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Amazing Superfoods List


Discover the amazing superfoods from this list of my favorites that I use in my smoothies and meals.

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These amazing superfoods are ranked based on taste and nutrients after years of research and testing.

Confession: I wasn’t a fan of superfoods when I started blending green smoothie. I liked simple fruits and veggies that I recognized and could pronounce. Yet every few weeks, I’d get a new shipment of superfoods to my door from a company that wanted me to try their new product.

I started exploring this world of smoothie boosters. Some were good. Some bad. And some were just nasty. Yet they keep coming because the market keeps growing.

Today, I want to help you NOT waste your time and money… and stick with only the best superfoods list to enhance your smoothie. Honestly, the more fresh fruits and veggies you can use— the better. And when in a pinch or as a finishing touch, additional superfoods can take your smoothie up a notch.

Superfoods are a quick and easy way to get some serious nutrients into your body, yet stepping into the world of ingredients to make superfood smoothies can be intimidating. I’ve wandered through the health aisles of the market in a daze… wondering if these so-called super foods could possibly be worth the “super price”. But what are superfoods?

Seriously, how super could they actually be? 

Turns out, pretty super. So let me break it down for you…

In short, superfoods are great for your body and great for our world. They’re all natural and are filled with many nutrients that our bodies crave but don’t receive. And because they are non-GMO + organic that means they are coming from hard working farmers who take care of their crops and the earth in sustainable ways. When using superfoods with a smoothie, the benefits are compounded by so much goodness.

Top 10 Superfoods List for Smoothies

Over the years I’ve prob tried them all in my green smoothies, and have quickly narrowed them down to my “go-to favs.” Below is my amazing superfoods list that I use daily. These ones taste the best and give me the results I’m looking for, which I will break down below. I’ll also share which ones I buy so you can check them out as well (hint: I like Amazon and I like affordable).

10 Amazing Superfoods List for Smoothies and Meals

1. Chia Seeds

If you are looking for a green smoothie staple then you have come to the right place. These do-it-all superseeds are good for your head with their high content of omega fatty acids that increase healthy brain function, but have also proven to be good for your heart by fighting high cholesterol and heart disease. They even boast a wide variety of nutrients, such as: protein, fiber, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and antioxidants. Use up to three tablespoons of chia seeds in your smoothie.

BLEND ::Post-Workout Green Smoothie

2. Coconut Oil

If you are exercising for weight loss, then coconut oil will be an important ingredient for you. The fatty acids in this superfood fight body fat by converting into energy that boosts metabolism as opposed to animal derived saturated fats that add body fat. Use one tablespoon of coconut oil in your green smoothie for breakfast.

BLEND ::Pineapple Kale Coconut Oil Green Smoothie

3. Avocados

Avocados are a big part of my diet and qualify as a super food at a super price (if you time it right). We toss them in smoothies, make guacamole and often just eat them by themselves. These green gems contain almost 20 vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds that will boost your smoothie real fast and make it extra creamy. They are loaded with heart-healthy fats that will keep your skin glowing and your tummy full longer. That’s why they came in #3 for the best superfoods for smoothies.

BLEND IN :: SPA Cleanser Green Smoothie

4. Hemp Protein

At times it can be difficult to receive the proper amounts of protein and fiber that our bodies need in a healthy way. Hemp protein powder makes it a little easier boasting a whopping 50% protein content and much higher levels of fiber than soy-based protein powder. The hemp content is also kid friendly, as it encourages childhood growth through its amino acids. Athletes can also turn to this superfood for its ability to repair muscles. You can add one to four tablespoons of hemp protein, which has a much stronger taste. You can also buy hemp hearts and sprinkle one to two tablespoons of top of smoothies or add to your salads for a nutty, protein packed punch.

BLEND :: Cherry Pineapple Post Workout Smoothie

5. Cacao Powder

Cacao is filled with two things that we love: antioxidants and flavor! The antioxidants boost your immune system which helps to resist those nasty colds and sickness. The rich, chocolatey flavor is delicious and dessert-like which helps to resist those sugar cravings while still satisfying your sweet tooth. Blend two to four tablespoons of cacao powder with your daily smoothie and enjoy the warm flavors.

BLEND :: Shamrock Green Smoothie

6. Goji Berries

Perhaps one of the tastiest top ten treats are goji berries, known for their healing strength. The nutrients included in these berries are antioxidants and amino acids, but the real strength lies within their more than 20 vitamins and minerals. These precious nutrients have been used for centuries in Asian cultures to strengthen eyesight, fight against viruses, balance hormones, and even to assist with the longevity of life. Not feeling the best? Sweeten things up with 1/2 cup of these berries in your smoothie!

BLEND :: Goji Berry Orange Smoothie

7. Flaxseed

Flax seed is best known for its fatty acids and fiber. When talking about omega fatty acids it is better ask what they can’t do then what they can. This powder plays its part in proper cardiovascular and immune system health, brain function, joint function, soft skin, and more. The fiber in flax is also good for many things, but especially effective with eliminating toxins from your body. Add just one tablespoon of ground flaxseed or try whole seeds to your smoothie for a subtle, nutty flavor with more than subtle nutrition.

BLEND :: Raspberry Coconut Shortcake Green Smoothie

8. Acai Powder

A-what? This smooth superfood is popular for its mispronunciation (uh-sigh-ee), but even more popular for keeping you fiery and full. These Brazilian berries are loaded with antioxidants that boost your body’s energy and ability to focus. Their protein and fiber will also keep you feeling full making the Acai berry (or powder) a weight fighting superhero. Acai has a wide range of possibilities. Its creamy consistency and almost chocolatey flavor works well with both sweet and savory flavors by adding just one tablespoon to your smoothie. You see why it made it on my superfoods list?

BLEND :: Watermelon Acai Smoothie

9. Maca powder

This Peruvian superfood has been used in traditional healing for thousands of years. Maca is known to naturally support the body’s ability to adapt to stress and improve energy, vitality, and stamina— making it the perfect superfood for busy peeps. It has a subtle sweet taste and is a great endurance athlete superfood.

BLEND IN :: Pineapple Upside Down Cake Green Smoothie

10. Spirulina Powder

Of course, superfoods aren’t always made from glamorous plants. Sometimes they are made from pond algae, like Spirulina. Though its taste may be subpar (aka: horrible, to be honest), its high content of everything nutritious makes up for it. if you’re desperate to add more superfood greens to your diet (and don’t mind gagging it down), look no farther.

Just use a small amount to get the benefits without the pungent taste. Spirulina’s top two ingredients are protein and omega fatty acids. Use anywhere from 1/2 to two teaspoons of spirulina in your daily smoothie. I recommend starting with just 1/2 teaspoon to your favorite green smoothie recipe when getting started… if that.

BLEND :: Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie

What’s on your superfoods list?

What is your #1 favorite superfood ingredient? Mine is def chia seeds since they don’t alter the delicious taste of the fruits AND they add a protein + Omega 3 punch. Now that’s plant-power! I wanna know what yours is now.

Share in the comments below and let’s see what’s the most popular superfood.

Oh and if you’ve never tried a green smoothie, I have an amazing 7-day green smoothie program for you to try. Its free, and I’ll show you how to make 7 green smoothies and start a healthy new habit. Click here to sign up!


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  1. Maria C says:

    Do you have any recipes that include spirulina? I have a hard time finding any!

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Hey Maria!

      You can added 1 serving to any smoothie that you are already consuming, we do not have a specific recipe for spirulina at this time. 🙂

  2. La Juan says:

    I am diabetic and have high cholesterol. What smoothie would you recommend for me.

  3. Sharon says:

    Unfortunately I have a summer cold. Is there a receipt for a green smoothie that will help it to run it’s course ?


  4. Amy says:

    Hi there- do you have a list of tried and true suggested smoothie recipes to help incorporate these super foods? Things like coconut oil and chia seeds are easy for me but when it comes to Acai and spirulina, I lack much creativity. Help? Thanks!!

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Hey Amy.

      I would suggest trying one at a time if you are new to SuperFoods. 🙂 Use the suggested amount on the package for 1 serving. Then you can test the taste and texture of each one. 🙂 I love Chia Seeds. Sprinkle them on top of your smoothie, then consume them as you drink. 🙂 Let me know how it goes. 🙂

      Here is a recipe with coconut oil:

  5. Tamara says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for an terrific article! It was easy to read and very informative. I just tried out chia seed for the first time. I made chia pudding. Can’t wait to incorporate it into my smoothies and now I’m excited to try some of the other Superfoods. Thanks for being so rawkin awesome! Your smoothies have changed my life :0)

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      AWE! Thanks so much Tamara! 🙂 We are happy you are apart of Simple Green Smoothie Community. 🙂

  6. Adzam says:

    Hi guys!

    Love your website! Just wondering if there is a limit to the number of superfoods to each smoothie. For example, is having avocado, chia seeds, goji berries and flax seeds in one smoothie considered too much? Or should I only have a maximum eg.2 super foods in each smoothie?

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Good morning Adzam!

      Thanks for the question. I personally only put, 1 to 2 superfoods in each of my smoothies. Bringing superfoods into your green smoothies is really all about knowing how to use them and knowing what you need in your diet. It is important to find superfoods that enhance the flavor and consistency of your smoothies, and work with your mix, but just as important to incorporate the superfoods that give you the nutrients you are looking for. Nothing beats finding that perfect combination of taste and nutrition to help you eat healthy and help our world. Hope that helps.

  7. SuperfoodGuy says:


    My 2 personal favorites on this list are coconut oil & spirulina. Super green foods are what we are designed to have.

    If you cut my veins; I would bleed green 0_0

  8. Emily says:

    Hello Ladies!
    Just writing to say I’m obsessed with your website! I have always been a green smoothie lover and maker, but your recipes streamline everything and so far, every one I have tried is better than the last. Thank you soo much! At the moment, after a summer of not so careful eating, I am using green smoothies to jump start weight loss. Can any of you comment on the caffeine habit situation? I have a strong cup in the morning and am not so willing to give it up. Do any of you have coffee? Do you think it is a necessary thing to give up?

    Happy Smoothie Making!

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Hey Emily!

      So glad you are enjoying Simple Green Smoothies. Our smoothie recipes make about 4-5 cups (32oz – 40oz). Jadah drinks at least 2 cups (16 oz) everyday in the morning as a breakfast meal replacement. Jen drinks hers for lunch or sometimes as a mid morning snack Since green smoothies are full of fiber, they keep us both full for a while. If either of us needs afternoon pick-me-ups, we have been known to make another green smoothie later in the day instead of drinking a caffeinated beverage. Jen loves a cup of coffee every once in a while. The only time we ask to give up coffee is if you participate in the Fresh Start Cleanse. 🙂 Hope that helps.

  9. Andrea S. says:

    Hello to all you!
    I stumble on your website very early this morning because yesterday I started my green smoothies to help lose weight. I was going to take a quick look but I was on for almost 2 hours. I want to tell this is awesome and great recipes. I just had to tell you that how you did the super foods list is excellent. I love chai seed but I was looking to learn more about the others. This is great and one of thing I was wondering about coconut oil, but not now I am going to buy some to use in my smoothies.
    Thank you for doing such a great job and looking out for all of us who are trying to go green…

    You all Rock Big Time!!
    Andrea S.

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      AWWW! Thanks so much Andrea!!!

      Do you have any recommendations for new post we could do? Anything you are interested in us answering?

      Thanks for checking our site.

  10. Rachel says:

    Hey have you found any adverse reactions to chia seeds? I was absolutely loving them for the first 3 weeks, but the last couple of times I’ve had smoothies I’ve been really sick with sharp stomach pains… struggling to think of anything that is different in my diet other than the chia! x

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Hey Rachel.

      Thanks for the question, Rachel. Are you adding the recommended about to your smoothies? I would suggest stopping using Chia seeds and ask your healthcare provider if they believe Chia Seed could be causing your stomach pain.

      Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Candice Bennett says:

    Hi I need the smoothies recipes for week one and two…I bought the ingredients but now the link is gone for the recipes

  12. Yesenia says:

    hello. I am new to chia and hemp seeds. for breakfast, I usually make a smoothie with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, banana, and vanilla protein powder. all blended with unsweetened almond milk. would it be a good idea to replace the protein powder with chia and hemp seeds? this way I’m getting protein but not more than the body can digest in a single serving? thanks in advance!

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Yes, that sounds like a good idea, and throw some leafy greens in there too, try 2 cups of spinach. 🙂

  13. Trey says:

    Can I live off of these green smoothies or are they just snacks… Or how do you eat/drink these?

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Hey Trey!

      Our smoothie recipes make about 4-5 cups (32oz – 40oz). Jadah drinks at least 2 cups (16 oz) everyday in the morning as a breakfast meal replacement. Jen drinks hers for lunch or sometimes as a mid morning snack Since green smoothies are full of fiber, they keep us both full for a while. If either of us needs afternoon pick-me-ups, we have been known to make another green smoothie later in the day instead of drinking a caffeinated beverage.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  14. trish says:

    Hi there,

    Can I use these together or am I taking the benefit away if I make a smoothie with Spirulina and Hemp Hearts?


    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Hey Trish!

      Those are two great superfoods.It is important to find superfoods that enhance the flavor and consistency of your smoothies, and work with your mix, but just as important to incorporate the superfoods that give you the nutrients you are looking for. Protein, fiber, healthy fats and omega fatty acids is a great combination, just beware, spirulina can have strong flavor.

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Hey Trish!

      Superfoods and Leafy Greens go great together! 🙂

  15. Jess says:

    Great article! I’m not a fan of coconut, but from what you said, I should be! If I use the oil, will it make my smoothies taste like coconut? Or can I use a small enough amount so it isn’t overwhelming, but still get the benefits?

  16. Lulu says:

    Thank you for the list of superfood! Now, I should be using one of these ingredients whenever I make a smoothie.

  17. Jennifer Liebenberg says:

    I am really excited to get into this green smoothie challenge I don’t have a blendtec, it sounds like an awesome machine to own, reading all the posts everyone has put on this blog. I just wanted to know if I am able to use an ordinary blender I have a older type one I inherited from my friend. Are you able to tell me if this will be okay to use to make these green smoothies please.
    Thanks and kind regards

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      Hey Jennifer!

      YES, any blender will work! 🙂

      Jen: For the past few years I have been using a Warner blender that I got for my wedding 8 years ago. It was a $70 blender that worked okay. It turned my produce into a smoothie, yet it left chunks of spinach and was very loud. It finally died and I immediately went online and bought a refurbished Vitamix 5200 for $329. It came within a week and blends like a beast — no spinach leaf is left unblended when this bad boy is done. It’s insane.

      Jadah: I first started with my Magic Bullet (until I burned the motor out). Then I borrowed my in-laws Thermomix until I could get my hands on a high-speed blender. The Blendtec blender is my baby now. I just love the Blendtec’s sleek design, and the 94oz BPA-free jug is awesome when you are making big batches for your family or prepping for a detox cleanse.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  18. Allison says:

    Which of these is the best if I don’t eat a lot of protein. I am making a full recipe of the smoothies and drinking some for breakfast or lunch- and having the rest later in the day for a snack or dinner. It depends on what else I have eaten that day. But protein is a BIG issue for me- and I want to feel full after having the smoothie.

    • SGS Rawkstar Jessie says:

      It is based on personal preference, Allison. They are all great! I enjoy avocados, coconut oil and chia seeds the best. Enjoy!

    • Laura says:

      Hey, I had the same problem with the protein when I started but I add some greek yogurt and some flax seeds and the result is a smoothie with 34% protein (25g in a 6dl smoothie). I’m still looking for ways to improve it but it’s a start 😉

  19. Ki says:

    Hi, how do you feel about the use of bee pollen in the smoothies?

  20. Weight smoothies says:

    Its’s really a great and helpful piece of info. Very good post .Thanks for such an awesome post.
    Best Weight loss smoothies is offer guidance of weight loss, it is given many types of methods and ideas to loss your weight & fats.

  21. Jane says:

    Hi. Thank u so much for the reply and so quick!

  22. Jane says:

    Hi: So glad I found this. Do you suggest using 1 or 2 Superfoods in one smoothie? What about over the course of a day? How many should one use? And is a good idea to use a few over a period of time and then switch to different ones for another period? Thank You0.

    • SGS Rawkstar Dan says:

      Hi Jane!
      We like to try to stick to one, maybe two, superfoods per green smoothie. Feel free to use them another time during the day if you’d like—totally up to you! It’s a good idea to have a variety of them instead of the same superfood over and over 🙂

  23. greens superfood says:

    Much of our health is determined by the way we live our lives, and nutrition choices are a huge part of that equation. Part
    of the confusion about superfoods comes from the fact that they are often backed up by some legitimate scientific research; however, the
    conclusions may be blown way out of proportion, becoming dubious claims eagerly
    accepted as fact. When you give your body a daily dose of these
    super foods it’s like renovating your body the way someone would
    renovate an old house that has seen better days.

  24. Lisa M. says:

    Quick question that might have already been answered (if so, sorry to repeat!). For the regular recipe, it makes 2 smoothies per, so how much avocado would I add? I have never used avocado in a smoothie. I guess a follow-up question would be: should I only use it in the smoothie I plan to drink right then, as it might turn brown…?
    I am brand new to green smoothies, just finished this challenge! Loved it! I am out today to buy a new blender!

    • Jadah Sellner says:

      I’ve made a smoothie with avocado and saved it for the next day, and it didn’t turn brown. For starters I would start with 1/4 avocado. I loooooove avocado, so sometimes I’ll put a whole one in a big blend for all of the healthy fats.

  25. SupiStar says:

    HELP! I live in India and have recently stocked up on Maca Root, Wheatgrass, Cholrella, Chia Seeds, Maqui Berry and an all inclusive cacao based superfood powder – all in powder form except the Chia. I’ve never been one for nutrition so I’m EXTREMELY confused about what to take every day and how to stay on a consistent/routine path. Any pointers on a weekly regime of these superfoods? Great article btw! x

    • SGS Rawkstar Dan says:

      We’d suggest just using one of those superfoods per green smoothie. Maybe you could switch which one you use each day? Up to you!

  26. Morgan says:

    Would you consider wheatgrass a superfood?

    • SGS Rawkstar Dan says:

      We haven’t had it much, Morgan. People seem to love it, but we don’t have enough experience with it to say yes or no. What do you think?

  27. Gisselle says:

    Do you consider Lucama a super food?

  28. kelly says:

    I bought raw maca powder by mistake and now I am all bloated and in discomfort so I will take a break until I feel better and get the right stuff.

  29. Afia says:

    I did a little bit of research on macca and I found reports that it can lead to thyroid problems, can increase your blood pressure, and can offset your menstrual cycle. I also read that it can lead to digestive problems such as bloating and reflux. Apparently it is not supposed to be consumed raw because it contains toxin that are harmful to people. In Peru where maca is commonly found it is always cooked. Have any of you experienced these symptoms of maca?

    • SGS Rawkstar Dan says:

      Hi Afia!
      Thanks for bringing this up. We’re definitely going to look into this…

      • Melissa says:

        Glad you brought that up, Afia. Those are two different issues and here is some info that may help you out:

        There are pluses and minuses to eating raw foods, aren’t there? And given that each person is different, his or her body may react differently to each state. In the case of maca, raw isn’t best. When you are buying maca, look for the words “royal”, “gelatanized” or “cooked”. That is the maca you want, and all three of those mean the same thing. Raw maca can irritate the stomach and cause digestive upsets. In Peru, they don’t eat it raw. In the states, people assume raw is always best, and fail to research it further. The cooking process removes elements that can irritate the digestive process. So, that’s some info for you as far as maca and digestion is concerned.

        As far as it interfering with the thyroid, it is an adaptogenic root, which means it will ideally balance hormones, which is why it’s said to give you more energy, up your sexual drive, and increase fertility. Obviously this isn’t a one size fits all deal, so it can do the opposite for some. I have had great success with royal maca (by the way, you only need about 1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp of royal maca, whereas with raw maca, the serving size is much higher. So, you save money in the end as well).

        As far as it increasing blood pressure, it can certainly do that as it has stimulating effects. Again, this is something that should be tested by the individual, and of course consult your health oriented wellness professional as well. For the first two weeks of taking maca, everything is kind of out of balance for me….when that third week comes, it’s amazing, absolutely amazing! I have so much energy and feel so alert and productive. That has been MY experience, and I hope others research and experiment for themselves. Go you for doing your own research, asking questions, and not automatically assuming everything you read on the internet is truth 😉

      • SGS Rawkstar Dan says:

        Thanks for this response, Melissa! Definitely love hearing valuable and knowledgable input from our community!

      • Gisselle says:

        I put a teaspoon in my smoothie, should i stop? I read its good for you and then i read this, i am confuzed know. What should i do? I don’t have a lot of energy, so adding this i thought it would give me some. Please help me with this.

      • Afia says:

        You guys are great! Thank you for your honesty and transparency. I see you’ve made some changes to the list. Thank you for listening, researching, and providing us with alternatives.

      • SGS Rawkstar Dan says:

        Absolutely, Afia! We love learning from our community and growing in our healthy eating journey together.

  30. Mel says:

    I have just started adding royal maca which is gelatinised so does not cause me any stomach issues, it is highly potent only need 1/4 teaspoon to feel powerful affects. Raw macca is cheaper and not as potent so you need more. Increased energy, increases sex drive and wanting to connect with the world more, I drink hardly any coffee now. Also add to my green smoothies a rainbow blend of power berrie super foods and a green blend which has lots of barely grass in it, also all together add hemp seeds for omega oils.

  31. Angela says:

    Thanks you for all the powerful knowledge. You previously warned against using more the two out of the ten superfoods in one smoothie. Why shouldn’t you used more than two? What combinations do you suggest. I have all ten and have used more than two in my smoothies numerous times. Thanks you in advance.

    • SGS Rawkstar Dan says:

      Hi Angela!
      Great question! First, we don’t recommend mixing them all together because that gets super expensive and can make your smoothie taste pretty funky. We are all about simplicity with our recipes. Second, we think it’s important not to over-superfood your body. These superfoods pack a high volume of their specific nutrients, and it’s not really necessary to consume a handful of different superfoods that are all packed with protein. We generally think it’s better to let one or two superfoods do what they’re supposed to, and then you can add different varieties the next day.

      Hope this helps!

  32. chibi says:

    Hi! Is there any suggestion on using sesame seed? Btw, can’t wait to start the challenge n tq for your effort.keep it up!

  33. Mimi says:

    Hi there, I have a question, new to this juicing thing – i need it for weight loss and overall energy and health, (high cholesterol) – I need to know what to use – the hemp seeds, coconut oil or spirulina?? and how often, or all together?? help!! 😉

    • You can use one or two super foods in each smoothie. If you buy all of them at once, it might cost you quite a bit, so you might just want to grab one or two and see which ones you like then add more slowly over time. 🙂

  34. tara clayborne says:

    I’m doing the 30 day challenge, and just received the 2nd list……….the super greens powder, what brand do u recommend?!? I was in GNC and saw their brand, and i went to Wagreens and saw Barleans brand; are those two acceptable?!?

    • Hi Tara,
      What list are you referring to? Our last 30-day green smoothie challenge ended on January 30, and the next one starts on April 1. Just trying to figure out what list you’re talking about so we can help!

  35. Christine says:

    I’m a nanny for a 2 and 4 yo and they have recently developed a love of smoothies! while their pretty healthy eaters their mum and I thought it can’t hurt to give them a big of a boost! Is there any you would particularly recommend for kids or any we should avoid? And what qualities should we give them?

  36. Megan says:

    Im going to begin doing green smoothies and was wondering if using coconut oil capsules would be beneficial and if so how many per serving of one in a smoothie?

  37. Terri says:

    How much do I add when adding to any smoothie?

  38. Angela says:

    The 10 super foods – how do you incorporate them. Do I consume each of tem a day, all at once or 1 a day, a week?????

  39. Yadira says:

    I can’t wait to try these dessert drinks . I’m always wanting something sweet , but regret it after.just bought some chia seeds been drinking them with water and lemon …live it !

  40. Regina says:

    I have been feeling very tired and with low energy these past few months. Thanks to a co-worker I learned about the green smoothie challenge. looking for a good way to change my diet and trying a few of the super foods in my smoothies.

    Now for my question: As for the flax seeds, I have read that flax seeds are more effective in powder form. should I buy the seeds and grind the seeds, or buy in powder form and store in the refrigerator?



    • Hi Regina,
      So glad you found us!

      As far as the flax seeds, it is always best to buy whole and grind your own as they spoil faster when they’re already ground. But, if you must buy ground, keep in fridge or freezer to extend their shelf life. 🙂

  41. Carla says:

    I have a question regarding the fiber content. Maca powder is said to be a good source of fiber, among other things. When I go to to the Nativa website, for example, the nutritional info the serving size says 1g of fiber. Is there something wrong?

  42. Lor says:

    Hi! I bought coconut butter, instead of oil. Are the benefits the same? What are the proportions?

  43. Teshawn says:

    I am a NEWBIE at smoothies green or otherwise, my question is, do you grind the chia seeds first or are they small enough to just blend with the other items?


    Looking forward to making my first smoothie soon.

  44. maha says:

    hi I am from india. ome of the powders r not available in india. can u suggest me some ideas

  45. jennifer says:

    Can you mix them all in your smoothies every time you drink them? Is there a required amount per day?

    • Hi Jennifer!
      We definitely wouldn’t recommend mixing all of them in at once—usually two at the most.

      You don’t have to use any of them at all, but if you feel you need a boost of a certain nutrient, then go ahead and add some as often as you see fit.

  46. Megan says:

    The top two reviews on the maca powder are one star and they say it shouldn’t be eaten raw. Do you have thoughts on this?

  47. Julie says:

    We have just started using coconut oil in our house. Mostly we just drop a big spoonful on top of roasted vegetables when they come out of the oven and let it melt. Should we melt coconut oil before adding to our smoothies? Or just put a big blob in?
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Julie!
      If you melt it, it will most likely harden pretty quickly while blending (if any of your contents are cold). So melting, to us, seems a bit unproductive. It may help with blending it a bit quicker, but not by much.

  48. Nick S says:

    Since I’m new to all of this, I want to order nearly all of the superfoods you list here… but I keep making the mistake of actually reading the Amazon reviews for each. It sounds like Navitas has poor quality control, a lot of the products have reviews about either finding worms/bugs in the bag, or even several pellets of rat poop.

    Do you actually consume Navitas products daily, of your own decision, or are these sponsored/affiliated recommendations? If you use them, have you ever had any issues with the products?

    • Hi Nick!
      This is a great question, so thanks for asking 🙂 We don’t have any kind of affiliation with Navitas or any of the other brand names that we recommend on this list (though I think Navitas is the main recommendation). We suggest Navitas because we love using their products! I haven’t seen those reviews before, nor have either of us ever encountered worms, bugs, rat poop, etc. (at least, not to our knowledge). Thanks for bringing it up, though! We’ll keep our eyes open, for sure.

      • Nick S says:

        Thanks! Just ordered six of these (hemp powder, acai, maca, camu, goji, coconut oil). Went with a different brand for the Goji Berries, just to be safe.

        Healthworks brand Goji berries:

        I think I might try what another commenter suggested and blend these all up (minus the oil), put them in a jar, and add a scoop to my smoothie mix. Sounds easier than measuring each of them individually and possibly overusing. Hopefully they all keep well being together.

    • Donna says:

      Hi Nick,
      I’ve been using Nativas Naturals products for many years now. I’ve used many of their different superfoods and have never had a problem. I too love their products.

  49. vivian davis says:

    I have been reading up on the Chia seeds and I’ve read to soak them overnight. Is this something that you do for your smoothies?? Is it beneficial to put in blender with other ingredients? Could I eat them without soaking them?
    Thank You, for always replying and giving advice 🙂


  50. Marcy says:

    I have 8 super foods I mix in a small container. Then when I fix my smoothies I put a scoup or 2 in. The 8 that I mix are Chlorella, Moringa, Maca, Spirulina, Cacao, Wheatgrass, Camu-Camu, and Acai.

  51. Maricris says:

    I’m currently using maca powder, flax meal, chia seeds and acai in my green smoothies and they taste so good. I’m also adding turmeric. I’ve been suffering from low energy and fibromyalgia and I am so thankful for these superfoods because I feel so much better and the pain is gone. they will be staple food in my pantry for me and my family

  52. Sharon Gerrard says:

    Thanks for the informative article. I purchased and used some hemp seed in my green smoothie. Found it left very bad breath, is this normal? Should it not be mixed with certain things? Is there anything else I can use it in/for where that won’t be a problem? If I don’t find a solution, I will be returning the hemp and keep trying other superfoods. I have been using chia seed for a while with no problems.

  53. phyllis says:

    Hi, I am new to smoothies, and this is what I am adding. Can u tell me if this is too many superfoords? Thanks, Spinich/kale mix, bananna, small amt of frozen fruits,Tab of flax, teas of Goji Berries, Tab of Maca powder, and some coconut water.

  54. I use always a 20 superfoods combined with a vegan protein from brown rice all organic certified.
    the cacao used in this blend is the first real raw cacao made from non fermented criollo beans so enzymes and aminoacids but also 90% less flavonoid reduction compaired with fermented cacao.

    Great site


    IG Mrchocobean

  55. I start with 20 superfoods as basic ingredient in my smoothies combined with a Vegan Protein brown rice protein all organic certified also the ingredients.
    In this blend they use the best raw ( first real raw ) non fermented criollo cacao
    the fermentation like the beans i see here on the website they

  56. Warren and Mary Beth Powell says:

    Smoothies is something I know about, however I do have a VERY important question: I have been on Coumadin, yes, I know, it’s rat poison 🙁 and all the info I get from my doctors is that ALL green veggies and leafy veggies especially eliminate the good that Coumadin supposedly does for me—that is, it keeps my blood from clotting so much.
    What can I do if I want to Green Smoothie?
    Also, my wife has a swallowing problem that the docs cannot find the problem to solve—so I’ve been making her smoothies every morning for over 4 years….using ‘protein powder’ for her protein. What can I sub for her? Thanks.

    • Hi!
      Any of the above “superfoods” that are geared toward protein would work 🙂

      Unfortunately, we think it would be best for you to talk to your doctor about green smoothies. They know you better than we do. Hope this helps!

  57. Danielle says:

    What’s the difference between Cacao powder and regular, unsweetened cocoa powder? Many websites say they are the same thing; just retailers jack the prices up on the cacao because they market it as healthy. What do you think?

    • Jen H says:

      The taste is very similar Danielle, but the benefits are much higher in cacao… which is raw and unprocessed. There are more antioxidants in the raw, pure form, which we just love.

  58. Rob says:

    I started eliminating simple sugar from my diet a week ago and only eating fruits and vegetables with the above super foods. I have lost five pounds in one week. I will now began my new interval weight training and see if I can get enough protein to build some muscle.

  59. Janice says:

    I’m just starting to use the green smoothie program. I found this blog on the super foods to be extremely helpful and informative. You have answered so many questions that have been rolling around in my mind as I studied the procedure. I’m concerned about weight gain though in drinking the smoothies. I have been on Weight Watchers and am trying to figure out how to count points for the ingredients in the Smoothies. I may just have to adjust it and count points for the rest of the day and make my green smoothie my breakfast. Does anyone have any suggestions for helping to lose weight while drinking green smoothies?

    • One of the things to keep in mind when going for weight loss is to not ADD green smoothies to your current eating habits, but to SUBSTITUTE them. Drink one for breakfast instead of what you normally eat. Or drink one for lunch or dinner. If you add it then you are adding more nutrients that your body definitely needs, but also may be adding too many calories, carbs, etc.–we don’t spend any time counting numbers in a diet. Our main goal is get whole, natural, great tasting food into our bodies so we can be healthy and happy!

      • Anita says:

        Great advice here! I find that a blend in the morning gets you through to lunch. Have a good healthy filling lunch similar to what you would eat for dinner which keeps me going till dinner when I blend again.

  60. Mandy Beckley says:

    I suffer from epilepsy and at the moment are going through an uncontrolled phase which my specialist is trying to stop. Would any of these superfoods help to control these fits etc? I’m afraid though I don’t like smoothies, any other form of taking them. Thanks

    • Jen H says:

      Hi Mandy— You would have to consult a doctor. We cannot give medical advice— we are just here to share what benefits green smoothies offer and some supplements that work well in them and why. I wish the best for you and your health and hope you can find some superfoods and natural remedies to help with the seizures.

  61. Liz says:

    How does Wheat Grass compare to your list of super foods? Is it just as beneficial health wise, or is it not as much? I add it occasionally to my green smoothies, because I enjoy the plant-taste it adds. Should I switch it up for something different, or keep it up?
    I also add hemp to them as well, delicious!

    • Jen H says:

      Wheatgrass is great! Just takes more time and tools than we are really into. We like to keep it simple with our smoothies— and these 10 superfoods are a quick addition. But definitely go for wheatgrass if you have a juicer and the fresh wheatgrass around. 🙂

  62. Jillian says:

    Hi! How do you get the chia seeds NOT to gelatinize your smoothie? I added just a tablespoon and my entire smoothie tastes and looks like green pudding! I can’t stand the tapioca-like consistency. Is there any prep work I can do that will make the chia seeds just stay seed-like?
    Thanks in advance!

  63. Cindy says:

    I need help. What kind of things can I add to my smoothie to ensure I have some protein in it? Thanks so much!

  64. Brittany says:

    I am new to this whole healthy way of eating, is this all ok to do? I mean I have chocolate whey protein powder… would I be able to add a bit to my green smoothie? just to add a bit of protein? and will that be ok?

  65. Yvonne says:

    I’ve heard that maca powder should not be consumed raw, and is only digestible if it’s been “gelatinized.” Would love to know more about this (if it’s true or not)!

  66. Kelly says:

    If I soak almonds overnight how long can I keep them in the fridge for?

    • Hi Kelly!
      All of our sources seem to say that if you put your raw almonds in a bowl over night and soak them, then you should drain and rinse them and they can be stored in the fridge for about a week. Hope this helps 🙂

  67. Barry Johnson says:

    Hi Jen and Jada: I absolutely love the Simple Green Smoothies site and the comments from so many. I really appreciated your TOP 10 SUPERFOODS also; however, after doing additional research about each of the SUPERFOODS, Coconut Oil (as well as Coconut Milk) reviews from health and medical websites ALL seem to strongly discourage the consumption because of its EXTREMELY high saturated fat content. I have read many of the articles that debate the pros and cons, but the overwhelming majority of medical and science research community seem to discourage its use. Can you please give me some feedback on your thoughts and why you guys chose to air on the side of a proponent of the Coconut Oil stating: “If you are exercising for weight loss then coconut oil will be an important ingredient for you. The fatty acids in this superfood fight body fat by converting into energy that boosts metabolism as opposed to saturated fats that add body fat.” I cannot seem to satisfactorily reconcile these extremely opposing views. PLEASE HELP! BTW I am trying to lose weight and target my belly fat.

    • Hi Barry! I’m sorry for all the confusion. As you probably know, there are many opposing views on all sorts of nutritional claims. First, let us clear up a little confusion from the phrase that you quoted in your comment, because the way we worded it is probably a little confusing. We do recognize that coconut oil contains saturated fat, but unlike many other foods that contain saturated fat coconut oil actual works to boost your metabolism and increase weight loss. It isn’t a miracle food, but using small doses can help if you are eating healthy and living an active lifestyle. We also wrote an article on coconut oil on our family webpage. Check it out here 🙂

  68. Glynis howard says:

    Thanks for your enthusiasm girls been doing the smoothies for a few months now mainly for brekkie after training . Feel clear headed and focused in the mornings now …you have answered so many questions I have had. I prefer to be careful of how much fruit I blend up at once cos of the sugar ! I cut out fruit from my diet and felt so much better so not to keen on the extra fruit. Ideas on how to add a little sweetness?

    • Do you use carrots or beets in your smoothie? We don’t have any recipes with beets right now, but lots of people love them! They will have more sugar than other veggies, though. Usually sweetness comes from natural sugar, and we highly recommend NOT using sugar substitutes (things like Equal, Sweet-n-Low, etc.). These can be pretty harmful to your body. From this superfoods list you could try goji berries or acai 🙂

  69. William Froeschle says:

    I started smoothies and my blood sugar went nuts so now I have stopped to see if smoothies is the problem. I used spinach, frozen blueberries, flax, carrots, and bananas every morning for three weeks, Blood sugar is cumming down slowly. Do you have any suggestions I am type two diabetic also I am not a big veggie eater that’s why I started smoothies.

    • Hi William! Thanks for the question 🙂 We do recommend talking to a doctor or nutritionist about this because they would know your situation better than we do. The only thing we can suggest at this point is to not use bananas or carrots. They have lots of natural sugar. So, even though it may not be as bad as eating refined sugar it will still make your blood levels go higher. Hope this helps!

  70. Rene says:

    I love adding cinammon (good for mental clarity) and fresh mint (natural diuretic) to smoothies.

  71. Jena says:

    Can i add all of these 10 superfoods to one smoothie or will they not mix well together?
    I know sometimes certain minerals/powders/vitamins etc are best taken by themselves in order for you to feel the full benefit from them…

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jena!
      We recommend using 2, or maybe 3, superfoods tops! If you use multiple superfoods we would suggest cutting the recommended amounts for each superfood in half. Hope this makes sense!

  72. Emily says:

    New to smoothies and I really can’t wait, but I HATE the smell and taste of coconut. My mom used to make me eat coconut oil and now I can’t stand anything with that texture. I gag every time. Are there good alternatives to coconut oil? Or do you at least not taste the coconut flavor as much? Thanks!

    • Hmm… Coconut oil is pretty unique as far as texture goes, so not many things would replace it in a smoothie. You could always try leaving it out for the smoothies that ask for it, or just replacing it with something completely different 🙂

    • Michele Gouveia Allen says:

      Heating the coconut oil to a liquid prior to adding it to a smoothing completely dilutes any texture and mixes in very well.

  73. Karen says:

    I been doing these smoothies since Jan. because I was sick and need to boost my immune system. I use a nutruBullet. It is a food extrater. It breaks down the food so you don’t have to digest it, which makes the nutrition go right in to you. Now I am health and don’t get sick. I feel great!

  74. Tina says:

    I’ve been using hemp seeds– there’s no storage instructions, where, how & how long should they be kept?

  75. andrea james says:

    Love the challenge, how many superfoods do we use per smoothie

    • Using just one per smoothie will help out, Andrea 🙂 Some people are pretty ambitious and go for two or three, but make sure you scale down the amounts that you put into your smoothie if you are using more than one superfood. For example, if you are using chia and flax seeds then use just 1 Tbsp of each to equal the normal 2 Tbsp used for one superfood. Hope this makes sense!

  76. Amy says:

    I am so happy to be reading all these wonderful tips and recipes for my green smoothies. I am new to this but I have been doing well so far. Two weeks worth! I’m learning so much from reading books and from this website. I’m so excited to start this new and refreshing eating life style and I hope to stay focused and determined.

  77. Rosie says:

    Thank you for all the super foods information… I’m just having a challenge finding the acai, and cocoa nibs… I’m going to look for camu powder… Other than that I’ve included all the other in to my diet since the beginning of the new year… Thanks to your smoothie challenge.

  78. Kelly says:

    Where would I find cacao and coconut oil?

    • Hi Kelly 🙂 There are links to buying these items up above in the article. Your local grocery stores may have them, too.

    • Michele Gouveia Allen says:

      You can find them in most grocery stores now in their organic sections. That is where I find them and I am in no way near a city – lol (in Maine)

  79. Sue G. says:

    I have been having green smoothies for breakfast now for almost a year and I love the new ideas you give me. I love the photos too showing amounts to use. My smoothies I have the most are Kale, celery, or spinach, hemp seeds, chi seeds, gr. flax seeds, banana, blueberries, and lemon. Sometimes I add a piece of fresh ginger and even a raw egg for added protein. I have my own chickens or else I wouldn’t add eggs. I love the new ideas to use green tea as a liquid too! Great site!

  80. Mariana says:

    I’ve been trying to add in a few tablespoons of different super foods to my smoothies lately. We have ground flax, cacao, chia seeds, and I bought a huge 72oz tub of coconut oil from Costco that I’ve also enjoyed cooking with and using as lotion. I think my favorite of these is chia seeds because I can also combine it with some almond milk and cacao and create a chocolate pudding of sorts which is so yummy. My local Costco is selling hemp hearts for $10, I think ill have to buy those next. Oh & acai sorbet in Brasil is just amazing 😉

  81. Destiny says:

    I have tried flax seeds, cacao nibs (my favorite), maca powder, and goji berries. All of these are wonderful additions to smoothies. I think that I will branch out and try the coconut oil and spirulina next!

  82. Candace says:

    I just brought cacoa powder and love it!!! I’m going to buy maca powder tomorrow hope it’s taste good. Loving this green smoothie challange

    • Destiny says:

      Candace, one of my favorite recipes with cacao is a tasty treat to me!! I don’t really measure (go by taste):
      Spinach, Banana, Cacao Nibs, and Almond Milk (I sometimes add a splenda pack or a couple of drops of honey)!

  83. LaRue says:

    I started the 30 Day Challenge last week and I am so glad that I did. Thank you for the list of super foods, but I need clarity about the use of flax seeds. Is it beneficial to add whole seeds to a smoothie or should they be ground?

  84. Chris Staudinger says:

    I’m looking forward to trying some of these other superfoods out! For my morning smoothie, I put in a tablespoon of milled flax seed, spirulina, and chia seeds. I’ve never felt better in my life! Also, I received my Vitamix 7500 yesterday and I am looking forward to seeing what new ingredients I can start adding in.

  85. I’ve been on the road for work and haven’t had my green smoothe since Sunday…and I feel awful! Can’t wait to get home to my blender! Lol. I’ve been trying to just eat more salad to make up for it but there is certainly a difference.

  86. Soledad says:

    I have also read Spirulina can have some potentially very dangerous effects on your health. Used to take it until I was alterted of this. It’s sad, since the potential benefits seemedalmost too good to be true.
    Some info can be found on the following link.

    • Destiny says:

      Whoa! I just read this article, which was written in 2005. It seems as if the word should be out now… I have heard more about the benefits of spirulina in the past 3 years than ever before. Hmmm… perhaps I will stick to the others.

    • In the health world there are always debates out there… Thanks for posting the article, Soledad 🙂 We do think that spirulina is great in green smoothies, but we would never recommend to go overboard on it… Just like any other superfood.

  87. Love this website. I found the link on instagram. I needed supplements that ensured my protein levels were sufficient. Thanks

  88. Kari says:

    I am hoping that you might add recommended supplements with your recipes. I noticed on the first 5 recipes that you recommend goji berries and chia seeds. Additionally, suggestions for some of the other superfoods would be welcome. Thanks!

  89. Lap says:

    Amendment to my last post. It’s “” not “.com”.

  90. Lap says:

    According to Spirulina has actually been found to be harmful based on multiple scientific studies. I would not recommend it based on this fact. The video of evidence can be viewed here: I wouldn’t spend any money on it.

  91. happytob here says:

    I’m confused on if I add all the super foods at one smoothie or no? For example, I may “go” once a week, experience hot flashes at 44, but trying to incorporate one green smoothie daily to replace a meal (breakfast or dinner).

    Ive used coconut oil, chia & flax all at once before, but wonder if the benefits are diluted because they are muddled… Help ?!?

  92. Stefanie says:

    Should we use only ONE superfood per smoothie?

  93. Melyzza Segovia says:

    I tried coconut oil today for the first time on my smoothie., but it seems to thick and not dissolves. :-/. What is a good trick on adding the oil on my smoothie?

  94. Di says:

    I don’t know how I came across your site, but it is literally saving my life. I’ve prestarted the challenge, got my nutribullet and after 3 days am feeling great. thanks sooooo much!

  95. Hi all, This is response to Enche who said that she uses a lot of coconut oil but doesn’t love the flavour. Not sure if you knew this…but you can also buy “unflavoured” coconut oil. It has all of the benefits of regular coconut oil but without that coconutty taste. I, too, like the taste of coconut but some foods should not taste like it. For example…scrambled eggs! Good luck!

  96. Enche says:

    Thank you for posting this!! i have your book but this has MORE superfoods I can play with. I use coconut oil a lot BUT it hasn’t been my favorite taste (although I love coconut) as of late. Is putting in fresh coconut give the smoothie the same effect/nutritional value? Also should we use only ONE superfood per smoothie? I have put 1tbsp of coco oil and 1tbsp of flax seed and was wondering if this was overload?

  97. Maddie Sandalwood says:

    I added green smoothies to my diet in 2013 and I wanted to include some superfoods. This article is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks you!

  98. DeNise says:

    I tried chia seeds for the first time last week and loved the way they made me feel full, BUT they made me so constipated. Is this uncommon? Should I have eased my way into using them? I used a table spoon. How much do you recommend to begin?

    • EC Myers says:

      Take care to stay extra hydrated when using chia seeds. They absorb many times their own weight in water once in your system, so that may be the cause of your constipation!

      • Sandy says:

        Ahhhhhh so glad I went to the end of the feed and read this. I have never had problems with constipation, especially since I started making smoothies for breakfast. I just recently starting using chia seeds AND just started being constipated! I don’t think I ever would have linked the two. I drink lots of water during the day also, I will cut back on the chias or use them every other day. Thanks for posting this!

  99. Daniel Mottayaw says:

    This was such an informative article!

  100. Does anyone know any “local” or more common stores that sell these supplements? Mainly spirulina.

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