Breakfast can make or break your day. Instead of starting it with empty calories that leave you hangry and sluggish by 10am, blend healthy breakfast smoothies for a filling and satisfying meal to support your weight loss goals.

One of my favorite breakfast smoothies is my Vanilla Bean Yogurt Smoothie— it keeps me feeling full all morning. The key to a healthy breakfast smoothie is making sure it combines protein, healthy fats and carbs to create you a well-rounded meal that leaves you nourished and full.

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Starting my day with a breakfast smoothie is a no-brainer. Yet not all smoothies offer the same types of nutrients, protein or natural sugars you need in the morning.

Before I have a smoothie, I like to make a quick detox tea or metabolism-boosting tea to get the digestive system moving (if you know what I mean). After that, I get out the blender, toss some fruits and vegetables in to to nourish my body and keep me full all morning long. Fiber is our friend.

Best Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

When I start my day with a good, filling breakfast smoothie, I tend to make better food choices throughout the day. Which is why I really try to drink a healthy breakfast smoothie every single day. Here’s some of my favorite recipes to blend for breakfast:

Creamy Banana Smoothie
4.5 from 319 votes
Blend your way into a great day with this sweet n’ creamy banana smoothie. It’s got protein that will keep you full, and simple ingredients for natural energy.
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avocado smoothie
Creamy Avocado Smoothie
4.9 from 13 votes
With just 5 simple ingredients, this nutrient-packed avocado smoothie recipe blends up in minutes for a satisfying breakfast or hearty snack.
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yogurt smoothie
Vanilla Bean Yogurt Smoothie
5 from 5 votes
Whip up this super simple, super delicious vanilla bean yogurt smoothie made with just five ingredients. Switch up the type of fruit according to what's in season for endless possibilities!
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Vanilla Protein Shake
5 from 15 votes
This plant-based Vanilla Protein Shake is one of my favorite recipes of all time. I love how creamy, sweet and nourishing it is— and it makes a great post workout recovery smoothie or meal replacement. 
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Rich Coffee Smoothie
5 from 21 votes
Sip on this cool and creamy coffee smoothie for breakfast or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. It's got the caffeine you want delivered in an oh-so-smooth beverage that has the bonus of fruits, veggies, protein, fiber and more.
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overhead photo of a savory protein shake in a glass jar topped with chickpeas and spices
Savory Smoothie
4.9 from 9 votes
If you're looking for a not-so-sweet smoothie then this savory smoothie is for you! It is naturally protein-packed and full of the flavors of my favorite fresh salsa. It's definitely a unique departure from the traditional fruit sweetened smoothies, yet I dare you to give it a blend!
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Cinnamon Date Smoothie
4.5 from 308 votes
I can’t wait for you to try this crowd pleasing Cinnamon Date Smoothie. It’s perfectly sweet and creamy, and will delight at your next party or family movie night. The dates naturally sweeten this cinnamon smoothie, while the rolled oats thicken it to a milkshake consistency.
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bright green smoothie full of the best brain food
Brain Food Smoothie
5 from 26 votes
This brain food smoothie has everything you need to get you going in the morning— protein, healthy fats, and replenishing electrolytes. Adding avocado to smoothies gives you a lovely dose of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are vital for brain development and nerve function. Not only that, but the avocado also assists the body in absorbing nutrients from the greens.
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flaxseed smoothie in a glass next to a jar of flaxseeds.
Easy Flaxseed Smoothie
4.7 from 7 votes
This is a protein-packed, filling smoothie recipe that's perfect for a quick lunch or post workout pick-me-up. Easily omit the date if you wanna cut back on the natural sugar. Flaxseed is a superfood with fat, protein and fiber; basically a great way to start your day.
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Vanilla Matcha Smoothie
5 from 3 votes
The mellow taste of matcha with sweet vanilla, blended into a delicious, creamy smoothie. Enjoy any time of the day, this recipe is perfect for breakfast, pre- and post-workout and midnight snacks, too!
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Savory Cauliflower Smoothie
4.8 from 4 votes
I can't wait for you to try this ultra-creamy, perfectly seasoned cauliflower smoothie. It is bursting with flavor and is a fun departure from my usual sweet creations. Enjoy!
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Healthy caramel protein shake
Caramel Protein Shake
5 from 9 votes
Plant powered protein for the win in this decadent caramel protein shake. Completely satisfying and healthy, take your next snack or dessert up a notch with this chickpea + Medjool date combo. 
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fat burning smoothies for weight loss
Fat Burning Smoothie for Weight Loss
4.8 from 171 votes
This vegan breakfast smoothie is tailor-made to speed up the metabolism and burn fat (hello weight loss!). Drink this smoothie, then get in a morning workout. This will maximize the benefits of the grapefruit, avocado, and celery.
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Chocolate Weight Loss Protein Smoothie
4.8 from 68 votes
This weight loss smoothie uses all natural ingredients to kick start your metabolism and burn fat. We're using all plant-based ingredients to keep you full until your next meal and get you the results you want.
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Avocado Banana Smoothie | #vegan #smoothie #greensmoothie
Avocado Banana Smoothie
4.4 from 805 votes
Blending this creamy breakfast smoothie will give the body the healthy fat it craves to create natural energy without the crash. This smoothie is also loaded with ingredients that help my skin glow – bonus!
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chocolate protein shake
Chocolate Protein Shake
4.8 from 94 votes
Who said chocolate is only for dessert?! This insanely delicious breakfast protein smoothie is the perfect workout recovery drink, as well as a way to kick that weight loss into gear. Not only does it satisfy my sweet tooth, it's packed with vegan protein (20+ grams!) that helps my muscles recover faster from hard exercise.
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blueberries on a smoothie for a meal
Meal Replacement Smoothie
4.5 from 410 votes
Bringing up the rear in this breakfast smoothie recipes lineup, is a berry smoothie that leaves me full and ready to conquer the day. I use whatever berries are in season to get the best taste, as well as the most antioxidant benefits. Berries are super sweet + low sugar, which is a great combo for health and satisfaction.
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Ingredients in Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Sweet or savory, green or purple, you get to pick! Any of these recipes will help you easily check off that healthy breakfast goal each day, in just about five minutes. Why? Well, they’re loaded with all the good stuff and taste amazing. You won’t have to force yourself to down any of these. Here’s how I like to build my breakfast smoothies:

  • Protein: Whether it’s my homemade protein powder, chia seeds, hemp seeds/hearts, peanut butter or almond butter (or any seed/nut butter), greek yogurt (or vegan yogurt), I’ve got protein covered. You can boost any smoothie with these options if they aren’t already included in the recipe.
  • Fiber: I choose to blend smoothies over juicing in the morning to start the day off right with fiber. Your blender doesn’t get rid of the fiber in whole fruits and vegetables, and your body will benefit!
  • Leafy greens: Not every smoothie has leafy greens (yet feel free to add them any time you want!), though I often try to add in a handful or two of spinach or kale since they act as fiber, protein, vegetable and more.
  • Natural sweeteners: Instead of turning to refined sugar right after I wake up, I stick to natural sugar from fruit like mango, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and more to flavor my smoothies. They can be super sweet and natural.
  • Unsweetened liquid bases: I love fresh juice and do enjoy it every now and again, yet my smoothies are fueled with unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water or just plain water to ensure I’m not adding extra sugar that my body does just fine without. I choose dairy-free options as that makes my body feel better yet feel free to use dairy milk if that works for you.

Helpful Tips for Smothies

You can just as easily prep ahead smoothies as you can baked oatmeal, overnight oats or chia pudding. Grab your favorite smoothie recipes. I try to stick to ones with some similar ingredients so I can buy them in bulk, then measure out all the ingredients except for the boosters and liquid into freezer-safe bags or mason jars.

I often prep smoothies when I know a busy month is ahead. Whatever one I want to blend in the morning I switch from the freezer to the fridge so it’s slightly thawed and easy to blend the next morning. This cuts down on the decisions I have to make first thing and ensures I’ve got a good breakfast.


Are smoothies healthy for breakfast?

Yes! Focus on a smoothie that has an unsweetened liquid base like almond milk or water, then add in some fruits and veggies/leafy greens, and a protein or healthy fat boosters like plant-based protein powder, chia seeds or hemp hearts. Blend away and cheers to your healthy start!

Is it okay to drink a smoothie first thing in the morning?

It’s definitely okay to drink a smoothie first thing in the morning, or second or third thing. I often start the day with coffee, then drink my smoothie around mid-morning. If I know there won’t be another time to enjoy breakfast, I’ll start with the smoothie to help my body wake up and fuel up, then opt for coffee later in the day.

What are the best ingredients to put in a breakfast smoothie?

Honestly, you can put so many good ingredients in a smoothie. There is no one right way to make one! Follow this ration formula: 1 cup liquid, 1 cup leafy greens, 2 cups fruit. This gives you a good balance of ingredients for a smooth, creamy texture and a delicious smoothie. You can always boost it with a protein powder or some healthy fat if you want to.

Is it okay to replace breakfast with a smoothie?

Yes! When I choose a smoothie for breakfast, I make sure it has enough protein (aim for 10 grams or more) and healthy fat to help turn the natural sugar from the fruit into usable energy without a sugar crash. I don’t want to be hungry an hour later, so I load that smoothie up with ingredients that will fill me up and keep me satisfied until lunch.

5 from 11 votes

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Blend your way into a great day with this sweet n' creamy banana breakfast smoothie. It's got protein and fiber to keep you full and healthy ingredients to nourish all morning.
Prep: 5 minutes
Total: 5 minutes
Author: Jen Hansard
Course: Smoothie
Cuisine: Plant-Based
Serves: 1


  • 2 bananas frozen
  • ½ cup vegan yogurt plain
  • 1 cup cashew milk
  • 1 serving collagen powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Blend all ingredients until smooth
  • Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!


  • Vegan? Swap 1 scoop of collagen powder with 1 serving of homemade protein powder
  • To reduce the natural fruit sugars, use 1/4 avocado and 1 banana
  • You can swap in any kind of yogurt, just choose one that’s plain or with limited sugar
  • Cashews can be swapped for almonds or oats
  • Cashew milk can be swapped for any dairy-free milk of your choice


Serving: 16oz, Calories: 364kcal, Carbohydrates: 61g, Protein: 18g, Fat: 7g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Monounsaturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 16mg, Sodium: 255mg, Potassium: 1041mg, Fiber: 6g, Sugar: 35g, Vitamin A: 272IU, Vitamin C: 21mg, Calcium: 160mg, Iron: 1mg
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Which one of these breakfast smoothies will you try? Drop a comment and let me know!

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  1. Is there anything you could see being a good replacement for the oats? My body has a hard time with oats and oatmilk. Thank you!!

    1. Great question! You could use quinoa flakes here instead.

    1. Hey Mikayla! If you click on each other recipe links, it’ll take you to the full recipe and beneath it is in the nutritional facts. Hope that helps!

    2. Hi Mikayla – The calorie count for any recipe can be found at the bottom of the recipe in the ‘Nutrition Facts’ section.

  2. Can I drink this smoothie after a workout, to help with weight loss should I use it as a meal replacement? Thanks

    1. Hi Claire. I like to have them after I workout (just make sure to add protein to help with muscle recovery) and you can def enjoy as a meal. I do that almost every day. Here’s a great article on Protein powder for smoothies.

    1. Hola Camila! You absolutely can! Green apples are high in fiber and low in sugar making them a great choice here. Cheers!

  3. thank you as I am o a new journey for a healthy life still, I am super excited to push myself and body to its best

  4. 5 stars
    I made the meal replacement smoothie for lunch on the go as I was headed to work yesterday. It was delicious and satisfying.
    Almond butter and oats are one of my favorite smoothie boosting combos!

  5. Was just telling my husband I needed to get back to my smoothies!! Super excited to try the Chocolate Banana!!!

  6. I think the meal replacement smoothie would be best for me right now, only because I have all the ingredients. Looking forward to having that tomorrow morning!

    1. Sounds good, Tracy! Let us know what you think of it! 🙂

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    This morning I ran out of ideas for breakfast smoothies, so I will be consulting these Tomorrow! Thanks

  8. Can’t wait to try them, I’ve been drinking the same green smoothie for a long time and looking to change it up a bit.

    1. Hey Celinda! You should def try these. We have so many awesome and delicious recipes, if you’re looking to switch it up and drink a variety of smoothies, the ones in this post are a great start! 🙂

  9. I’m pumped to receive these today! I am testing out Intermittent Fasting and working out first thing in the morning, but not eating until 11 AMish. These might really help me change the way I’m eating so I can actually see some weight loss movement.

  10. 5 stars
    The Avocado Banana Smoothie is my favorite. I’ve been making this smoothie for a while now. I keep all of the ingredients (except the liquid) in the freezer. Toss it all into a blender with unsweetened almond milk and it’s thick and creamy heaven in a glass!

  11. 5 stars
    I’m gonna have to go with the chocolate banana protein shake. Just the pictures alone……. yummy!