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Try this deliciously rich and healthy blueberry smoothie infused with nutritious superfood blueberries, nutty cashew milk and creamy cashew yogurt. It’s as gorgeous as it is tasty. While green smoothies definitely have their place in my morning routine, I love shaking it up with a vibrant and healthy fruit smoothie now and again.

healthy blueberry smoothie in a glass topped with blueberries, fresh mint and flowers.

I’ve always enjoyed blueberries. It wasn’t until I spent last summer in Maine with the kids that I fell in love with them. As we rode our bikes through Acadia National Park, we stopped along the trail and foraged for wild blueberries. They were about half the size of the ones I’m used to picking in Florida, but they were easily twice as delicious.

These small berries aren’t as sweet as others in this fruit family, which is why you often see them in with frozen mixed berries, like in my Mixed Berry Smoothie, yet they have a unique flavor and color that shines in this smoothie recipe.

Table of Contents
  1. Recipe Ingredients
  2. Easy Additions + Swaps
  3. How to Blend a Healthy Blueberry Smoothie
  4. FAQs
  5. More Blueberry Smoothie Recipes
  6. Healthy Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Recipe Ingredients

With only four ingredients plus some options for taking it to the next level, this healthy blueberry smoothie has amazing health benefits to support your journey toward a plant-based diet, or if you simply want to add more fruit into your day. Here’s what I’m tossing into the blender today:

labeled ingredients for healthy smoothie including cashew milk, banana, cashew yogurt and blueberries.
  • Frozen blueberries: Power berries like these are a superfood you want to highlight in a few smoothies a week. Blueberries are high in vitamin K1, manganese and vitamin C as well as antioxidants that fight aging, cancer, promote heart health and help naturally regulate blood sugar.
  • Unsweetened cashew milk: Step aside almond milk, this smoothie is using ultra-creamy cashew milk. I love a snack of dried blueberries and salty roasted cashews, so I’ve recreated that flavor combo in this beverage.
  • Cashew yogurt: I want to keep this smoothie dairy-free and it’s super easy to do with some vegan yogurt. Either make your own or find a store brand that’s low in sugar.
  • Banana: Since blueberries aren’t super sweet, I tossed in a banana to help naturally sweeten this beverage, as well as provide more potassium. Learn how to freeze bananas so you’ve always got some on hand.

Easy Additions + Swaps

Smoothies with just a few ingredients are my jam. They are easy to put together as well as easy to boost when I want to. If I’m using this smoothie as a whole breakfast, then I add in a scoop of my homemade protein powder to turn this into a 16g protein shake.

If you want to change the flavor up a bit then add your favorite plant-based vanilla protein powder.

I got on a cashew kick with this recipe, but you can easily make it nut-free. Swap the cashew yogurt for the plant-based version of your choice or use Greek yogurt (look for a low-sugar, full-fat one) and replace the cashew milk with oat milk or hemp milk.

Almond butter is a great addition for added healthy fat, or the seed/nut butter of your choice.

This smoothie is naturally gluten-free. To make it a bit more filling, add 1/4 cup gluten-free oats and a little more liquid. And as always, add a handful of spinach to turn it into a green smoothie.

How to Blend a Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

2 glasses full of purple smoothie and topped with fresh fruit and mint sprigs.

Grab these four ingredients and get ready for the healthiest fast food! Since there are no leafy greens in this one, you don’t have to do the two-blend method. I’ve still got some good tips for the creamiest result, so keep reading!

  1. Toss all the ingredients into your blend and blend on high until smooth. Stop and scrape down the sides as needed.
  2. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!

Use frozen ingredients for a refreshingly cool smoothie. If you’re using frozen bananas and/or frozen berries, you can add them to your blender first, then let it stand for 15 minutes to thaw slightly and make it easier to blend.

If you are using a large blender, sometimes blending just one serving is harder than blending two, so grab a friend or save the second serving for the next day. Just make sure you give that second serving a good shake before sipping when you’re ready for it.

This smoothie is pretty thick, so add more cashew milk if needed to thin out until it’s the exact consistency you want.


What fruits blend well with blueberries?

Blueberries blend well with a wide variety of fruits. I love the classic combo of blueberries and bananas, or you could do a mixed berry blend with cherries, strawberries and blackberries. Blueberries also go with pears or tropical fruits like mango or pineapple.

Are blueberry smoothies good for you?

Yes! Blueberry smoothies that use whole-food ingredients can add great nutrition to your day. Pick whole fruits, unsweetened milk and yogurts, and plant-based proteins like chia seeds or hemp seeds then blend a smoothie that’s full of fiber, only natural fruit sugar and protein and healthy fat to fuel your day.

Do you put ice in a smoothie?

I try to use frozen fruit in smoothies to keep them refreshingly cool, yet ice can be used as well. Know that ice does dull blender blades, so you can pour your smoothie over ice instead of adding it to your blender, or just go ahead and toss it in with everything else.

Is it okay to blend blueberries?

Yes! Blueberries are a great fruit to blend in a smoothie. They are easy to freeze or use fresh, just be sure to wash them well before tossing in.

2 purple smoothies topped with fresh fruit and mint sprigs.

More Blueberry Smoothie Recipes

If you loved this fun recipe then I’ve got more great healthy blueberry smoothie recipes to maximize your brain power!

Don’t forget to rate + review this recipe once you make it. Your feedback is so valuable!

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Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

This deliciously thick blueberry smoothie is infused with nutritious superfood blueberries, nutty cashew milk and creamy cashew yogurt. It's a vegan smoothie using four ingredients and no added sugar. This smoothie is simple, easy to make and full of delicious blueberry flavor. 
Prep: 5 minutes
Total: 5 minutes
Author: Jen Hansard
Course: Breakfast, Smoothie
Cuisine: Plant-Based, Vegan
Serves: 1


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  • Add all ingredients to a blender.
  • Blend on high until smooth.
  • Pour in a fun glass and enjoy. Cheers!



  • Add a scoop of my protein powder recipe to get 10g of protein.
  • Use at least 1 frozen fruit for a refreshingly cool smoothie.
  • Add up to 1 cup of leafy greens per serving for added nutrients.


Calories: 237kcal, Carbohydrates: 42g, Protein: 6g, Fat: 7g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Monounsaturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 16mg, Sodium: 219mg, Potassium: 515mg, Fiber: 5g, Sugar: 28g, Vitamin A: 239IU, Vitamin C: 20mg, Calcium: 160mg, Iron: 1mg
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  1. 5 stars
    We just picked som gorgeous Michigan blueberries and I can’t wait to use them in this smoothie!

    1. Hi Erin! That sounds sooo delish! Such a great recipe to use those fresh blueberries in. Have you tried them in a smoothie yet??

  2. I eat frozen blueberries as a snack daily! I tell people they’re like popping skittles but more nutritious. Consequently, when I saw that your recipes called for frozen blueberries, all I has to do was go to the freezer and not to the grocery!

  3. 5 stars
    Love this – have to admit blueberries are my go to fruit for a smoothie. I did add some fresh kale to mine.

  4. 4 stars
    I loved the creaminess of this smoothie, but I have found that blueberries, no matter how delicious, never work well as the star of a smoothie. This smoothie was good, just very bland. However, I know that this smoothie was packed full of amazing nutrients. I made mine with Kite Hill yogurt, almond milk, spinach, protein powder, and spirulina.

  5. 5 stars
    Review the Challenge at . I tried to click on this review site and got the message that it was not private and it would not access. So I’m reviewing the challenge here. I liked the challenge! It encouraged me to try new things and reinforced my years of daily healthy breakfast shakes. My husband and I have been drinking breakfast shakes for 20+ years and swear by them for keeping us in good health and with clear colons. I loved the Perfect Lemon Smoothie the best and made it three times! It is zingy and refreshing and absolutely delicious! I also got the Simple Green Smoothies cookbook and look forward to using it well in years to come!

  6. 4 stars
    Delicious.. I added collagen powder I don’t know that I would do this again

  7. 4 stars
    It was good, but the flavor of the cashew yogurt was most prominent. Maybe would’ve added less yogurt or added honey to this. Not bad, but not top 5. Felt full after drinking.

  8. 5 stars
    Smoothie Challenge Day 10

    This was a really pretty smoothie, such a rich purple color, and very delicious, with the yogurt creating another cheesecake treat. As usual, we all plan to make this one again. 🙂

    I have not eaten fresh blueberries in all my adult life, and possibly not as a child. I’ve had dried blueberries in muffin mixes, and rarely a Costco blueberry muffin. So the two blueberry smoothies from this challenge give me a really great opportunity to add this important, nutrient dense fruit into my diet. 🙂