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Vitamix Sale ‘Til Thanksgiving!


  Do you want green smoothies that knock your socks off with pure creamy dreamy perfection? The Vitamix is on sale NOW. It’s just $259! Say what? This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen. Seriously. You simply cannot beat the price. Here’s the deets… It’s $40 off it’s regularly priced $299 (thats cheaper than […]

Best blenders for green smoothies


  So, you’re walking through the store, and you come to the blender section… “Oh, boy,” you think to yourself. There are blenders with square pitchers, round pitchers, glass pitchers, plastic pitchers. Some have 12 speeds, while others go at the speed of a bullet. There are even blenders that almost cost as much as it […]


Juicing vs Blending : What’s the difference?


One of the most popular questions we receive from our awesome community, is what’s the difference between juicing and blending? We love to blend, and we are 100% green smoothie advocates because it’s an easy and healthy lifestyle to maintain— especially with super busy schedules. But we also know green smoothies are not the only […]