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Boost the immune system food

There’s soooo much to love about fall— cooler weather and beautiful colors to name a couple. But it’s also a time when colds and the flu get passed around. That’s exactly why crucial to stock your cupboards with “boost the immune system food.”

Chilly mornings, leaves are falling on the ground and it’s just about time to start bringing out the cozy socks and sweaters. There’s something so wonderful about the fall. But the change in weather can also mean more coughs, colds and flus. Our immune system might be needing a little help to keep chugging full steam ahead and we’ve got some amazing healing superfoods that just might do the trick.

boost the immune system food

Boost The Immune System Food :: Our Top Five

These five foods are great additions to your daily green smoothies! We’ve included instructions on how to use each food in a green smoothie, and have even shared some recipes to try. Let’s get started:

boost immune system basil

This culinary herb is a keeper in our book. Basil specifically targets the kidneys when it comes to detoxification. Kidneys play a major part in removing waste product and toxins from our bloodstream, and things like high-processed foods place a heavy workload on our never-resting kidneys. By eating basil, we are taking in nutrients that help to clear up any gunk that is stuck in our kidneys and also toning them to work well in the future. Basil is also easy to grow at home — all you need is a pot, dirt and a little sunshine!

Add 1/2 cup of basil to your smoothies along with your other leafy greens (spinach, kale, etc.). Basil does a great job of making a smoothie taste more warm and rich. Try a combination of strawberries, coconut milk, a banana, and some basil + leafy greens!

boost immune system ginger

Not just a motion sickness cure any more. This potent addition to your kitchen arsenal is a must, especially during the colder months. We add ginger to our green smoothies to give it a nice “kick” and to liven things up. All natural ibuprofen, immune booster, and anti-inflammation here we come! We love ginger so much and have included it in many healing recipes for you because of its amazing health benefits.

How to prep ginger:

  1. Buy a nice sized chunk, peel with a knife or scrape with a spoon
  2. Place into freezer safe zip bag and into the freezer
  3. Grate or cut off ½ inch to 1 inch piece for your smoothies any time you need it. A piece of frozen, peeled ginger will last in the fridge for up to six months if stored properly.

Note:  If this is the first time you’ve embarked on fresh ginger, we recommend to add a small amount to your smoothie — like ¼ inch slice — blend, taste, then add more if you like the flavor. We say fresh is best, but if you don’t think you’ll finish the entire piece of ginger before it goes bad, store in freezer as mentioned above. Here’s a ginger-based green smoothie recipe to get you started.

boost immune system elderberry

This mega-dose of berries is a natural cold and flu fighter. With the cold months fast approaching, you might want to reach for Elderberry Extract – also known as Sambucus – as a natural alternative to synthetic cough and cold syrups and start adding a few drops to your green smoothie. We like the brand Nature’s Way. You can buy that on amazon here or any natural foods health store.

Feel free to add 1-2 teaspoons to your daily green smoothie to start fighting colds and the flu!


Also known as “good bacteria” for our tummies, they aid in digestion, boost immunity, and are great at detoxing the body by controlling the bad bacteria that is in our gut. Bump up the health of your tummy and your green smoothie by adding it in powder form to your daily green smoothie. If you want to add probiotics to your green smoothies and your little ones are also enjoying them, be sure to use those suited for children so they are getting the correct dosage for their body weight.

Note: Most brands suggest 1 teaspoon per serving so once your green smoothie is all blended up and ready to go, pour in a glass, stir in your probiotic and get your gulp on! We’ve tried Garden of Life adult and child powdered probiotics and love it. Get it here on amazon.

boost immune system spirulina

A whopping 65% protein in this super green machine! This natural “algae” will knock your socks off with its high levels of calcium– it has more bone-building power than milk. High in iron and omega fatty acids so it’s an excellent superfood for pregnant mamas. Spirulina is also reported to help with seasonal allergies. Reach for this amazing green hulk when you’re looking to add more plant-based proteins to your diet. Check out your local health food store or buy it on amazon.

Blend this protein and iron-rich smoothie bowl and swap out the maca powder for spirulina powder.

We have 100s of green smoothie recipes on our app: Daily Blends! There’s even a whole section on healing green smoothies, most of which include “boost the immune system food.” Click here to get the app!

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