas
Vegan Pumpkin Soup
5 from 11 votes
One thing I really love is a good vegan pumpkin soup. It’s healthy, filling, comforting, and warms you up when the weather is chilly. Check out the recipe notes for all the variations.
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roasted red pepper soup
Roasted Red Pepper Soup
4.9 from 9 votes
Plant powered. Autumn Flavored. Try this amazing vegan roasted red pepper soup that's both comforting and tasty.
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bowl of vegan potato soup topped with crunchy kale croutons.
Vegan Potato Soup
4.6 from 278 votes
You'll never guess there's no dairy in this amazingly comforting vegan potato soup. It's exactly what your next cool evening calls for and can be paired with a simple kale crouton recipe that takes the flavor to the next level.
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4 images with the words Entrees for Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes. Recipes include roasted veggies in hemp sauce, spaghetti squash, loaded sweet potato and stuffed portobello mushrooms.

Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes

If you’re not a turkey lover then grab a vegan Thanksgiving main dish from the below list to keep you happy. If you’re doing a blended feast, serving turkey alongside any of these entrees can really turn up the wow factor.

Most of these are best made the day of, so reserve some oven space for them as you plan out your prep. The loaded sweet potatoes can actually be baked a day ahead, then reheated and topped right before serving if you wish.

a beautifully plated loaded sweet potato
Loaded Sweet Potato with Kale Slaw
4.9 from 14 votes
Enjoy this Loaded Sweet Potato recipe that is filling and helps balance your blood sugar. It's also packed with vitamin A, B vitamins, potassium and fiber. They provide the perfect base for this delicious kale slaw, which is teeming with nutrients that help stimulate digestion and absorption.
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Easy plant-based mediterranean recipes
Roasted Vegetable Mediterranean Recipe
5 from 6 votes
I’m a huge fan of swapping traditional pasta for veggie noodles in this mediterranean recipe. And this one is no different! Spaghetti squash is very mild and has a great texture that can hold up to sauces and toppings like a champ. 
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vegan stuffed portobello mushrooms
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
5 from 3 votes
This stuffed portobello mushroom recipe is easy enough for a delicious weeknight dinner and unique enough for your next dinner party. Mediterranean-inspired flavors pop in these beautiful mushroom caps.
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Hemp Hearts Veggie Bowl
4.9 from 13 votes
The hemp sauce makes this dish and brings the roasted veggies to a whole other level! Feel free to swap in other veggies to match your preferences, but this combo of onions, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and kale is a real winner.
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4 images with the words Side Dishes written over top. Recipes include roasted Brussels Sprouts, potato wedges, butternut squash and roasted cabbage wedges.

Plant-Powered Side Dishes

Now that we’re hitting our stride with these awesomely festive dishes, let’s keep the good times rolling with some on-par side dishes. I like to keep the sides simple so that the veggies complement the other foods. Also, you may turn your nose up at roasted Brussels sprouts, but give this gorgeous recipe a try in all its caramelized glory. They are truly a Thanksgiving staple at my house.

Brussels sprouts with glazed walnuts are the perfect side dish
Roasted Brussels Sprouts
5 from 2 votes
Roasted Brussels sprouts are my favorite vegetable of all time. It started as a kid when I would pretend they were Barbie doll sized cabbages and play with them. Over the years, I have come to prefer my sprouts blackened to perfection and tossed with walnuts and maple syrup.
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baked potato wedges
Baked Potato Wedges
5 from 5 votes
Whether you need a great side dish or a fun appetizer, these baked potato wedges are delightful. They come out perfectly crispy with just the right amount of seasoning.
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ceramic dish of roasted butternut squash topped with fresh herbs.
Roasted Butternut Squash
5 from 1 vote
Enjoy this gorgeously simple, side dish by cubing and roasting butternut squash in a few easy steps. You can use this recipe to enjoy softened or crispy squash, your choice! This is a great side dish for the cooler months and works well for the holidays, too.
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roasted cabbage wedges
Roasted Cabbage Wedges
5 from 4 votes
I grew up on roasted cabbage so it's a staple in my St. Patrick's Day celebrations with my family. Enjoy this simple yet comforting recipe and start a plant based tradition with your family, too!
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4 images with the words Desserts written on top. Images include peanut butter squash, pumpkin chia pudding, caramel apple dip and brownies.

Healthy-ish Thanksgiving Desserts

This is the course where vegan Thanksgiving recipes can truly shine. I’d stack my dessert recipes up against non-vegan desserts any day! They can all be made at least a day in advance, leaving your kitchen free for the hot dishes that need to be prepped the day of.

I gotta be honest, I’m not the biggest dessert fan. My kids ask for chocolate chip cookies every year, and we usually make them sometime in the evening before whipping out the board games. I love the simplicity of a smaller sweet treat after such a big meal, yet if you love going all out on the sweeter side then go for it!

peanut butter fudge topped with chocolate and crushed peanut butter cups.
Peanut Butter Fudge
5 from 3 votes
You'll definitely wanna include this vegan peanut butter fudge into your holiday menu this year. This decadent recipe is easy to make and provides a beautifully rich treat. Plus, it's only 4 ingredients!
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Platter of gluten free fudgy brownies
Fudgy Gluten-Free Brownies
5 from 6 votes
Thick, fudgy brownies that also happen to be vegan and gluten-free. (No one will be able to tell!) Loaded with delicious chocolate flavor and a great texture, this Fudgy Gluten-Free Brownie Recipe really hit the spot.
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Pumpkin Chia Pudding
5 from 4 votes
Celebrate fall with this quick n' easy protein-packed snack. Pumpkin Chia Pudding tastes great and is the perfect amount of sweet. Treat it like a dessert, a snack, or a light breakfast.
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Healthy Caramel Apple Dip
4.9 from 7 votes
Hope you’re sitting down because this healthy caramel apple dip is going to blow your mind! Made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients and ZERO added sugar (no corn syrup!), this sauce is rawkin’. Use as a spread, dip, topping, sauce, filling, or just eat it by the spoonful.
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Healthy zucchini bread, ready to eat
Healthy Zucchini Bread
5 from 5 votes
A fun bread the whole family can enjoy (and help make!). I love that this bread contains a whole cup of veggies, and that it’s vegan… though you can’t even tell!
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4 images with the words Beverages written over top. Recipes include spiced chai, sangria, apple cider and warm almond milk.

Tasty Thanksgiving Beverages

I wanted to include some bonus recipes here for you too. Magic happens around the fire or board game table while you’re sipping on a delicious drink. I think these Autumn favorites will help your guests feel super comfy, as well as keep the good flavors rolling whether they enter with the appetizers or are offered with the vegan Thanksgiving main dish.

Commence the holiday sipping on a warm beverage like crock pot apple cider, homemade hot chocolate or even a seasonal berry sangria! The cider can be made in a slow cooker and left simmering all day.

chai tea latte in a mug topped with homemade coconut whipped cream.
Chai Tea Latte
5 from 2 votes
This warm and cozy spiced chai tea latte recipe is just what you need on a cold autumn day. It will fill your home with the aromas of fresh cardamom, ginger and cloves as well as warm you inside and out.
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Non-Alcoholic Berry Sangria
4.8 from 6 votes
Dress up your next party not only with decor but also with this vibrant non-alcoholic Berry Sangria. It's full of fruit and flavor, and can be enjoyed by the whole family.
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Cinnamon Dolce Latte
5 from 8 votes
This homemade Cinnamon Dolce Latte recipe is bursting with all the right flavors. You can make this with an espresso shot or high quality instant coffee. There's no reason to wait in the drive thru line again once you sip this treat.
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Crockpot Apple Cider Recipe
Best Crockpot Apple Cider
5 from 3 votes
Nothing says winter quite like crockpot apple cider—and this version takes it to the next level with flavor. Using a slow cooker makes preparing this hot beverage easier than ever, and as the cider mulls, your house smells fantastic 
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Warm Almond Milk
4.8 from 6 votes
Try this delicious warm almond milk recipe to end your evening on a sweet note. My non-caffeinated, glucose regulating beverage helps you sleep well and start the next day on an energetic note.
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Homemade Hot Chocolate
4.9 from 10 votes
Take a spin on the classic hot chocolate recipe and not even miss a beat with this homemade hot chocolate recipe. This one is even better tasting AND twice as good for you. Let's cheers to that!
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We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your loved ones! If you end up making any of these awesome recipes, we’d love to know. Be sure to tag us @simplegreensmoothies so we can celebrate with you.

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